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mxm.ticalc.org Opens
Posted by Nathan on 8 April 1999, 07:05 GMT

MXM is now being hosted by ticalc.org at http://mxm.ticalc.org/. This page contains a few TI-92 games and programs for Windows and Linux by MXM.


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Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens

Ticalc is host-happy. Why is this news?

     8 April 1999, 19:35 GMT

I agree
i agree

I agree, they have been hosting lots of sites recently.

     8 April 1999, 21:58 GMT

Re: Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Since they (the staff members) no longer go out and search for new files and news to post, its going to get a little dull....

     8 April 1999, 22:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens

As wondeful as this news item is, I want to know when new reviews will be considered news items also.....

     8 April 1999, 22:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Speaking of reviews, last one was added almost a month ago, on March 16th.. whats going on?

     9 April 1999, 05:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens
steve jones

Speaking of which, I haven't seen any ASM games for the 83 lately. A little while ago there was a game called Trapped v1.1, but that was a little confusing. (Does anybody know how to play it?)

     9 April 1999, 02:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens
Jonah Cohen
(Web Page)

Actually, I can't think of anything lately that's come out for a TI below the 86. They've all been 86/89/92+ lately.

     9 April 1999, 02:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens
85 Guy

Yeah, and its really annoying because the majority of ti users have either 85 or 83... I wish developers would realize that!

     9 April 1999, 23:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens

you gotta realize that yeah alot of people have those calcs, but now a lot of people bought the 89, its alot more powerful and have you seen some of the games us 89 users can get? goddamn. i mean why would someone program for a calc where the best look that the game can have is like poor, where as in 68k someone is making mario, and it looks just like the nintendo version. and someone is making street fighter and it is amazing. so because of the capabilities of the 89 thats why most people make games for that instead.

     10 April 1999, 15:13 GMT

Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

It has been our policy to post a remark about newly hosted sites on the news to give them a spurt of publicity to start them off at their new address. I don't think that this is at all unreasonable. Also, we do search for news to post and if we find any, we will post it.

     8 April 1999, 22:54 GMT

Re: Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens

I agree. One of the prime reasons to get hosted by ticalc.org is because, well, it's ticalc.org! It's easy to get free space elsewhere, but being hosted by a well-known site relevant to the information on your page is a great way to make the page more useful. Otherwise, it's just another random unknown page in the ever-growing mess. If ticalc didn't announce their presence, they'd not only still be relatively unknown, but they'd also be doing the site a disservice by hosting them and then just letting them be. No one would know, and that'd defeat one of the main purposes of being hosted by ticalc.org in the first place.

     8 April 1999, 23:38 GMT

Re: mxm.ticalc.org Opens
Ross Werner
(Web Page)

Actually, I think it's strange. I mean, what exactly _are_ the qualifications to register (and don't refer me to that "news" page of theirs), because if all mxm has is a "few TI-92 games and programs for Windows and Linux", then why is he on here?

     9 April 1999, 04:11 GMT

Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!
Mike Tussey
(Web Page)

Jeeze, almost every comment I read about the hosted sites is negative. "This site is unimpressive...", "A ticalc.org look-alike...", "Why is this news?", or like in my case someone posted "This guy has issues..." (the bastard). There's a lot more sites out there that are a lot worse sites out there, so go complain about them.

     9 April 1999, 04:21 GMT

Re: Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!

I know what the hell is wrong with you guys? You complain about ever little thing! This is a *.org*, that means the staff doesn't get money it's all voulenteer work. Now you guys, if you complain about the hosted sites so much make your own, make some programs for it, then try to get hosted. Definetly don't make comments about the creators of the pages because you don't know a damn thing about them.

P.S. (ticalc.org staff)
Sorry this is alittle on the explicit side.

     9 April 1999, 05:36 GMT

(Web Page)

i think i said (sorta) this a while back. but i do have a few bones to pick.

1. the hosted site quality is bound to vary, but it does seem a little low on the average. my site is very narrow, but by god it mostly done before i uploaded it.

2. the news... yes the news. weak is the best word. their's an old maxim that says "even the fool looks smart before he opens mouth". perhaps less static (and consequently less news) and a little more real programming.

"seen the good side of bad"

     9 April 1999, 06:09 GMT

A News Page Example
Ed Fry
(Web Page)

What I would love to see is someone make a Ti News Service similar to what Emu News world Was for the Emulation Scene. <A link for it is above> Before it closed down it was updated constantly, it dug down for breaking stories, and it was very accurate in what it reported.

I will admit thought. Right now the only page that updates news frequently is Ticalc.org, but it could be a lot better than this, and it should not have any link with the big three sites in order to report news without a particualr bias.

     9 April 1999, 15:27 GMT

Re: Re: Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!
(Web Page)

Sure, it's nonprofit, but that doesn't forbid you from voicing your opinion. It's still a very popular website, and if users want their feedback to be heard to make ticalc.org better, what's wrong with that?

     9 April 1999, 13:32 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!

Funny thing how Street Fighter 2 and the newest version of Super Mario Quest for the 89 didn't make the news.

     9 April 1999, 20:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!

That's right. Street Fighter is awesome, and very newsworthy. Why hasn't it gotten any attention?

     9 April 1999, 21:36 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!

There is a Street Fighter 2?

     9 April 1999, 21:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!

Yes, and it is the grooviest game ever made for the TI-89.

     9 April 1999, 21:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!

Wierd huh? They just stuffed it in the archives, without a word. Because of that it was very easy to overlook. IMO A game that great should've really made the news. It's one of the best games for the 89 at that...

     10 April 1999, 06:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Why does everyone bash the hosted sites?!

I'm not discouraging suggestions. I have suggested things to ticalc.org too. What I think is wrong is that people are critisizing peoples websites, the people who make them, and the ticalc.org staff. In my opinion that is not making ticalc.org a better place. Much worse is what is what I would say.

BTW, Adam congrats on the new archives they are cool.


     9 April 1999, 23:37 GMT

Re: Issues
Yan Shi
(Web Page)

No offense to you when I said you had issues. I mean Magic Quest was a great game, I played it all of my precalc class. But, you have to admit that rape and sex stuff was pretty "screwy" if you get my drift.

--Destructive Yan

     10 April 1999, 18:14 GMT

Re: Re: Issues
Mike Tussey

.....Yeah, I guess that's why it was shut down.

     12 April 1999, 16:13 GMT

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