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Program Ideas Survey Results
Posted by Nathan on 22 March 1999, 00:15 GMT

A week ago, we closed our Program Ideas section. We received several complaints, so we hosted a survey on the section's future. Only 63 of you voted; the majority favored bringing the Program Ideas back in an automated format. We will put this on our to-do list. If you have any suggestions for improvements to the section, please post them in response to this article.


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Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

No One Cares @ All

     22 March 1999, 00:31 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

well, the program ideas section is at least good to give programmers general ideas for their programs. As for specifics, I think that no one wants to follow what somebody else wants.

     22 March 1999, 00:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results
x (the real one)

stop copying my name, I have seen you in 2 different posts and it pisses me off. STOP NOW, JUST LIKE THE EUGENE THING!!!

     22 March 1999, 02:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

I think I know why. That other x was screwed on the TI-Files message board when someone else discredited his name.

     22 March 1999, 08:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results
x (another one)

you're right. I used this name just as a temporary one until whoever that was gave up. I guess I can switch back now, didn't know anybody else used x. Sorry :(

     22 March 1999, 21:48 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results



     22 March 1999, 23:22 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

Don't yell. It scares the customers.

     23 March 1999, 07:46 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

NO, you stop copying me. You too guys, stop copying my name. I used it for a long time, STOP!

     23 March 1999, 14:37 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

We should all care. The breeder for our ideas are from everyone, as a collective. If we don't maintain an open format for an excange of ideas, then the entire idea of maintaining a TI-Calc web page is void. Keep the program ideas page open!

     22 March 1999, 00:51 GMT

Re: Program Ideas Survey Results
ya right

Ya right, it's is prolly the last thing on your 9 year project to-do-list. Like anyone cares anyhow.

     22 March 1999, 00:49 GMT

difficult postings
(Web Page)

if you do revive it, make it more difficult to post suggestions. perhaps people would think twice before submitting a program suggestion (sort of like requiring you to register before you can vote here. that's the only reason i didn't).


     22 March 1999, 01:21 GMT

Re: difficult postings
Will The Thrill
(Web Page)

I agree. When this section was first put up, I thought it was a good idea, but too many ideas were posted, and the were not organized. If it were more difficult to post ideas, and they were better organized, this section would become more useful.

     22 March 1999, 04:13 GMT

Re: Re: difficult postings

Should people take an IQ test before being allowed to submit program ideas? :)


     22 March 1999, 04:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: difficult postings
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Yes, they should!! ;)

     22 March 1999, 06:47 GMT

Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

I think they should be broken up into categories.

     22 March 1999, 02:02 GMT

Open letter, and stuff about the Program ideas.....
(Web Page)

The program ideas is a good section, but when people ask for Goldeneye 86 and Metal Gear Solid 89, it gets out of hand. Everyone out there should know that these calcs will probably never see a game which mimics anything higher than a NES or GameBoy game. Now, a message for the first Eugene. One 21 December 1998, you really pissed me off. And now, everyone is using your dumb name. Why? Because your faggot ass is lame, and you should have stayed of the net like I suggested. Guess some people will never learn. Now, back to the program ideas. I have seen PUD's from other sites, and when you read something like GoldenEye 86 is to be done in BASIC, and when the programmer says he is almost done, you know that this is what makes people post extreme ideas. There will never be a game like Goldeneye on the 86, its just not feasable. Something like Resident Evil 2 IS feasable, mainly because I have played a handheld Tiger game of it. But people out there, please, do not ask for something like Final Fantasy 8 or Turol 2, its just not going to happen. Please do not abuse the program ideas section.

     22 March 1999, 03:03 GMT

Re: Open letter, and stuff about the Program ideas.....
meingts (who was the first Eugene back then)

I know. I'm sorry about that. Nice to know you're back, though.

     23 March 1999, 07:47 GMT

Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

I think TICALC.org should give it up many because this was posted on this site I had sent in a few 89 ASM programs I finished and are in beta up not bugs known right now but working on a level editor but yet TICALC.org posted messages like this and others before they even get the programs/games out to the people who want them. They need to make more sence of their ideas of getting things done!

     22 March 1999, 03:16 GMT

Uh -And the there was here and that
IQ testing fan

There was that and then who made me the game i posted but there was no carrots to eat and i was there a way to make it...

ok, there definatly needs to be some sort of english requirement here. i mean, at least second grade english. People like this should not be allowed to use computers...

IQ testing definatly needs to be administered...

     22 March 1999, 15:02 GMT

Re: Uh -And the there was here and that

Please note the correct spelling of "definitely" :)

     22 March 1999, 22:22 GMT

Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

I think it's a good idea to bring the archive back, but you REALLY should weed out the ideas which are impossible and leave a few that are a challenge in themselves. Put the bad ones at the end and label them as DUMB IDEAS. It might be worth a laugh or two.
P.S. What Dimension-Ti is doing is they have a challenges section, check it out, they give prizes for good programs.


     22 March 1999, 03:42 GMT

help offered
(Web Page)

as it seems that most people at ticalc have "no time", i would be willing to even help out in this, a most noble effort. (i'm being serious). i'm usually online from 10:30pm-2 or 3am so i have plenty of time.

as for the contest deal: that's one of the most creative and interesting things i've seen in a long time. looking at their code really gives a guy some good ideas.


     22 March 1999, 07:18 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas Survey Results

absolutely. we need to filter it into "good suggestions" and "the moron file". with the email addresses of the morons in large type.

     22 March 1999, 10:24 GMT

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