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New hosted site: karma.ticalc.org
Posted on 9 March 1999, 21:42 GMT

The TI-82 Corner is now being hosted by ticalc.org at http://karma.ticalc.org. This site is not only an official site for the programs of Wouter Demuynck, but also a sort of tutorial page for beginners in assembly language programming.


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.


Am I the first one to write a comment???

Hmm...yea...I don't have ti82 and I think that it sucks...



Get a 86 or 89...

     9 March 1999, 22:34 GMT

Re: Hmm...

I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's tired of all of those calc-ists out there who are convinced that one calc is so much better than the others. Ok, let's set something straight right now: the progression of power in TIs is as follows:
73, 80, 81, 82, 83, 85, 86, 89, 92, 92+.
This is an established fact, I hope none of you idiots (I'm speaking only to the idiots, nobody else should take offense) tries to debate this. However, simply because a new one comes out, doesn't mean that we should forget all the old ones. In the real world, no ISP would just say, "ok, we no longer support 56k or lower modems, you must dial in with a T-1 line because it's so much more powerful." You wouldn't like it, because odds are, you don't have the cash to get a T-1 line. Same with the TIs. I'm guessing that there will always be ASM on the 82, and I hope that someone is trying to get ASM on the 73, if that's possible. (sidebar: someone figure out how to write applications for the 73, maybe even flashrom type stuff. That's the key to ASM on the 73, I think.) So all of you morons who are saying "why did you write BomberBloke for the 86, the 89's better" or "why in the world are people still writing programs for the 82, because I have an 89 and the world revolves around me", JUST SHUT UP! IF YOU MUST HAVE xxxxx GAME ON YOUR TI-89 OR WHATEVER, PORT IT YOURSELF!!!!!

Thank you for putting up with my rants.

     10 March 1999, 00:06 GMT

Re: Re: Hmm...
Adam Gross

Damn. It's just a calculator. It's not like your life (or at least i hope not). What you need to do is first, go to the yellow pages, look up P. Then turn to Psychiatrist, then call someone. It's as easy as that!

     10 March 1999, 01:28 GMT

Re: Re: Hmm...

Actually, most people will agree that the 89 is better than the 92 since it has more functions. Some will even say it's better than the 92+ because it can be used on more standardized tests. So this is not, as you said, an "established fact". I guess this makes me an idiot, doesn't it?


     11 March 1999, 01:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Hmm...

I guess so. :)
I was refering to the power of the processor, amount of RAM, and the functions. That's why TI numbered them in that order. I was mostly just trying to get the people who are constantly bickering over which clacs are better to shut up.

     12 March 1999, 00:33 GMT

Re: Re: Hmm...

Ti82 has more USER memory than the ti83, but still comes before ti83 on the list.

     12 March 1999, 05:13 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Hmm...

Hmm indeed... I never noticed that before, despite useing both frequently. That's odd...
Of course, the 83 has a great many more functions, (built-in ASM, etc) so it holds on to its spot slightly above the 82.

     12 March 1999, 23:07 GMT

Re: Hmm...
Sigma TI

Well, there are a lot of different TI's out there, and unfortunately, they are not all compatable. True, the TI-82 doesn't quite stand up to other calculators like the TI-92, but you know, there are a lot more TI-82's (and 83's) out there than any other calculator. And with the majority of TI owners being with the 82 (sigh... and the 83...), I guess it makes sense to port programs to the 82. It's guess the world of TI is just too crazy, due to all the different models that also happen to exist along with the 82. Personally, I don't care. Most people that I know don't care either. As long as there are new games for all the different versions of TI out there, why should people care? We just need people out there to create and port the programs, so it actually happens. Personally, I don't know why people actually care about this porting stuff. Just get over it!

     12 March 1999, 06:18 GMT

Re: Hmm...
Wouter Demuynck
(Web Page)

Well, I only have a ti-82 and I can not think of any reason to go out and buy another.

We were obliged (or almost) from school to buy a TI-82. And for what I need to use it for, it's more than powerfull enough. And if I need something more powerfull, I just take a computer.
Here at university, we aren't even allowed to use any calculator with programmable memory for exams.

I'm just saying that I can't understand why anyone would buy several calculators. I see a lot of pepole that have and a TI-86 and a TI-89 or even more. Why? to play games?

Well, playing games is not my first motive. My first motive to buy a calculator is to calculate stuff. And the whole ASM thing is just something that makes a boring calculator a little bit more fun to work with :)

Anyway, keep programming and having fun !

     12 March 1999, 11:40 GMT

Wouter Demuynck
Jimmy Conner
(Web Page)

Hum.. am I the only one to actually post about the new page??
Anyway... Wouter Demuynck has programmed some great things and is one of the ppl that got me really interested in asm (not directly, but because of his attribs program, even though we have talked).

Just thought I would put in some good words for him!

-I live by my 83 and will die by my 83!

     11 March 1999, 09:53 GMT

Re: Wouter Demuynck
Wouter Demuynck
(Web Page)

Hey thanks :)

     12 March 1999, 11:41 GMT

82 domination

at least where i come from, the 82 is the most prominent TI calculator (followed closely by the 85 and 86), and so if you extrapolate my situation to that of the rest of the universe (just like you can extrapolate the entire universe from a fairy cake) i would have to say that the most useful and used programs one could make would be for the 82. (although as an 89 owner i'd love to see some more stuff for it, but that's not the point).

in case someone gets the wrong idea, this is no plug for any caculator, so don't bash me, please.


oh, btw, does anyone else think this whole asm scene kinda feels like the demo scene a few years back? talented people writing creative programs (in that case it was little graphical ditties) in unbelievably small sizes.

     12 March 1999, 19:05 GMT

Re: New hosted site: karma. ticalc. org
lane; brother of evan

you all are morons. I think that i will go eat a banananananana

     15 March 1999, 04:18 GMT

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