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Bomberbloke v0.96 Released
Posted on 8 March 1999, 01:05 GMT

Matt Shepcar of Icarus Productions has released Bomberbloke v0.96 for the TI-86. Besides improved link routines, v0.96 features newly working bonuses such as the Zapper, the Boots and various bug fixes. In addition to this, there are now even more levels to beat - fifteen of them. Additionally, the updated source code has been included with this version.


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Re: Bomberbloke v0.96 Released

Congratulations on a great game! One question - how can you link with more than two calcs?

     10 March 1999, 02:39 GMT

Re: Re: Bomberbloke v0.96 Released

You can't link with more then two calcs using Bomberbloke (if that's what you are asking about), but the 4- and 3- player refers to 2 people on the same calc playing against 1 or 2 on another calc. If that's not what you're asking, well, then, sorry, can't help.

     10 March 1999, 18:36 GMT

Re: Bomberbloke v0.96 Released
(Web Page)

the 1 player mode has gotten like 5x better, yet the link mode crashes me an my friends' calc every time. i also noticed that other people have had this difficulty. an me an my friend don always play bomberbloke during class,study hall, and assemblies. please fix this or we wont have anything to do but play 1player games!!!!!!

     10 March 1999, 12:09 GMT

great game with one exception
cheese warrior

this game rocks but it now locks when you play using two cals----the version that i used to have didnt do this ..... what's up wiht that????

     10 March 1999, 21:18 GMT

Re: Bomberbloke v0.96 Released

I don't want to be one of those "PORT IT NOW" lamers, but I was just wondering as to whether there was any chance of Bomberbloke coming to the TI-89 anytime soon. Ok, so the 89 already has a lot of amazing games, but I've always loved Bomberman since the first NES version and it would really rock my world to see it in high-res on the 89. Thanks,


     12 March 1999, 01:36 GMT

Re: Bomberbloke v0.96 Released

I hope the next version that you release of bomberman crashes less in link play. Version .92 works much better in link play while version .96 crashed every time i tried it. We used rom version 1.3 and 1.6

     12 March 1999, 03:13 GMT

Re: Bomberbloke v0.96 Released

hey, i have another comment.
i got to level 10, and i didn't even blow ANYTHING up, except for blocks, and i found the door and walked into it, and moved on to the next level...might just be a glitch in my calculator or something...

     12 March 1999, 04:11 GMT

Re: Bomberbloke v0.96 Released

Asm(bomber) works a little better, me and a friend got through three levels.

     13 March 1999, 17:22 GMT
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