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Emulator86 v0.50 released
Posted on 6 March 1999, 03:23 GMT

Kirk Meyer has released Emulator86 v0.50. This is an update of the previously released TI-86 emulator for Windows 3.1 and Windows 9x. New in this version is realistic mode with virtual keypad support, contrast effects, much better greyscale support, and more. The next major step for this program is the conversion to a TI-8x emulator. Other features to be incorporated soon include parallel and serial linking support.


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Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

Someone PLEASE actually post a URL of a ROM-dumper. I can't seem to find any anywhere..

     5 June 1999, 01:30 GMT

Re: Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

actually, I need a comm program...

     5 June 1999, 01:48 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released
George Limpert
(Web Page)

Cool. Do you have any idea when you will add to the program? Keep up the good.work.

     6 March 1999, 03:28 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

conrgats Kirk for realizing you dont have to abandon us! keep up the good work (actually i havent downloaded it yet, so it may suck (j/k))

     6 March 1999, 06:00 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released
James Fishbaugh

It looks good, buy i don't get how to get it working, how to get the rom or whatever in there. could someone please respond!

     6 March 1999, 06:27 GMT

Re: Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

If you go to the TI-86 file Archive, you can download a rom dumper. Simply download it to your calculator then open it up with the correct shell, and execute it. (You must have TI Graph Link to do this.) Remember to set the TI Graph Link to "Recieve" first.

     6 March 1999, 19:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released
Not too smart

Hmm, I got the rom dumper and I tried to send it but I still can't get it to work. can you give me a detailed explanation of all the steps I need to take to make it work?

     6 March 1999, 21:49 GMT

Someone Respond
Not too smart either

Can someone respond to this. I'm stuck to. PLease?!? Anyone out there?

     6 March 1999, 23:44 GMT

Re: Someone Respond

Ahh... I see what you mean. This same thing happened to me.(A lot.)
Somehow I got it to work a week or so ago. And could never do the same
thing again. This same thing has me puzzled. Try to e-mail the author
who made it. He may actully know. Scince he made it and tested it.

But If someone knows exactly what to do. Please post mark it so we all can figure this out.


     7 March 1999, 02:33 GMT

Re: Re: Someone Respond
Sir Toby

Hmm... I didn't have all that much trouble with it when I tried it, but let me see if I can be of any help...

First, you have to get the ROM dumping program (I used ROM dump 2), which you probably already have. In the zip, there should be a DOS program, a TI-86 program, and a readme file. Send the 86p to your calc. In the readme it tells you how to get the DOS prog started from the command line. (when you type it in it should look something like "romdump ti86.rom 262144 <whatever COM port your GL is hooked up to>" Make sure you're in the same directory as the ROM dumper.) This should start the DOS program working, and a bunch of text should jump onto the screen. Now, run the 86 program while the GL is hooked up. BE SURE YOU KEEP THE DOS PROG IN THE FOREGROUND WHILE IT'S STILL WORKING! For some reason, it won't work in the background. When it's done, you can close the DOS program and in that same directory there should be a file called ti86.rom or something. Move that file to the same dir as the emulator, and it should work. If it doesn't, I have no idea what to do. All I know is that it worked fine for me...


     7 March 1999, 21:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Someone Respond

All right, I know this thread is on 86, but I am having this problem with 85 and need help.
I have a message like:
"0 bytes recieved
0% complete
Com 2"
and the cursor keeps jumping and don't do anything else.
What's up with it?

     7 March 1999, 23:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re:, etc. etc.
Sir Toby

Hmm... lemme see...
That's basically what's supposed to happen, only the numbers should get bigger.
Here's a couple of things to check:

1. Did you put the right COM port?
2. Did you run the prog on your 85?
3. Is the GL hooked up properly?
4. Is the DOS prog the active window?
5. Did you start the DOS prog BEFORE the 85 prog?

If none of that works, try DLing the whole thing over again. Sometimes that does it... :P

That's all I can think of; I'm not really an expert on this or anything, so don't go e-mailing me about it. Just trying to be of help...

Jeez, this is getting narrow...


     8 March 1999, 04:46 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released
Dark Ryder

Has anyone tested this on NT?

     6 March 1999, 18:49 GMT

Re: Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

I have and it works fine!

     6 March 1999, 20:52 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released
Curtiss Howard
(Web Page)

Any plans to make a Linux version? Or is the source being released...?

     7 March 1999, 00:01 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

Does this mean I can play 86 games on my computer w/omy calc? And how?

     7 March 1999, 04:43 GMT

Re: Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

I love it when people get impatient, and hit the post button more than once!


     7 March 1999, 05:59 GMT

Re: Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

I love it when people get impatient, and hit the post button more than once!


     7 March 1999, 05:59 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

Does this mean I can play 86 games on my computer w/o my calc? And How?

     7 March 1999, 04:48 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.50 released

Forget the 86. The TI-81 lives on!!! TI-81 for life. Who needs an 86? If you're not using the TI-81 then you're not using the best TI has to offer.

     7 March 1999, 20:59 GMT

86s are cool; Eugene impostors are not
the original Eugene

If it's this obviously and uncontestably dumb, you know it isn't from the original Eugene. Just want to get that out to everyone. And besides, the 86 is the next calculator I would like to get.

     8 March 1999, 08:40 GMT

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