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First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Posted on 1 February 1999, 03:48 GMT

The first Program of the Month voting booth is now open. About 10-12 programs from each category were nominated for this award. The voting booth will be closed at midnight GMT on February 8, after which the results will be tabulated and the results released to the newsletter mailing list.

To participate in the voting booth, you must be registered for our Survey section. If you aren't, please register now. If you have forgotten your password, please email survey@ticalc.org and a new one will be issued to you.


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.

john edwards

TI calculators are worthless. I think you should all burn them and get HP's.

     20 May 1999, 03:28 GMT

the pessimist again...

i know i usually sound pessimistic, but are there enough good programs to last very long? it's not as if there are ten or fifteen new good games and programs being written every month. still this is great. programmers spend inordinate amounts of time on their projects, and the well done and creative ones should be applauded.


     1 February 1999, 08:37 GMT

Re: the pessimist again...

You're right. I think that there should be quarterly program winners for Assembly games, considering that they are far more complicated than BASIC games and do not come out as fast.
BASIC games should be the ones that are voted for every month.

     1 February 1999, 21:07 GMT

Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Ben Lukens
(Web Page)

Sweet! My cheesy asteroids game is up for one of the 10 best basic games. My mother will be so proud... or not. I just felt like sharing that with everybody. :)

     1 February 1999, 14:50 GMT

Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open

My mother was proud of me once. *<:o)

     2 February 1999, 03:01 GMT

Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open

I think this is a great idea. Maybe it would make more competetion, and programmers would want to work harder to make the best games. Right? More high level games should be written for the ti-89 anyway. Thanks.

     2 February 1999, 03:06 GMT

Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open

TI-89 Games are a rarity. The good thing about them is that the ones that are out there are mostly well-made, and not very cheesy. Take SMQ, for instance. It kind of reminds me of when the N64 came out with very little games to show for it. But the quality of the games was outstanding. Better to come out with higher quality games than to rush the crappy ones you make.
Anyway, I just felt I'd give my two cent's worth.


     4 February 1999, 05:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open

Yes, the quality of the early N64 games was outstanding, if you could live with Mario's octagonal hat :)

     4 February 1999, 07:03 GMT

Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Miles Raymond
(Web Page)

There are several things that I think should be changed in this voting system...

1) That the voter should only be able to vote for the programs of his/her calc, so that the vote will be more precise. If someone who just had an 82 and loved RPGs, he'd vote on any RPG on all of the rest of the calcs, even if they are cheezy. This would not be fair if there were a lot of people like this with only one calc and they screwed up the scores on all of the other calculators...

2) That the 89 and 92+ sections be different. Some programs don't exist on both calcs, and therefore these two should be seperate... Also, the keys aren't the same in some games that were made specifically for one calc, meaning that the game on the other calc will feel either 'wierd' or too complex. Since games like Zelda89 were made for the 89, playing them on the 92+ feels like you're running some cheezy DOS program on a Mac or Windows PC, it's definitly not the same experience.

3) That games and programs should be seperate. I think this one is fairly obvious...

4) That the Windows programs and utilities should be given a whole different rating system of their own, since some programs are specific-calc related. For instance, someone with just a 92 would know nothing about a new Z80 compiler, and so the vote couldn't be made because the voter isn't well-informed of all of the choices. The same goes the other way around. A lot of people with only the lower 8x calcs won't know a lot about the Virtual TI 68K Emulator, because they don't own one of those calcs.

I think that some of these changes are necessary for the voting system to be a benefit to the TI community.

-Miles Raymond

     2 February 1999, 20:53 GMT

Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

1) We are currently working on an overhaul of the voting/survey section that would help fix this program. Although users could just lie about what calcs they have.

2) The reason the 89 and 92+ were combined into once category was because a lot of programs exist on both platforms and its easy to port back and forth. Therefore, we didn't think making two categories of this was justified.

