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Incoming Problem Resolved
Posted by Kirk on 24 March 1999, 03:34 GMT

For about the past day or so, all files which have been uploaded to ftp://ftp.ticalc.org/incoming (as they should be) have not shown up on the claim form at http://www.ticalc.org/cgi-bin/uploaded. If you uploaded any files but were unable to claim them, you may now claim them at the address above. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that there are some things that you can do to be sure that your files get into the archives most efficiently. First and foremost, use the FTP method and the claim form for submitting files. This way we will not need to piece a puzzle together before posting the files. Second of all, be sure that when you use the claim form that you fill in all of the fields. Otherwise they must be filled in by us manually, which takes time. And finally, do not submit your files more than once simply because they aren't into the archives yet. This will just confuse us and your files will take even longer to get into the archives.


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.

Open Letter to the ticalc.org User
(Web Page)

This is an open letter to all ticalc.org users, and as such it will contain proper punctuation such as capital letters and the like.

Dear reader,

I have noticed recently a bit of a backlash against ticalc.org for things ranging from the Bryan Incident to something minor like a problem in the upload CGI script. Although in most cases the complaints warrant attention, I would like to remind people here that this is a .org site, a not-for-profit gift to the TI calculator world. As such, no one is receiving any sort of monetary reimbursement for his or her work on the site. Indeed, as bandwidth is not free, someone is paying to keep the site open and running.

I believe that while problems and concerns should be sent to and dealt with by ticalc.org, they should not have to deal with a childish response such as "I don't like what you're doing and so don't look for me to come back!". This is not a business, and so there is nothing we should expect except their best effort. When a problem arises, as they always do, be patient and think about the other party. Please, do not make their gift to us a chore through the way we respond. Keeping a website fresh and new is challenge for anybody. Thank you for your time.


     24 March 1999, 07:47 GMT

Re: Open Letter to the ticalc.org User

Amen, KAKE. I'm glad to see that at least one other ticalc.org reader has some intelligence.

To all of you people complaining about the recent problems, why don't you go out and make a site like ticalc.org? Why don't you manage thousands of files, post news updates, and keep multiple sections going? I wouldn't criticize the job the ticalc.org crew is doing until you prove that you can do it yourself, for no profit.

And to everyone who thinks this is linked to the whole Bryan ordeal, get off it. He was dismissed, whether it be right or wrong. He's gone. Quit trying to pin every little problem on him. As KAKE said, problems arise in business. ticalc.org has done a good job of correcting them promptly, and for that I commend them. Thank you.


     24 March 1999, 17:01 GMT

Re: Re: Open Letter to the ticalc.org User
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

I'd like to thank you and KAKE for your nice comments! Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, of course, whether he believes we were right or wrong in firing Bryan, and even if people want to be pig-headed and blame completely unrelated problems to Bryan's dismissal (he did absolutely no programming, nor was he in charge of maintaining Ahmed's personal computer), they have that right.

However, it makes me feel good that there are at least some who realize that occasionally a problem happens. We announce the problems that happen and fix them as soon as we are able, and I don't see how anyone cannot be happy with that.

     26 March 1999, 02:33 GMT

Re: Re: Open Letter to the ticalc.org User
(Web Page)

I agree with you two. The first fifteen to twenty or so comments were all the same idea:

"i hate ticalc.org i'm going to ti-files and dim-ti because Bryan's gone and everything's going wrong because he left no one else is smart enough to keep this sight up and i'm never coming back i hate you"
(no disrespect to Bryan, this is aimed at those insulting ticalc.org's website)

They all say they're never coming back here, yet they come back again and again to post hate comments on ticalc's message boards. What is the point of that? It doesn't make sense to visit a site again and again just to insult it. Most of you probably couldn't even put up a message system this good and this nice, let alone an archive with 7000+ files, a nicely put together front page with frequent news items (how many times do you want to come and see the exact same thing in the news?), surveys, reviews, services, etc., etc. Please at least keep the comments positive and informative, or at least have real questions, not "why is everything going wrong...hmmmmm...i'm clever." Thanks for listening.


     31 March 1999, 01:17 GMT

Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
(Web Page)

Site-bashing (among the comments above, I'll leave the guilty nameless) is pointless, so please stop. The staff is doing their best to fill a rather large gap, and so far they're doing a good job. The archives are being updated regularly and there is more communication between the community and the staff here than ever before, so what is there to complain about? So ticalc.org lost a valuable member... so what? All great sites lose members now and then, why (even if he was the cornerstone) should Bryan be any different? If you really do not know the facts, then you have no reason to complain about his removal from ticalc.org's staff. Which is why I don't complain (I only complain about people that complain, so.. kinda defeats the purpose of my arguement).

     24 March 1999, 21:31 GMT

Re: Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
(Web Page)

It's there own fault though.

     24 March 1999, 22:28 GMT

Re: Re: Incoming Problem Resolved

They should have seen this coming. They knew what the results of their actions would be when they axed brian, and right or wrong, they are going to have to put up with this ticalc bashing. Its their own faults this is occuring.

     25 March 1999, 00:52 GMT

Re: Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
Philip Ringsmuth

You're right. They're busy trying to fill that huge gap that was left. Gee, too bad. Oh, wait a minute. Didn't they create that gap themselves? Oh, that's right!! They decided to throw out a certain "ex-staff member". Oh yeah. Well gee, we should all feel sorry for them, shouldn't we? They must be having the hardest of times coping with such a tragic loss. Hmm...
Maybe if they hadn't thrown out that certain ex-staff member, these problems wouldn't be here. Oh well. Ticalc.org has its problems now, so why should we help. I say we sit back and watch them suffer.

