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TI-XX emulator nearing release
Posted on 26 February 1999, 07:50 GMT

[Virtual TI-86 screenshot] Rusty Wagner is currently making a new TI-XX emulator for Windows, using some old code from the original TI-86 emulator by Steve Gordon. When it is released, it will feature many features, most notably support for all TI-8x and TI-9x calculators, grayscale support, a graphical debugger, linkport emulation, multiple ROM versions, and ROM switching.

Rusty has released two full desktop screenshots of the emulator. One features a large view of the TI-86 and TI-89 emulators, while the other shows the debugger.


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Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

One question, what if we do own a TI-86 and cannot get a rom? Then can we not use the emulator? Or do I have to go find one on the 'net?

     3 May 1999, 00:56 GMT

Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

I downloaded This program and when I try to run it, I get an error that says unable to open ti86.rom or ti85.rom. Where do I get these rom files?

     26 February 1999, 09:00 GMT

Re: Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release
Alan Kwan
(Web Page)

You need to dump the rom off your calculator using dumpxp, dump-it, and a rom-dumping program (like rom86) on your calc.

     26 February 1999, 09:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

What if I have a ti-89? Does it do it automatically? If so, how do I do a ROM dump? Is a ROM dump possible with a parallel link cable?

     28 February 1999, 23:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release
Craig Allen

< Urgent >
Where do I find the "Dumpxp" or the "Dump-it" program ?. I've been all over Ticalc.org and cant seem to find the section to download it from.
Any help would be appreciated.

     14 March 1999, 20:39 GMT

Re: Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

and it's a pain i haven't been able to do it myself
and nobody is willing to post em on the net

     13 March 1999, 22:34 GMT

usage question

since there are already 85, 86, and 89 emulators out there, why do them again and not focus on the calcs that don't?


     26 February 1999, 10:10 GMT

Re: usage question
Dux Gregis
(Web Page)

Bryan actually got some of the info wrong .. rusty added grayscale to ti86emu but it was too slow, so he decided to add 82,83,85,86 support to his vti68k emulator ... that's what this is. Why do we need an emulator for the 8x calcs? ti86emu is good, but it doesn't support grayscale. From what I saw, this emulator is truely amazing .. perfect emulation and a great debugger. The memory accesses are slow, but I think the main reason he hasn't publicly released it yet is that he wants to fix this.

     26 February 1999, 14:55 GMT

Re: Re: usage question
Brandon Sterner

I'm glad to see a new windows emulator for the 83 and 82. Calcem is frustrating and sometimes pauses up my computer. I find it more convenient to crash my calculator and take out the batteries when programming asm. If this is perfect then why not use one emulator rather than a couple emulators (some of which contain bugs). I'm not sure what you mean by debugger. It would be nice to be able to ok every line one at a time and view the values in the registers at the end of executing one line. I guess you'd need to ok the dissassembly which would not be as great as oking each line of your source. And why would greyscale be too slow for a coomputer to handle?

     26 February 1999, 22:15 GMT

rampant confusion

so he simply merged the two programs? if it's anything like the 89 emulator, this is really going to kick ass! hmm, a good debugger will be nice...

"love, peace, and dodobirds"

     27 February 1999, 09:30 GMT

Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

COOL! Go on Rusty!!!!!!

     26 February 1999, 19:13 GMT

Re: Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release
(Web Page)

I tried the calc emu that was for the 89/92 (although i have an 86 heh) it was great very well
emu it, perfect emu in my view since i couldnt tell the difference, because i dont have an 89/92 calc. Just in my opion its to good of an emu, meaning that not everything we would like to be emu, what im saying is a support for higher speed is needed, dont get me wrong, the normal speed should be there, but a higher speed is nessacery, well because we are runing it on a computer; you dont want to wait for it graph so complex equ like on a reall calc.

Just to make sure there is no confustion
the emu was great!!!
keep working on it!

     26 February 1999, 23:19 GMT

Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release
Dan C

Where can I get a TI-83 emulator for Windows 95? Will it require me to dump my rom into it, in order for it to work?

     27 February 1999, 19:27 GMT

Re: Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release
Adam B
(Web Page)

Thats my question too.

     27 February 1999, 21:37 GMT

ROM Dump Required
David Phillips
(Web Page)

As will all emulators, this one will require a ROM image from each calculator that you wish to emulate. The emulator emulates the hardware of the calculator, but requires the actual software for it to work. Distributing ROM images from the calculators violates copyright laws and thus is illegal. Releasing an emulator of all TI calculators with ROM images would probably get us sued by TI.

This emulator will probably have the ROM dumping software built-in, making the job of dumping your calc's ROM much easier.

     1 March 1999, 21:52 GMT

Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release
Matt Johnson
(Web Page)

I just like to point out a few things. First of all, he is a member of ACZ and it is polite to mention ACZ when we help him. And we did. I helped him as much as possible, for example I took the screenshots and gave him some technical TI-86 information. I also got Steve Gordon's permission, and he wouldn't have started it unless I asked for his help (It was my original intention to modify the 86emu for grayscale). Also, it isn't anything like Steve Gordon's emulator. His code definetely helped, and although I am sure Rusty used his emulator as a reference, it is quite obvious that wrote the whole windows interface and simply adopted the Z80 part into his existing 68k emulator. As it goes for the Z80 core emulation, I believe someone else wrote it. And I'm sure Rusty didn't write the 68k core emulation from scratch either.

Just wanted to clear a few misconceptions.

     27 February 1999, 20:40 GMT

Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

When, exactly, will this new emulator be released??? I like the other one, and use it a lot, but I want that large screen. Thanks.

     28 February 1999, 19:36 GMT

Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

Will this program be ported to the Macintosh? Lots of people are interested in this project. Thanx

     1 March 1999, 19:39 GMT

Re: Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

Hey Tut,

I'm with you all the way... They need to make a Mac version... I'm sick of all the PCs getting everything before we do... Hey Rusty, Could you get a knowledgeable Mac Programmer to port your TI-XX Emulator? I don't have a Win-doze pc, and I would appreciate it a lot... Maybe the guy that wrote MacTiger??

Clinton's the Name, Macs are my game... and don't be dissin my iMac, because I'll get my Homeys from the He-Man PC Hater's Club to destroy your Pentium, whether it's a P1, PMMX, P-Pro, PII, or P///. (I'm sorry, I got carried away)

     2 March 1999, 01:13 GMT

Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

I was just wondering. How do you do a rom dump?

     2 March 1999, 23:17 GMT

Re: TI-XX emulator nearing release

On the subject of Steve Gordon's emulator, I would like to express my frustration with the fact that it WON'T fit in it's own window. Half the debugging stuff is too far to the left to be seen!! I can't figure out how to fix this and it really anoys me. Can anyone help?

     5 March 1999, 23:50 GMT

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