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Program Ideas eliminated
Posted on 14 March 1999, 01:12 GMT

The Program Ideas section, what used to be part of our Services section, has been eliminated. There were two reasons for this. First of all, many times people would add ideas without thinking about or knowing how possible they were, and this made the list very cluttered. Secondly, hardly any programmers took the time to look through the 68KB list of ideas. However, the Buy and Sell section, Other Sites list, and Upcoming Programs section are all still alive and well.


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Re: Program Ideas eliminated

One thing to say. Why wouldn't you just 'filter' out the ideas that were not, what you call, possible? It really doesn't make sense to start eliminating sections when a lot of people are abondoning ticalc.org anyway don't you think?

     14 March 1999, 02:32 GMT

Re: Re: "Filtering" out idea
(Web Page)

Although your idea makes sense, the fact that ticalc.org may or may not be being abandoned has nothing to do with it. In defense of the website, I don't think you should come out and say people are "abandoning" them, whether they are or are not. But for the sake of argument, I agree with your statement, and read my other post...

     14 March 1999, 03:01 GMT

Re: Program Ideas eliminated
(Web Page)

Honestly, I never knew that section existed. If I had, I probably would have taken the time to read it; it sounds very interesting. One thing ticalc.org LACKS more than anything else is a way of letting us know WHEN SOMETHING IS UPDATED! We always here the latest about the TI community and the coolest breakthroughs, and the archives are maintained quite well, but we never here anything about the rest of the site, save an occassional new article or something.

Honestly people, what do you think? Should the members of ticalc.org try to let us know when something is updated other than JUST news and the archives? I'm curious as to what some of you may think.

     14 March 1999, 02:57 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated

Well, I'm certain we announced it when we opened the section, but you're right that it's tough to tell when we change things elsewhere on the site.

It bothers us, too, and we're working on a way to unify the updates to the site... you should see this in a few weeks. In the meantime we'll try to post news items about significant changes to the rest of the site.


     14 March 1999, 04:44 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated
Jason K.

I sent an idea like this to Ahmed about 2 weeks after those new sections were put up, saying that the Services page was too bare and should list any new submissions and updates to those sections. Possibly not the Ideas section, but the Buy&Sell and the PUDs sections could have used a recent news section like this. There would be just too much stuff in the news section of the Ideas page since people do submit the crappiest and most unrealistic ideas (btw, I am glad this section is getting removed because it wasnt very useful) so no news section would have been needed for that. Oh yeah, and that plan never did get carried out, and I doubt we will see a 'Recent Updates' section to each of those on the Services page... =P

     14 March 1999, 23:05 GMT

Re: Program Ideas eliminated
Philip Ringsmuth

Every great king's reign eventually comes to an end. Every great captain has his last voyage. Every great president, ...er, forget that one.
Maybe, in light of these recent events involving ticalc, it may be time for the end. A lot of people have been abandoning ticalc, especially with the recent progress and redesigns of Dimension TI, and the TI-Files. People can see that they are falling apart, with updates becoming few and far between, staff members being "left out in the cold", and sections being eliminated. Maybe it's time to say goodbye.

     14 March 1999, 06:24 GMT

Good bye
The Big One

I have been a loyal ticalc.org user for over a year now, but the last few weeks have really disappointed me. No updates for weeks, the whole issue of Bryan's release, internal fighting... not what i look for in a calculator site.

It's sad and disappointing, but I have to agree with Philip... it's time to say goodbye to Ticalc.org.

     14 March 1999, 08:09 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated

On the contrary, we're very much alive, and we have some fantastic plans for the very near future. The file updates had slowed a bit before Bryan's departure, but we're once again keeping pace and files will be posted in an even quicker turn-around time in the future.

Speculate all you want, but we're out to show everybody that we've still got what it takes to run a great site. We have no plans to let the site deteriorate or stop updating.


     14 March 1999, 21:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated
Philip Ringsmuth

I think most people out there prefer the atmosphere of Dimension TI and TI-files better than ticalc. Even months ago, before the whole Bryan Incident, your site was only updated every few days, letting us know about a new version of an assembly shell, or an updated version of a game, etc. We have no idea of knowing when your program archives are updated, and even when we do go browsing them, we don't know what we're seeing.
I will admit that the archives here at ticalc are probably bigger than any other TI site, but they're so unorganized. When you go browsing your programs, you just list the name of the actual program. Not even the real name of it. At least the TI-Files does that. Personally, I much more prefer the way Dimension TI does it, with a screenshot, rating, and description of each and every game in their archives. You know what you're getting when you visit there.
Other things on your site are hard to find as well. On your main page, you say this: "Here is a list of the most recent updates in our file archives, which consist of a total of 6920 files in
334 different categories, as well as 1102 screenshots." Some of us would like to know what these 334 different catergories are, and where the heck the 1102 screenshots are located?
Maybe your site isn't coming to an end, but I think your remaining staff members might consider a major overhaul of the entire site, to make is more user-friendly.