3) That's not a bad idea, although it would make the voting considerably longer and more programs to nominate.

4) I see your point here. How do you think the computer utilities should be rated?

     3 February 1999, 06:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Fred C.

To respond to #3, it is a good idea. I mean, no offense to the other programs, but what are people more likely to be familiar with, games or misc programs (or revolutionary math programs for that matter :) Anyway, so what about time? a little extra time to get the best programs picked is teh way to go!

     3 February 1999, 13:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Miles Raymond
(Web Page)

Just letme say one thing first... I hate the stupid 15 char word limit... (don't ask how many times I've tried posting a response to your post...)

1)Is there a way to view/edit our voting registration? I think that the voting program should first get input (ie: username and password) and then display only the programs for the calc(s) s/he has. It would be nice to also add a registration editor along with this for when we go out and buy our TI-83+s...

1)Although the 89 and 92+ are more similar to each other than the 82/3 and 85/6 in memory addresses, they differ greatly in screen and keyboard size. I still think that they should be seperate for at least the games. There are several programs for the 92+ that aren't available to 89 users. There are also the select few that are only available to 89 users and not 92+ users (SMQ and Zelda89 come to mind...). Although these can be run on the 92+, it's not the same as running a 92+ game. Go ahead and try it if you don't believe me. If you get the VTI68K emu and ROMs from TI, you'll see what I mean...

3)The easiest, and possibly the best solution to this is to give more time to the programmers. I think that the voting should be held 4 times each year (every 3 months) to give adequate time to the programmers of each calc. This also makes the votes more valuable, since it has a little more programs to compete with.

4)I have thought about this for a while, and I the best think I thought of was making a 'sliding bar' from 1-10 for each program where the default is null. The voter votes by moving whichever programs s/he's used up or down along the scale and not touching the programs that s/he's never used. After all the votes are taken, they are tallied up and the biggest is the winner.

-Miles Raymond

     10 February 1999, 21:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

1. Yes, we plan to add such a feature in the future.

2. SMQ is for both the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. Yes, there are some games that are only for one calc or the other. I'll think it over again whether or not we will seperate them.

3. A quartly competition? That's an idea. I'll think about it.

4. That's a unique idea, but I don't see how it would change the results significantly.

     13 February 1999, 04:26 GMT

Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Ed Fry
(Web Page)

Another consideriation could also be to seperate the Ti-8x Basic games from the Ti-89/92/92+ Basic Games because Ti-89 Basic and above is a lot more capable of producing more graphicial, larger and more complex games than the Ti-86 and below can.

     3 February 1999, 19:08 GMT

Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Russ T. Hinge

When I typed in my e-mail address. I got an error that said someone else had it already. And it's impossible to have 2 of the same e-mail addresses.

     3 February 1999, 13:36 GMT

Re: Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Email survey @ticalc.org with your problem. You probably registered before but you don't remember.

     4 February 1999, 06:10 GMT

Evaluation of serious programs

I will start with an excuse for what I am saying. I am one of these borrowing people, who do not play games on the calculator. Actually I am more interested in programs, which can make my live/education easier.

I would wish that TI-Calc could concentrate a little bit more on the serious programs and a little less on the games. It could maybe inspire more people to write and post useful programs. At this time there are at list ten times more programs to the HP as to the TI.

I am missing a site for the TI like the HP has in the www.hpcalc.org. From this site the HP-users gets informations about and evaluation of the serious programs.

Maybe this is a vacuum, which could make room for a new TI site.

I am sorry if I have offended somebody.

     3 February 1999, 20:40 GMT

Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open

My Sprite Loader made it into the top 10!!! I think this is a great idea, and good incentive for programmers.

     5 February 1999, 04:03 GMT

Re: First Program of the Month voting booth now open
(Web Page)

Dude my Drug Maniac came in the top 10!!! Awesome... Be sure to check it out, Its being ported to the 82, 85, and 86...

     7 February 1999, 03:05 GMT

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