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Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost
Posted on 14 March 1999, 04:44 GMT

Some of the email recently sent to the Upcoming Programs section was lost when Ahmed's computer crashed. If you have submitted an upcoming program entry recently, please check our page and email upcoming@ticalc.org again if your program has not yet been added.


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Re: Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost

lol haha ticalc.org is falling apart! 2 negatives in 5 hours lol!

     14 March 1999, 04:55 GMT

Not just ticalc.org...
Might the Mighty

Its the millenium. First it will be ticalc.org. Then Clinton with get blown again and put in jail. Then Irag will use their newly aquired nuke and blow us all away. See the world end on January 1, 2000 on NBC

     14 March 1999, 06:59 GMT

Re: Not just ticalc.org...
That Other Guy

Hey, whats up with all this crap on 'the end of the world'. I mean jeez. It's just something that the media is hypeing. It will only effect old computers, or non-modified old computers, and yes, I have tested it out on my old 486sx 33 mhz system. I set the date to 12-31-99, and the time at 11:55 pm. I had win95, and word installed, and 5 minutes later, nothing special happened. If a 486sx with a 1990 bios has nothing happen to it, what makes you think a pentium class computer will get messed up? And another thing, time is relative. Humanity invented time. For a bit of nothingness several billion light years away, well, do you think time passes for it? No. Time is also linear. You can't go into the past since time is linear, and so on and so forth. Anyway, back to the main topic, what makes the year 2000 so special? If there is a god, and if (s)he wanted earth to end, wouldn't (s)he have wanted it to end 1000 ad, when the Earth was _really_ bad. I mean jeez. People killing each other in the name of their god(s). Oh, yeah, and the only systems that will be effected that would affect anything that would go on in your real life would be things like banks etc. And, they most are already y2k complient. And, for all those people out there that think "But, all the power companies will shut down, and we'll have no power at all!", well, think. Lets take a dam power plant for example. Would a turbine stop spinning even though there is thousands of gallons of water still rushing past it? And where would all of that power go, still? TO YOUR HOUSE. The most that would happen, would be the power company would not keep track for about a month, then later correct their error, and still make you pay :) . Anyway, I put up this huge message so you weirdos would stop saying "OH, THE WORLD GONNA END!!". Ok?

CYAL8TR. -- That Other Guy

     14 March 1999, 08:55 GMT

Re: Re: Not just ticalc.org...

Finally, someone who doesn't believe that microwave ovens will malfunction in the year 2000!

     14 March 1999, 19:15 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Not just ticalc.org...

dude, mine did! I set the date to Jan 1, 2000, and everything that i put in there exploded. dude, i swear. i wouldn't say it if it weren't thre truth

     14 March 1999, 19:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Not just ticalc.org...
(Web Page)

Liar. The date you set your microwave to (If it even keeps track of the date) has absolutely nothing to do with how it heats food.

     4 April 1999, 23:17 GMT

Re: Re: Not just ticalc.org...
lord byron

To 'that ther guy" ^up there^. If you set your 486's bios to just before the date rollover you MUST turn off your computer to during the rollover to jan 1, 2000 or the OS will help you computer along. If you don't check your computer like this you could be missing something. The main problem with old bios is that they don't rollover when the computer is off, not when it is on.
To test your computer:
1. Set date to 12,31,99; time to 23:55:00
2. Turn off your computer
3. Wait for 5 or 6 min.
4. Check the date

P.S. Personally I believe that the world is going to be fine, just not that guys 486 will rollover the date.

-lord byron

     14 March 1999, 20:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Not just ticalc.org...
That Other Guy

Hey, thats what I did. I just stated it so that I could get my point across to even the computer il-literate.

CYAL8R --That Other Guy

     15 March 1999, 19:45 GMT

Re: Re: Not just ticalc.org...
Jimmy Conner
(Web Page)

I have rebuilt quite a few old computers, I usually test it for y2k, most 486's I found are y2k ready, I have even found a few 386 that are y2k compliant. What the really big problem with these computers is the software, most banks ect.. may have upgraded pentium computers but they are still running off software written back in the 80's and early 90's. And most banks haven't fixed the problem, many of the large cooperations have but not all of them. The US treasuree computers aren't even y2k compliant.
Nothing HUGE is going to happen, a few of the main things is that the bank, ect... isn't going to know your correct age, you may be -80 years old to it. Not a big problem unless you go to get your license renewed, ect.. Your bank statement might be wrong and a few other things... but nothing is really going to crash in literal since. People are just blowing it out of preportion. Its not like all the worlds nukes have a detonater set to 1-1-1900. Geez People!


     15 March 1999, 01:18 GMT

Re: Re: Not just ticalc.org...

I work for a Y2K consulting company (temporary but good work) and we recently tested a corperation with a few old 486 33's and not a single one passed the bios test, there were about 30. In fact I have even found P133 that didn't pass (upgraded from a p75) but found p60's that did pass. It all depends on the bios. Most computers will be fine, it is really just the software that is really old that is the problem, not the computer itself.
Any way, your microwave WILL NOT blow up, and your computer will probably be fine.

-rantings of a nerd-

     15 March 1999, 02:33 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost
Shodan Zero

Man, shut up. If you need to insult somebody, go elsewere. TICalc.org has had to put up with a lot of <BEEP> lately, and I'm sure they don't need your <BEEP> too.

     14 March 1999, 08:39 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost
(Web Page)

It's their own fault. Go to TI-Files instead. After all, they are much better than TICalc. (I'm just trying to see how many negitive responses I can get out of people)

     15 March 1999, 03:11 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost

Hey, looks like one of the TI-Files guys lost some email, too! I guess they're on their way out too, right?

     20 March 1999, 09:37 GMT

Re: Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost

I find it very ironic that the last two events have taken place soon after the incident...

     14 March 1999, 08:37 GMT

Re: Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost
Stephane Seyvoz

What's this ! I just had to send a Ti-86 program, i just had understood how to use this, and the computer crashed !
Please, hurry up, 'cause i want to see my prog on this site !

P.S.: If somebody write me back, please try to speak french, 'cause i'm french !

     14 March 1999, 16:50 GMT

Re: Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost
Jason K.

Oh yeah, Ahmed (if youre reading this), can you remove a PUD I submitted on the 83 page of Upcoming Programs called GRAFX, because Dan E. took over that project a while ago. I'd just like to get it removed to not give any false hopes to 83 users out there awaiting it, but give Dan credit for the similar program he is coming out with soon, hopefully. Just remove my PUD post whenever you have time, thanks... :)

     14 March 1999, 23:25 GMT

Re: Re: Upcoming Programs Submissions Lost
Ahmed El-Helw

Okay.. I replaced your name with his on my hardrive.. it'll be up with my next update.

     15 March 1999, 00:02 GMT

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