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Link Cables Survey
Posted by Andy on 23 March 1999, 01:14 GMT

We thought it might be useful and interesting to find out what link cable is used mostly by the members of the TI community. To accomplish this, we have posted a link cable survey in our survey section.


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Re: Link Cables Survey (IO)

One of the glaring flaws I found with the TI 83 that I was using for a while as a controller for my house (I've automated my house) was it didnt natively support serial io. Anyone know if TI 89 natively supports serial io or do I have to add in another 68hc11 into the whole deal as a serial->proprietary converter for the stupid TI like I did for the TI 83 and cut my battery life down by a couple hours?


     25 May 1999, 22:11 GMT

Re: Link Cables Survey

There ought to be an "other" option as I don't use any of those.

     23 March 1999, 01:22 GMT

Re: Re: Link Cables Survey
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Really? What kind of cable do you use?

     23 March 1999, 01:47 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Link Cables Survey

The AmiTI link, for Amiga

     23 March 1999, 05:03 GMT

Re: Link Cables Survey
Adam b

I don't see why this really matters. However, I use the $4 serial link that I made.

     23 March 1999, 01:37 GMT

Re: Re: Link Cables Survey
(Web Page)

I don't either. I use the parallel port cable that I've built. And it's faster than the graphlink (I've tried one just recently).

although, I want a graphlink for it's "other" features... i.e. hook to a modem.

     23 March 1999, 02:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Link Cables Survey
(Web Page)

Maybe you should build a PICLink, as designed by Sami Khawam. It is compatible with Graphlink software. Click on the link above.

     23 March 1999, 22:04 GMT

Re: Re: Link Cables Survey

I had the 4$ link cable. It worked perfect on my 8086 but doesn't work on any of my other computer... Do you your cable work without any problem?...

     23 March 1999, 06:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Link Cables Survey
adam b

It doesn't always work the first time, but after that, it's usually ok. (Usually.)

     23 March 1999, 21:01 GMT

Re: Re: Link Cables Survey

Please tell me how to build a link cable for TI-83

     17 April 1999, 14:36 GMT

Re: Link Cables Survey
(Web Page)

What's the matter? Not enough news out there?

     23 March 1999, 05:10 GMT

Re: Re: Link Cables Survey
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

No, we always announce our surveys on the main page.

     23 March 1999, 06:59 GMT

True but...

You guys made this survey up didn't you? So that means there is no other news to post. Are things really going that slow?

     23 March 1999, 07:03 GMT

Re: True but...
Andy Selle

Well actually, I got a suggestion for this survey on my email and on IRC. I was planning to add this, however, I only wanted to have one survey open at a time, therefore, I waited for the Program Idea's Fate survey. Also, if there isn't much news happening in the TI community, it isn't our fault.

     23 March 1999, 14:33 GMT

Re: Link Cables Survey

wait, you want us to register our names and email
addresses just so we can tell you what kind of
link cable we use? i'll omit my diatribe on
how pointless surveys are, but still, why make it
difficult for users to contribute?

     23 March 1999, 11:24 GMT

Re: Re: Link Cables Survey
Andy Selle

The intention isn't attempting to make surveys difficult to contribute to. The hope is to reduce the number of people voting accidentally or intentionally more than once. In addition, soon we will fix the system so you don't need to put in your password each time.

     23 March 1999, 14:35 GMT

make people think
(Web Page)

so it's basically like my idea to make adding ideas to the suggested programs list hard. hmmm, maybe i will register...


     23 March 1999, 15:55 GMT

Re: Link Cables Survey

What exactly is the "old black link" from TI?


     23 March 1999, 23:39 GMT

Re: Re: Link Cables Survey
Andy Selle

It was the link TI sold before the GRAPH LINK. It was a serial port cable that was similar to the homemade serial link in that it used the control lines to simulate another ti-calculator opposed to the current approach of converting the calculator link transmissions into normal RS232. It was much cheaper. Unfortunately, the link didn't work with the Macintosh, so TI created the GRAPH-LINK. The old link was much simpler by design. In fact, the Connect-85 link by Magnus Hagander is fully compatible with it.

     24 March 1999, 03:20 GMT

Any success with an 89?

Hey, By the way, Does anyone know of any cables that actually work with an 89? I have one, and have tried both the parallel and serial homemade links without success.

     24 March 1999, 00:38 GMT

86/89 owner

I have found that the graphlink works pretty well, but sometimes I have to plug it in (on both sides) more than once and in the right order...(I am not sure what the right order is, but thats what seems to be nesesary)...

hope that helps

     24 March 1999, 00:55 GMT

Re: Graphlink

Computer. Then calc. Then start GL. If you take it out of the 89 you may have to restart GL.

     24 March 1999, 01:54 GMT

89 problems
(Web Page)

i think it's the software. i was fooling around in a tp program and i can crash the calc fairly easily, so it isn't a connection problem. and yes, they key is to plug the calc in before starting up the software.


     24 March 1999, 03:25 GMT

Re: Any success with an 89?

i've had no problems trying to use a homemade link with an 89. i use sami's latest wintran32 program

     24 March 1999, 02:18 GMT

Re: Any success with an 89?
Ryan Riley
(Web Page)

I use a parrallel link with the winlink software. You have to rename all the 89 files to .92z or whatever it should be, but it works perfectly for me. I'm waiting for someone to release a good 89 linking program for the parrallel, but no luck so far.

     26 March 1999, 04:04 GMT

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