     25 March 1999, 04:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
My wonderfull name
(Web Page)

And then go the TI-Files! Why do people act like I am swearing when I say that? They aren't that bad, and at this point, I almost would say they are even better. I am not saying that TICalc is bad. After all, who needs an experianced person running the file archives on this site anyway? Sorry, I just had to. I read the emails that Bryan sent, and what is wrong with testing programs on a calculator first? You haven't stoped doing that, have you? TI-Files does. If your not, then I won't use these archives anymore. I think that it is important to do that, because it keeps out the bad programs.

     26 March 1999, 00:52 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
Philip Ringsmuth

Amen to that.

     26 March 1999, 04:47 GMT

Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
(Web Page)

It looks like TICalc has been having a lot of problems recently. I wonder why...

     24 March 1999, 22:54 GMT

Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
(Web Page)

I have no comment about this incident being related to anyone or anything...

But, there seems to be more bad news than good. I've been a long time user of ticalc.org, but I have been very disappointed lately. This problem as well as many others should have been avoided. A programmer who simply "forgot to set the permissions" is unacceptable. Hey, everyone forgets things... but what if I was working for a restaurant and forgot to give you your food?

     24 March 1999, 23:21 GMT

Re: Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

Then you would complain and it would be fixed. People complained and we fixed it. Of course, if they did it quite a few times we might have a talk with that person. Everybody makes mistakes and it is perfectly acceptable, although not desireable, in my opinion.

     25 March 1999, 03:14 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
Hello everyone
(Web Page)

You aren't complaining yourself now, are you? :)

     26 March 1999, 00:37 GMT

Re: Re: Incoming Problem Resolved
(Web Page)

The difference is that in a restaurant, people have paid for their food.

     25 March 1999, 09:40 GMT

Something to think about

For all of you people who say "ticalc.org sucks, (insert other site here) is much better", and "None of this would have happened if 'ex-member' did't leave", get over it. Like KAKE said, they aren't getting money for this, it's a gift to us. It is like if your grandma gave you a shirt that you didnt like, and then your wrote her a card to tell her that the shirt was ugly and you hated it, so you decided to take it back for another one. There's nothing wrong with not liking it, but when someone goes through the trouble to give you a gift, regardless if you like it or not, then you go say it sucks, what is up with that?
If you don't like a site, just don't go there, don't yell at the people who made it just because you don't like it. Take this into consideration before you bash a site.

     25 March 1999, 21:02 GMT

Re: Something to think about
(Web Page)

I think some people are over-reacting.

First of all, there is no "fighting," there is only criticism... you do know what that means, right?

It is acceptable for people to make mistakes, but some mistakes are more acceptable than others. Let's just leave this matter alone.

And, everything is RELEVANT. You do know what a "comment" means, right? And white space is not relevant since it has no purpose.

By the way, I did not say anything that ticalc.org sucks because if I did, I wouldn't be here posting this comment.

I'm not complaining because of all these incidents or whatever you want to call them. I'm just making a COMMENT ok? Man, can't anybody make a comment without it being called a "complaint" or a "bashing" of the site?

     25 March 1999, 23:18 GMT

deletions . . . snoiteled
(Web Page)

ha, they deleted the post! (it was pretty annoying...)


     26 March 1999, 00:55 GMT

Re: Re: Something to think about

Hey, I'm sorry if it came across that I was speaking to you (XYZ). I know what criticism is, and that there is nothing wrong with it. And you are right, there has been more bad news than good news lately. The reason I wrote the post is because a lot of people (notice, I am NOT naming anyone) say that they (being ticalc.org) deserved it, or that it's their own fault they are having problems. Personally, I don't care where I get my games and programs from, or how soon they come out. I don't even have games on my TI86. I am not saying that it is bad to want speedy updates, or whatever. All I'm saying, is that in all in all, this is just a calculator website. Just a website for a simple calculator (that is capable of outstanding feats!) Just because they aren't perfect, or make mistakes, who cares? Life goes on. I am just gonna drop this subject, because frankly, as long as it gets fixed I don't care.

p.s. (to XYZ) Go ahead, make comments, I'm not ripping on you for it. That's why the message boards are here. Sorry again if it seemed as if my post was directed at you. It wasn't. :-)

     26 March 1999, 02:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Something to think about

Hey, no problem. I know you weren't directing it at anyone in particular.

Anyway, I'm just saying that sometimes it's frustrating to see sites that has annoying things going on (I'm not pointing at any site in particular).

     26 March 1999, 21:04 GMT

Lighten up a little, everyone seems a little tense!

Moo. Moooo, moo moo moo moo. Moo moooooooooooo moo moo moo. Moooooo moooooooo? Mooo mooo moo.

Moo moo,
/| || \ Mooooo! |
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.. ..

     26 March 1999, 03:05 GMT

Re: Lighten up a little, everyone seems a little tense!

lol wtf

     27 March 1999, 00:11 GMT

Re: Lighten up a little, everyone seems a little tense!

Mu mu mu.
hehe - did you ever notice you can pronounce function as f*cksh*t? :)

     28 March 1999, 04:11 GMT

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