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Emulator86 v0.36 released
Posted on 26 February 1999, 07:33 GMT

Kirk Meyer has released Emulator86 v0.36, a TI-86 emulator, for Windows 3.1 and Windows 9x. It features *.85? and *.86? file loading, grayscale support, screenshot support, a disassembler, a debugger, a memory viewer, and support for the TI-Graph Link cable. Planned features for future versions include contrast effects, a virtual keypad, serial and parallel link support, and support for the TI-82, TI-83, and TI-85 calculators.


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Re: Emulator86 v0.36 released

Sweet emu Kirk! I've only seen that seperated menubar design once before (visual basic 1). It's great how you can move the emu'd screen around. Also, the ease of var-lodaing is nice. Is there a good reason behind having to be at the mem screen for var-loading?

Keep it up
Dave :)

     26 February 1999, 08:02 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.36 released

Hey this is a good idea! One question...can we play 86 games on this emulator, or write programs for it?

     26 February 1999, 22:06 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.36 released

Yo Kirk, when is QwikTym gonna come out? The emu also kicks ass, btw. Cant wait to see QwikTym and an update to the emu.

     26 February 1999, 22:29 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.36 released

what?! No mac proggies? I pity all of you that fell for Microsoft's propganda! "Think Different"

     27 February 1999, 00:46 GMT

What? No Mac port?
(Web Page)

I do wish there would be someone able and willing to do a Mac port. The Mac still has a great place in the education fields and such an emulator would be indispensible for them.

     1 March 1999, 03:25 GMT

ROM Dumper 2.1

How exactly is this supposed to work? There's no instructions included in the .zip and when I try to send to my comp it says "Sending..." for about 5 minutes then exits, and no .rom file is found on my hard drive.

     28 February 1999, 15:57 GMT

Re: ROM Dumper 2.1

nevermind, I found the full 2.2 version in the DOS Utilities archive :)

     28 February 1999, 23:37 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.36 released

Heres a quick question.. can u add multiple file selection in the varible uploading... cause its kinda annoying having to do em 1 by 1.. just a sugestion for future vers =)

     1 March 1999, 06:52 GMT

Re: Emulator86 v0.36 released

Is there a site where you can download any .roms?
If so, where?

     6 March 1999, 00:04 GMT

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