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MiniShell Enhanced v2.0 released
Posted on 7 March 1999, 01:32 GMT

Chris Phelps has released MiniShell Enhanced v2.0 for the TI-86. New features in this version include 5 different versions: Scrolling, Scrolling Lite, Paged, Paged Lite, and Paged without Background Picture Support. Version 3.0, with eight different program groups, is already in the works.


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Re: MiniShell Enhanced v2.0 released
(Web Page)

Hey, great shell, it freed up enough room for some more mario levels on my calc. Did anyone else have problems with sending the Image file to thier calc? i kept gettin invalid format errors from the graphlink =/

     7 March 1999, 02:10 GMT

Re:MiniShell Enhanced v2.0 released
Chris Phelps
(Web Page)

Hehe. I use Cal, because my serial ports object to my g-link. I dont even remember how i made the pic, but i probably had to do something funny. Sorry for any inconvenience.

     7 March 1999, 03:14 GMT

Re: Re:MiniShell Enhanced v2.0 released

I had the honor to beta this software and I must say it is really great. It doesn't have all the emulation and garbage but it is a GREAT shell. The only problem I had was with the picture. I aslo had the oppertunity of beta testing the 3.0 version and I must add that is really awesome so far also. Chicane is doing a really good job with MSE so keep up the great work! ;)


     7 March 1999, 04:00 GMT

Re: MiniShell Enhanced v2.0 released

Very good if you don't need extra stuff like 85 emulation and so...

     7 March 1999, 19:43 GMT

Re: MiniShell Enhanced v2.0 released
don''t need to know
(Web Page)

(if you read the list posting by bryan, you'll know why)

     8 March 1999, 04:39 GMT

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