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Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition
Posted by Kirk on 2 April 1999, 00:16 GMT

Thank you for expressing your interest in the TI-89 assembly language documentation. We are excited about this capability going forward and we are pleased to share with you some extra information about what is happening during the rest of this year.

We apologize for the delayed release of documentation regarding the TI-89 (and TI-92 Plus module) "exec" command. Part of that is due to us being very busy on major changes in the calculator to make it a more open system. This new system code upgrade will be free to owners of TI-89s and TI-92 Plus modules in Fall 1999 and will include the new system capability for having downloadable applications. Both the TI-89 and the TI-92 Plus modules have very large Flash ROMs that will allow significant application development. Since this is requiring such significant internal changes to the system, a fully developed Software Development Kit (SDK) and documentation will not be available until at least December 1999.

We do have a plan for some short-term documentation. Today, (3/31/99) on the TI web site (at http://www.ti.com/calc/docs/asm/8992p.htm) we are releasing a small document specific to the "Exec" command on the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus module. On May 1, 1999 we will be posting on the TI web site a partial list of system calls and their parameters. Development tools and documentation for the new system is planned to be available in December 1999.

For those of you interested in writing software for the TI-83 Plus calculator, we have a team working on the system documentation and development tools leading to a TI-83 Plus SDK release around September 1999. Before that we are starting a beta SDK program starting in June 1999. In order to be considered for one of the limited initial copies, please respond to calc-sdk-beta@list.ti.com by May 1, 1999.


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i have a question

Hi im just curious but how do u get street fighter 2 to work. (its a 89 asm)

     6 April 1999, 00:23 GMT

i dont have a question

i have fixed Street fighter on the ti 89. so dont wory about answering the first question.

     6 April 1999, 15:17 GMT

Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition

I think that TI should hire some extra help to help them release the new documentation for their new calculators. A legit business really shouldn't leave their customers waiting in vain for "instructions" for something they have already purchased. Maybe TI will surprise everyone will an early release... maybe not.

     7 April 1999, 01:13 GMT

Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition

Comment #1

     2 April 1999, 00:30 GMT


Response #2

Just kidding...

I'm glad they replied to this; I don't think it's the first request by a long shot. 1 question: are they going to release a SDK for 86, which has almost as good built in asm?

     2 April 1999, 00:39 GMT

Re: Ok
Biff Norman

They'll probly never release one. The 86's RAM is nothing compared to the size the flash-upgradiable ROM can be. Try using Assembly Studio 86. Get it here somewhere or in the documents and utilities section at Ti-files.org

     2 April 1999, 01:48 GMT

Re: Ok

no, they'll only release them for the flash calcs, ie the 89/92+, 83+, 86+

     2 April 1999, 04:13 GMT

Re: Re: Ok

speaking of programming ASM and all that good stuff......i have been writing some code for the 89 in ASM, but i have no idea how to compile it into an 89z file! If someone would email me on how to do it, i would be very happy! thanks!

     8 April 1999, 18:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Ok
Ed Behn

There is an excellent description of the .89z file format in the Plusshell documentation. I'm working on a simple opcode->.89z conversion program. I may release it publicly. However, there are still a few bugs. I can e-mail you what I've so far if you like.
-Ed Behn :)

     13 April 1999, 03:36 GMT

Flash ROM

Yes, I have heard that TI will release a new ROM versionm for the 89. What I want to know is (1) When will they release it and (2) will I need a GraphLink to send it, or can I use my Parallel Link?

     9 April 1999, 23:50 GMT

Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition
Philip Seguin
(Web Page)

I think that TI need's a bigger crew... Saying they are busy is never a excuse for a 'professional' company. I am glad they have put something out, but they have no excuse for delaying this long.

     2 April 1999, 00:36 GMT

Re: Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition
Ross Werner
(Web Page)

Yes, but TIcalc _is_ an org, which generally means they're not professional, so they do have some excuse: they have lives.

     2 April 1999, 00:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

Actually I think he was referring to TI, not ticalc.org...

     2 April 1999, 01:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition
GTI 16v

I think that he's right

     2 April 1999, 04:38 GMT

Re: Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

A company has a right to say they are busy. There is no obligation for them to give us the assembly information, unless they so stated in their manual. And even if they did, I imagine they used a qualifier. And even if they did not, it would be simple for them to just blow it off and post only a few ROM calls.

Therefore, I think everybody should have stopped whining like a baby about this. What Matt and Dux did is good; they organized a petition and asked civilly about it, and they got a response. But whining about it won't help, because any mature person would realize that TI has no obligation to give this kind of information (at least legally - sure, if they don't give it they might lose customers - but hey, that's something they have to consider).

     2 April 1999, 00:50 GMT

Rights Vs. Privliges
(Web Page)

I aggree, but rember this who thing was started by a few z80 assembler porgrammers goofing with a memory backup on the 85 and in the process completely going aginst the licence of the 85 rom. But TI has done us a favor in the 83, 83 Flash, 86, 89 flash, 92 plus by allowing us to program in z80 assembler through their own os, they don't have to and even if they had *hoped* for us to write MATH (wow! what a thought on a calc) programms for them if they gave us the tools.

They don't have to an I have a few teachers who would be much happier if they hadn't. But they have given us this luxoury and allowed us to go below the TI OS and write our own programms. Development for these documents isn't free and they're not getting any royalties from us programmers anyway, so we should be happy with what we've got.


     3 April 1999, 21:08 GMT

Re: Rights Vs. Privliges

Well, actually the 89, 92, and 92+ are all 68k asm.


     8 April 1999, 20:47 GMT

Re: Re: Rights Vs. Privliges

That wasn't his point. I think his point was more that it's through the courtesy of TI that we're even getting assembly support in their calcs(I think a little consumer demand had something to do with it;-). In any case, he didn't imply the 92 and 89 were z80's.

That same old crap that brings me down.
Another day; in a boring town.

     10 April 1999, 21:25 GMT

Re: Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition

something to remember: TI *pays* its workers.
that means to hire more people, they need to pay
more money. what would they get in return for supplying this information for free? a few hundredths of a percent more repeat customers. nice, but hardly enough to warrant hiring more people.

     2 April 1999, 16:13 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition
(Web Page)

The sooner they are done, the sooner they can work on something else.

     3 April 1999, 04:36 GMT

Re: Response to TI-89 Assembly Petition
Sean Kelly

it's good to hear from TI about the petition. i was happy to see that they're working on another flash for the 89. ive noticed a few rare math flaws on the 89/92+, which'll probably be fixed in the next software update [hopefully!]

peace out

     2 April 1999, 01:18 GMT

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