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Icarus Productions moves to icarus.ticalc.org
Posted on 4 March 1999, 07:09 GMT

Icarus Productions is now being hosted by ticalc.org at icarus.ticalc.org. Icarus Productions, one of the oldest and most prominent TI programming groups, has programmed among other things Usgard, ZTetris, Bomberbloke, Sqrxz, Plain Jump, and Vertigo for the TI-85. Some of these programs have been ported to virtually every TI calculator platform available. Along with the new address, Icarus Productions also has a completely new look. Check it out!


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Re: Icarus Productions joins ticalc.org (about time!)

Hey, it LOOKS better.

(hey, icarus. ticalc. org is more than 15 chars long, and you put it in the subject header. I'd call that violating your own rules.)

     4 March 1999, 08:32 GMT

Re: Re: Icarus Productions joins ticalc.org (about time!)

I think we can trust ourselves not to post news articles that screw up our own layout!

The problem is when people use long words in comment responses that are several levels deep. Too often we had some wiseguys posting long strings just to make the page render into the blue, so there's nobody to blame for the restriction but the few of you out there who thought this was funny. (We didn't after having to waste our time wiping out the offending comments for the umpteenth time.)

There are indeed some ways around this that don't involve a 15-character limit, but for now, you'll have to put up with it. Sorry!


     4 March 1999, 09:31 GMT

Re: Icarus Productions moves to icarus. ticalc.org
Daren Ho
(Web Page)

Wow, Andreas really doesn't have time to port Bomberbloke, does he?
BTW, that's a lot of hits on your website.

     4 March 1999, 19:01 GMT

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