     14 March 1999, 23:46 GMT

You don''t seem to know what you are talking about
Jimmy Conner
(Web Page)

As to your statement about the archves... What the hell are you talking about??? Are you using ftp access??? Because with good old HTML access you have your 334 catergories, 82.. 83.. asm.. ect..., you have the actaul name of the program, you have the perfered title, like ti-files, you then have a little thing to click on that tells you who made the program, if there are any screen shots, everything that is in the zip file and a description. That is a heck of alot more than at the ti-files. I do personally like how dimension ti does their's also, but you they will have a hard time beating Bryan's old format.
Also all program updates are posted at the bottom of the home screen.


     15 March 1999, 00:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated
(Web Page)

I think ticalc.org has made it pretty clear that they're planning "some change" - possibly an overhaul like you request - in the "near future." Glad you like Dim-TI's archives though :)

     15 March 1999, 03:42 GMT

You really don''t know what you''re talking about

Hey! Mailing lists are great! I get one everyday with the new updates to the archives in it. And the comment above about the website updates is true. How bout a little more of that action... and one more thing:

I like it now that Bryan is gone. Things seem to be running much smoother. I found this site for weeks in February without a new news article... somehow things weren't getting done. But now that Bryan's gone, there are at least 2 pieces of news everyday. That's gotta be appreciated.

     16 March 1999, 03:46 GMT

Re: Program Ideas eliminated

I have been a loyal user for several years, but it's harder for me to continue using this site after hearing about that recent incident. First, an important staff member is eliminated. Next, the program ideas are eliminated... what's next? ticalc.org?

     14 March 1999, 08:41 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Um, did you ever /read/ the Program ideas section? Lots of people who had NEVER programmed before in their lives were filling it with foolish and completely unrealistic suggestions. And Ahmed did not have enough time to filter all of them out.

There were a couple of nice suggestions in there (I contemplated the aquarium idea), but most of them were outlandish. None of the staff liked the section, and many users told me they didn't like the section, either.

     14 March 1999, 08:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated

But there are some people who DID like the section and for those of us who did, why not let it stay there? It wasn't doing any harm.

     14 March 1999, 09:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated
Anonymous (the first one)

I did ***READ*** the section, and I don't care if it was eliminated.

     14 March 1999, 09:30 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated
(Web Page)

[2-3 years ago]

Somehuy: hey guys, what do you think of having programs on your calculator that can take full advantage of the z80 chip that's inside?

TiCalc: what's with you? thats such an outlandish idea! you probably haven't programed before in your life

SomeGuy: then what about greyscale? that sounds lke a good idea

TiCalc: NO! Impossible! its stupid people like you that make calcs look bad! what are you on?

is this what we want? some person controlling what we should think is a good idea or not? i think i sense the overpowering smell of dictatorship

     14 March 1999, 17:56 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated

I disagree. In fact, someone once emailed me about a suggestion I made, asking for any of the code I had written for the idea. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad, and by completely deleting the section you are making a big mistake.

     15 March 1999, 00:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated
Jimmy Conner
(Web Page)

I can't remember the couple of ppl I emailed about their ideas, so it could have been me. What was the idea about?
I did dislike all the completely impossible ideas and the ones send in over and over and over and over... (everybody wanted Mario) it got annoying, but I have browsed the page several times and actually found a lot of ideas that were feasible and that might be fun to program. I think you should have consulted the users before you just dropped the thing. What I have done on my site is put up a poll for things that I am thinking about doing with my site. Then ppl tell me if I should are shouldn't do it. Maybe ticalc should do the same.


     15 March 1999, 00:55 GMT

Re: Program Ideas eliminated

You're such idiots!
What do you care, they could close up this whole site! They are freaking calc-nerds.
Get real!
They need to post up an update every couple of days or so, so they decide to close up things, so that they could write about it?
What next? stop that 15-chars thing, and update about it?
You are such nerds...

     14 March 1999, 15:44 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated

heh this dood is right up ^ there. Accept maybe the canceling the section for news

     14 March 1999, 17:41 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated

Ya know, you are right. And thats why I'm happy to not be a part of thet group anymore. I used to visit here every day, now it's more like once every 2 months. I gave up calc gaming (still program though) for 3D computer game that take adavantage of my $3000 comp. Much more fun.

     14 March 1999, 20:10 GMT

Re: Re: Program Ideas eliminated

i have an idea for the 15-char limit - automatically split the words so we dont have to go back and do it ourselves

     15 March 1999, 22:27 GMT

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