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ticalc.org on My Netscape
Posted by Nathan on 29 April 1999, 19:08 GMT

We've created a ticalc.org channel on My Netscape. Users of the service can now add our latest headlines to their custom home page. Try it out!


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Re: ticalc.org on My Netscape

What a great idea!

     29 April 1999, 08:22 GMT

pardon me, but My Netscape?
(Web Page)

uh, smart people use netscape for speed and the downloading. they usually have their homepages set somewhere besides the netscape home (i've set mine to a page on the hd with links and logins). so, i would like to carefully ask how many people will really use this.

still, it's an interesting idea, though.


     29 April 1999, 08:24 GMT

Re: pardon me, but My Netscape?
(Web Page)

It doesn't really matter. It is a service among others. We at ticalc.org offer services to the TI community. Every one has their own setup. I am sure a lot of people use My Netscape (I don't), and a lot of people use My Yahoo (I don't) as well. If you don't use My Netscape, no one is forcing you to start using it. You can still access our news stories from the same old place as you are used too.

     29 April 1999, 22:54 GMT

Re: pardon me, but My Netscape? (why not?)

Why not?
First, it is sure a popular service, many people who might have never heard of ticalc.org might have heard or used My Netscape. This is kind of advertisment.
Second, if you have used it before, try it. i assure you that it's excellent.
Third, it is ture that many people's home page is different from My Netscape, but Netscape is putting a botton that points My Netscape next to Home in thier later Navigator(>=4.5).

After all I think that is a Great idea.


     30 April 1999, 02:17 GMT

(Web Page)

good. this is the kind of responses i was looking for. thank you all!


     30 April 1999, 08:56 GMT

Re: ticalc.org on My Netscape

Sounds Nice.


     29 April 1999, 23:16 GMT

Re: ticalc.org on My Netscape

Yeah Netscape rulez!... But i never used Micro$hit IE's channels, and never used My Netscape...

     30 April 1999, 07:13 GMT

Re: ticalc.org on My Netscape

You should put how many comments each news item has next to the name in My Netscape. I only read the news for the comments, and I only read the comments if there are new ones.

     7 May 1999, 15:24 GMT

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