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TI86v Released
Posted on 15 March 1999, 04:27 GMT

Daniel Foesch has released TI86v, a TI-86 emulator for Windows 95, 98, and NT. This is the first TI-86 emulator whose Z80 core is written entirely in assembly language. Unfortunately, this program must run in a DOS box, which makes multitasking and debugging a pain. There is no loading support yet, so variables must be loaded through the link. Plans for the future include sound support.

On a related note, Kirk Meyer is rewriting Emulator86 from the ground up entirely in 80386 assembly language (not just the Z80 core, all of the program). This makes it exceptionally fast. The next release of the emulator will be Emulator8x, which will support the TI-82, TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86, with variable loading support for all of them. Other features will include direct ROM dumping through the software and more.


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Help with rom dump...

It would be really nice if someone would upload commo70.zip which the rom86 docs refer to... The page it refers to isn't up anymore, making it hard to dump.

     16 April 1999, 23:40 GMT

Re: TI86v Released

does anybody know any "illegal" sites for the .rom image?
I have the calc for school but don't want to blow 20$ on a cable

     17 April 1999, 06:20 GMT

Rom stuph...

Well, you don't have to blow $20 on a cable... (Personally, the cable-only package at Staples was $38.51, but I didn't feel like attempting to build one.)
You have 3 total choices:
a) shell out the dough.
b) build your own. Total price, assuming you do it correctly the first time and don't break anything: $4
c) Go to www.linkcables.com - $12.50 for their's.


     19 April 1999, 05:32 GMT

Re: TI86v Released

I this new emu idea sounds alot like the emu some guy from the ACZ is working on, but I guess the more emu's the merrier.

     15 March 1999, 05:02 GMT

Re: TI86v Released
byron clark

it sure would be nice to have one of these emulators ported to linux...

     15 March 1999, 06:00 GMT

Why must Everything be "Kirk" related

I seems Kirk just has to be in every news post. Can't they just announce someone's achievement without involing Kirk. Itss not right. Sure they may contol everything and can put up what they want but comeon! At least show the guy some respect. I think the part should be erased or put up as a separate news post.

     15 March 1999, 06:55 GMT

Re: Why must Everything be "Kirk" related

Have you ever read the book Animal Farm? If so, then you know why they keep doing it. Kirk is Napolean and the other pigs are the coordinators.

     15 March 1999, 07:19 GMT

Re: Re: Why must Everything be "Kirk" related

That would make Bryan Rabeler Snowball.

(PS to all who don't get this: READ _ANIMAL FARM!_)

     15 March 1999, 23:01 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Why must Everything be "Kirk" related

I like "Animal Farm". Isn't it a great book? I think the parallels to the Russian revolution were superb. Yes, I know this is off-topic.


     18 March 1999, 04:21 GMT

Re: Re: Why must Everything be "Kirk" related
Kirk Meyer
(Web Page)

Sorry, it seemed to me that they were releated enough. There were already three news items for the day. And Bryan, thanks for your anonymous post equating me with Napoleon, and you of course as Snowball. But somehow neither of those analogies quite fit.

     16 March 1999, 00:08 GMT

When''s the new version of Emu86 coming out?

When will the new version of Emu86 with ROM dumping directly through the software be out. I have no idea how to get a ROM image from my TI-86 and that new feature will help me out a ton, thanks!


     16 March 1999, 00:18 GMT

rom dumping
(Web Page)

Click the url above for a prog called "rom86", which dumps your rom onto your computer. You'll also need a com program that doesn't kick out null charecters. (see the ROM86 docs)

     16 March 1999, 05:18 GMT

Re: rom dumping

Does anyone know when it is coming out?

     16 March 1999, 23:46 GMT

Re: rom dumping

An example of this kind of com program would be ?? ... I tried with Telix & Hyperterminal, but the captured file size is less than 260k ?!? What should I Do?


     18 March 1999, 07:57 GMT

Re: Re: rom dumping

Well, it's a long shot, but you could try reading the attached readme file.

     18 March 1999, 16:26 GMT

Re: Emus

my neighbor has some emus. he raises them as a business. they're like these big-ass ostrich birds. they're huge, and boy do they smell

     15 March 1999, 21:47 GMT

Re: Re: Emus

Wrong Kind of EMU there buddy.

     16 March 1999, 06:30 GMT

What is an emus

What is the other kind of emus the guy was talking about.

     17 March 1999, 00:06 GMT

Re: What is an emus
(Web Page)

For everyone who forgot how to look words in the dictionary:


1 : any of various tall flightless birds (as the rhea)

2 : a swift-running Australian bird (Dromaius novae- hollandiae) with undeveloped wings that is related to and smaller than the ostrich

     17 March 1999, 00:34 GMT

Re: TI86v Released

I don't see why everyone is so worried about the speed of the emulator. I can sun one of the ptehr 86 emulators great on a P100. I am now using a PII 400. What difference does it make wether or not it goes fast?

     18 March 1999, 05:20 GMT

Re: TI86v Released

How do you use this program? Is there a readme file that I didn't get?

     21 March 1999, 00:35 GMT

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