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Two more sites hosted
Posted on 2 March 1999, 02:58 GMT

Two more sites hosted by ticalc.org are now online.

  • Philip's TI-85 Page, philip.ticalc.org - Homepage of TI-85 assembly programmer Philip Graf.
  • Dragons Lair Productions Homapage, vlink.ticalc.org - Homepage of Dragons Lair Productions, makers of VLink-TI linking software.


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Re: Two more sites hosted
The Guy Down The Hall

Dragon Lair's Homepage looks great. I would love to see it finished.

     2 March 1999, 04:11 GMT

excellence in design

yeah, no kidding. i always like coming across a good looking page. clean pages, well done graphics and good javascript. kudos.

philip's page also looks really nice. i like the fill changes.

hmm, i must just be in one hell of a good mood.


..::for.the. love.of.the. machine::..

     2 March 1999, 10:42 GMT

My ticalc.org website
Alan Kwan
(Web Page)

I just setup my site on ticalc.org yesterday, but Bryan hasn't put it up in the news. :(

Well, click on "Web Page" to see it. :)


     3 March 1999, 01:42 GMT

taking "useful" to new levels

now THAT is what i call a useful site! the only problem i can see is that at 1152x864 on a 17" everything's a little small. perhaps you could make the text on the pages that list the programs a little bigger?

nice job though. i too don't like too many graphics. all those screenshots...

(impressed as hell with all these new pages)

     3 March 1999, 05:09 GMT

Re: Re: Two more sites hosted
Visa Harvey
(Web Page)

Thanks for the support =) Hopefully tonight when I get home from college I'll get a fair update up, hopefully with some screen grabs of the new user interface to show how its coming along ( if you're really lucky I *might* actually have a new alpha release out by friday ( revision schedule allowing , if nothing else I may stick up a preview version of the file manager, with its very very limited functionality :)

     2 March 1999, 17:18 GMT

Excellent jobs
(Web Page)

Well, the sites look great, but what's with all this webpage hosting TI-Calc is doing? Is it me, or is less and less games being produced for the TI calcs over time? I noticed a few years back, there was a lot being made, now it's just mostly ports. Could just be me though. I dunno =P


     2 March 1999, 18:13 GMT

game development

well, with the addition of the 89 and other calcs, programmers become more divided. remember when the 85 and the 82 were the only kids on the block? well, there were probably more releases, but it was just because all the programming was focused on those two calcs. now we've got six or seven calcs.

"the past is a fiction designed to account
for the discrepancy between m immediate
physical sensations and my state of mind."

     3 March 1999, 00:35 GMT

Re: game development
Evan Prefect

There aren't enough pointless references to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galexy online, are there? :P

     4 March 1999, 22:17 GMT

Re: Excellent jobs

Now that you mention it, there are less. Yet there are more web pages than ever.

     3 March 1999, 02:37 GMT

Re: Excellent jobs
Adam B
(Web Page)

Well , I think that the fact that there are not as many calculator programs coming out any more directly results from the fact that there are not as many ideas for new calculator programs anymore. All of the best game ideas have been taking, leaving many programmers with simply a lack of ideas. Of course, you can always make a game similar to one already made, but most programmers want to make something new, something different; yet not too hard or complex. While scanning through the program ideas lists, you can see that many of the ideas pertain to specific plot lines or ideas that most of us don't even care about. When new, good ideas come out; new, good games will come out also.

     3 March 1999, 02:48 GMT

Adam B
(Web Page)

I know this is off the subject, but does anybody know how to get ticalc to post screenshots along with a program?

     3 March 1999, 02:41 GMT

Re: Screenshots
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

ticalc.org doesn't accept screenshots from users or programmers because they need to be so tall and so wide, in such a format, saved just so, and depict certain things... and we don't have the time to sort through all the submissions we'd get, or to coordinate all the volunteers, or mess with all the duplicates we'd get, etc.

Don't respond to this asking why we don't do it, or if we'll make an exception, because I didn't make the rules, but those are the reasons and we all must live with them. I'm just letting you all know in case you're interested. These aren't up for debate. ;)

     3 March 1999, 06:34 GMT

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