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Anaconda v0.4 Released
Posted on 19 March 1999, 04:45 GMT

Version 0.4 of Anaconda, a shell for the TI-86, has been released by Kirk Meyer. The shell is unique in that it is based entirely on plug-ins. Three plug-ins are included in the ZIP file: ~EXTRAS (including power downs, passwords, and program descriptions), ~FOLDERS (for grouping programs and also a trash can), and ~QWIKVUE (for viewing the contents of most TI-86 variables). Unfortunately, this version is very large (nearly 1700 bytes for the base program). Therefore if you do not need plug-ins, consider using one of the older versions of the shell.


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Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

It has come to my attention that many members of the TI community think that I am selfish and boastful about my programs. I am not sure what the cause of this is, or if there is any direct cause. However, I will try to discuss the most likely causes here.

I believe that many people think I have an "I'm better than any other programmer attitude". If what I do is perceived this way, then perhaps I need to reconsider what I do. If I did have this sort of attitude, I certainly would be unwilling to do things such as write columns in the ticalc.org monthly newsletter describing to novices how to program in assembly language.

These feelings may also stem from my reluctantness to give out beta versions and/or the source code of my programs. However, there are good reasons why I do not give certain programs or source code out to the public. In most cases the program or source code will only frustrate the user, because it is incomplete or sparsely commented. Therefore, this is why I am happy to give out betas of some programs but will not even send you a screenshot of others. Those other programs will be released in due time.

Many people have complained that I don't answer my emails. However, I believe that I have replied to all emails in the recent past with the exception of those asking about how to get a ROM onto the emulator (because, as I state in my readme file, I will not even answer such emails). If you address your message to a ticalc.org category (such as reviews@ ticalc.org, newsletter@ ticalc.org, news@ ticalc.org, and filearchive@ ticalc.org), I will definitely be sure to read it and reply as necessary.

Finally, and most likely, the feelings may stem from the abundancy of articles about me and my programs in the ticalc.org news system. This problem has been resolved; from now on, Nathan will post articles that involve me, and I will post articles that involve him. Specifically, I would like to address that my "retirement" was not some sort of publicity stunt. The main problem there is that I have a long history of doing impulsive things and broadcasting them to the world. After thinking about it I simply decided that it was too irrational to totally give up everything related to computers.

So there you have it; it seems to have gone on a little longer than I wanted it to be, but that's okay. If there is some other reason why you dislike me, or if you would like clarifications on any part of this text, please feel free to drop me a line.

     19 March 1999, 04:53 GMT

Re: Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released

You boastful bastard!!! Haha, just kidding. The ticommunity has a lot to thank you for, and from what you say, it is clear you have a good head on your shoulders.

     19 March 1999, 07:07 GMT

Re: Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released

Actually Kirk, you do come across as having a "better than you" attitude sometimes, although I understand that people often do things without realizing it...

     19 March 1999, 08:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released

i dont wont to discourage kirk from programing, but not 6 months ago did he not say that he was going to QUIT programming all together. Dont get me wrong, i love the stuff he programs and am glad he does, but i think he needs to decide what he wants to do and to quit messing with our heads!

     19 March 1999, 23:21 GMT

Dearest Kirk...

Kirk, you do have an attitude of "I'm the best"...but for only one reason-you ARE the best. With that stated, I was wondering, when were you a "newbie" programmer? How did you get started and how did you get sooooo good.Did you start at a very young age? Give us details, the TI-community loves gossip.

     20 March 1999, 00:34 GMT

Re: Um not so dearest Kirk...
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

Programming comes somewhat naturally to me, but here is the advice that I give to all beginners. That is, start with something really easy. Personally, my first program was a password program for ZShell. I kept working my way up; my first game was the Tower of Hanoi for ZShell. In fact, before writing anything more complicated I ended up writing my own shell (ZOS, unreleased) for the TI-85. Then I really started in on the game programming. So thats the long and short of it.

     20 March 1999, 03:21 GMT


Thats cool. So where did you learn all that knowledge though. Computers coarses? Trial and Error? Book? I want to know cuz I want to program too! I have mastered basic but shocked at it limitations. Assembly is what I need, but first I need to learn how it works. So, if you please, tell me how and where to begin.So how long have you been programming?

     20 March 1999, 04:47 GMT

Re: Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released

There is just one thing I just have to know Kirk, what has happened to QwikTym? Please let us know.

     20 March 1999, 01:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

QwikTym died long ago, due to the only thing it would be used for is inappropriate materials.

     20 March 1999, 03:47 GMT


Calculator porn...what a concept!Can you beleive that 50 years ago they didn't even have calcs! At least ones that didn't have games on them!

     20 March 1999, 19:22 GMT

Re: hehe...
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

I believe that pocket calculators were invented in the 1970's. Also, that they cost about $120-$150 when they were first sold.

     23 March 1999, 01:17 GMT

calc porn
Brock Fansler
(Web Page)

Actualy I have converted a few porno pics into ASM grayscale programs and distributed them around my High School, so far the reviews are "Brock you are a loser" and "HAHAAH"... Most people were frankly amazed that you can get pics on there.

But who knows? I personaly think it will be funny when people trade porn on there calcs in school..

     26 March 1999, 03:30 GMT

Re: Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released

I don't think that you come off as boastful at all. And especially not selfish. If you were selfish, you wouldn't be making free programs now would you :) I think that people are just jealous about your awesome talent. I mean, how many people your age are offered jobs at major game companies to program games for a commercial game system :)

Anyway, keep up the good work.


     20 March 1999, 02:32 GMT

Re: "conflict of interest"
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Hehe, I was just mentioning to Chris how Kirk went and ruined my chances of writing up my own news article for when I finish and release XC-1701 II Level Editor v2.00. :) Ah, I really should go back to working on that and finish it.

Anyhow, there were a couple complants that Kirk was misusing his ability to do news items...and so as Kirk said, we have to pass news items involving ourselves to the other person. Hmm, I guess there wasn't much point this time around but to tag on that joke...and maybe that quick, shameless plug for XCEdit. hehe.

     20 March 1999, 10:55 GMT

Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released

I think this is a step in the right direction with
the "choose the functions you want" shell. I am
desperately awaiting your plugin for the ti-83,
are you close to finishing it or is it just an idea? I haven't tried the shell yet but am about to. It's people like you that makes it cool to own an '86 or any calc. your not selfish and wish to get money or anything, thanks for your hard work |:-{()

     19 March 1999, 07:07 GMT

plug it in, plug it in

the whole plugin system reminds me of linux. where did you get the idea, kirk? i don't have an 86, but via emulator i like it, i like it.


     19 March 1999, 17:08 GMT


Did you know it's illegal to use a Emulator without actually owning a 86? Just thought you might want to know before you go posting it around.

     20 March 1999, 01:46 GMT

(Web Page)

oh... well... hmmm. (i got the rom off a friend's calc which i occasionally "load" for him). i have an excuse: i lived in moscow for 3 years and my conscience was seared (the biggest music store there is an open-air bazarre called fili with has about 150 little tents all selling pirated stuff 365 days/year).


     20 March 1999, 05:44 GMT

How did you...

How did you get the Rom off his calc? I've been trying to get mine off for a while and can't do it. Can you explain it to me and tell me everything I need.

     20 March 1999, 07:27 GMT

i did it...
(Web Page)

send me an email and i'll tell you what i did.

     20 March 1999, 14:48 GMT

Re: Anaconda v0.4 Released

Simply great!... A customisable shell! Great idea!... Thank You Kirk!...

     19 March 1999, 07:12 GMT

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