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Four sites hosted at ticalc.org
Posted on 7 February 1999, 23:44 GMT

The first four sites to be hosted at ticalc.org are now up and running.

  • linkcables.ticalc.org, linkcables.ticalc.org - The premier site for information about building or buying cheap computer link cables for the full range of Texas Instruments graphical calculators.
  • Sami Khawam's Home Page, http://sami.ticalc.org - Information about Sami's many projects including linking software and the IR link.
  • Stuntworks Home Page, http://stuntworks.ticalc.org - Information about current and upcoming Stuntworks projects including the XC-1701 II level editor.
  • Turbosoft Home Page, http://turbosoft.ticalc.org - A page dedicated to Turbosoft's TI-89 BASIC programs.

If you would like more information about hosting services here at ticalc.org, read the news article about it or email hosting@ticalc.org.


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Re: Four sites hosted at ticalc.org

Finally, it is about time that I can find a site nice and easy to get the IR link. Now, I hear a lot of stuff pertaining to the ticalc site stating that they have everything about everything. Unfortunately, it is made apparent that I can not find the hardware areas very easily. Parts of this site is very mismanaged. Sometimes it is very hard to get information that is direly needed to make items for the calc. By the way, has anyone perfected the idea of the Radio link? Well, I have. Unfortuantely, it is very large and expendsive. I am just wondering if someone has the device made yet. I doubt people could make a Radio Link that travels in a 1 mile radius and not have it being large or interrupting with other people's communications (that, of course, would be illegal according to the FCC rules).

     8 February 1999, 00:20 GMT

Re: Re: Four sites hosted at ticalc.org

Hey, if you got a radio link that goes for one mile radius, I want it. I would pay for it (not really), or at least the plans for it. I couldn't give two sh<beep>ts about the FCC, and frankly, the same goes about others ppls communications. If you can set up a site with the plans for this link, me and the rest of my peers will be very happy.

Member of the CIA

     8 February 1999, 00:33 GMT

evil twins

is this the good Mike or the bad Mike?


(if Mike=bad:goto knockoffisp ]:-)

     8 February 1999, 09:15 GMT

Radio link?!
Benson K


I thought about it, and looked for anything about one, but couldn't find anything... it would be the best thing ever for cheating on tests!!!

j/k about the test thing...

but it would be REALLY kool!

     8 February 1999, 05:53 GMT

Re: Re: Four sites hosted at ticalc.org

I want a radio link. I will even pay for it!!! Please tell us how to build our own!!!

     8 February 1999, 22:48 GMT

Radio Link eh?
Alan Kwan
(Web Page)

I have the plans to build a radio link. *smirk*

You could too. :)

My friend's dad is building a pair right now, we'll see if it works.

     26 February 1999, 05:41 GMT

Re: Four sites hosted at ticalc.org
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Its about time, ive been begging sami for the last few weeks to make a WTran8X that supports the 89 for Win 3.1

Good work man

     8 February 1999, 02:07 GMT

Re: Re: Four sites hosted at ticalc.org
(Web Page)

Windows 3.1 hehehe
....thats pretty funny

     10 February 1999, 14:23 GMT

Re: Four sites hosted at ticalc.org

What can I say? Sweet!

(although dim-ti's message board still doesn't work :()

     8 February 1999, 08:19 GMT

Re: Re: Four sites hosted at ticalc.org
(Web Page)

I'm working on that :)

     8 February 1999, 13:25 GMT

Re: Re: Four sites hosted at ticalc.org
David Phillips
(Web Page)

The ACZ's does! ;-)

     15 February 1999, 20:41 GMT

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