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kirk.ticalc.org Opened
Posted by Andy on 25 April 1999, 04:53 GMT

kirk.ticalc.org is now ready for the public to view. Although the page does contain some information about Kirk's upcoming programs, including Cymbol (previously TI-94), the primary focus of the site is TIAC. TIAC is an assembly language programming competition where contestants formulate routines to perform specific tasks; their routines are scored on the bases of size and speed. Additionally, there is a subjective part to the competition. The deadline for the current competition is in approximately one week.


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Re: kirk.ticalc.org Opened
(Web Page)

If you want to see a really good TI-Page, surf to
my Web Page and join the Ti89 CLUB!!!

     25 April 1999, 13:27 GMT

Re: kirk.ticalc.org Opened

What happened to the original Cymbol?

     25 April 1999, 15:02 GMT

yeah what...

What did happened to the original Cymbol project? The one with appelt support. I still have it on my calc and use it all the time. Did you stop this project Kirk? what about all those appelets that people sent you for it?

     25 April 1999, 21:11 GMT

Re: Re: kirk.ticalc.org Opened
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

With this 'new' Cymbol, the 'old' Cymbol will be useless. Square root reduction, prime factorization, quadratic formula, etc. will all be built-in to the 'new' Cymbol.. As for 'all' the applets, I have only received one, and it does vector operations (very cool interface). I haven't posted it because of this new program. I may rename Cymbol to something else for those who want to have something small.

     25 April 1999, 23:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: kirk.ticalc.org Opened

Why not release it anyway? It may help out people, and it's not like you have to do a lot of work to get it working.

     26 April 1999, 00:25 GMT

Re: kirk.ticalc.org Opened

Why hasn't scs.ticalc.org been announced yet?

     26 April 1999, 22:07 GMT

Re: Re: kirk.ticalc.org Opened

We announce sites when the authors tell us they're ready.


     27 April 1999, 03:45 GMT
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