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Super Mario Quest v0.9.3 Beta released
Posted on 20 January 1999, 00:21 GMT

[Super Mario Quest Screenshot]

Don Barnes has released Super Mario Quest v0.9.3 Beta for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus, as well as the SMQ Editor v0.3 Beta for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. This new version adds fireballs, invincibility stars, the ability to slide, an optional info bar at the top, and an option password on custom level sets. Previously, the game and the level editor were included in the same archive; however now they are seperate archives.


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Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.3 Beta released

i just downloaded smq, and I've been trying to run it on Doors and PlusShell and it goes to a screen called, Load a World? then i have to enter a variable name, but i cant find any site that tells me variable names.

     16 April 1999, 03:40 GMT

hey gimme it
no way

how do i get the game

     15 May 1999, 17:54 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.3 Beta released

Has anyone noticed that control of Mario has gotten worse for v1.0. It's like if Mario is on ice. Great Game, amazing editor

     5 August 1999, 07:16 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.3 Beta released
devinw  Account Info
(Web Page)

Has anyone thought of doing a Super Mario Quest level editor for Windows 98 or DOS? I think it would be much easier to build levels on a PC, rather than looking at a tiny TI-89 screen for hours!

     14 February 2000, 00:33 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.3 Beta released
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Man, the fireballs are awesome.

     20 January 1999, 01:21 GMT


would somebody PLEASE email me and tell me somewhere that i can get lessons on how to program asm for the ti89? i have looked and looked.....and i just can't find any! i would appreciate it very much! thanks!

     27 January 1999, 02:48 GMT

Re: help?
Naram Qashat
(Web Page)

I want to know how to prog ASM on the 92+!! Everybody is talking 89 this, and 89 that, that nobody seems to talk about or make games for the 92+!! Will somebody please e-mail me lessons to prog ASM on the 92+?

     29 January 1999, 04:07 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.3 Beta released
Matt Peresie
(Web Page)

I download the last version and I thought that it was as good as it could get. Now I downloaded this new version and it is even better. I love the new options that you added. I think that the status bar at the top is a good idea. I can't wait for the next version, if you can improve on this.
Does anybody have or know of any more levels for this games. If so I would appreciate it greatly if you could send me an email of their where abouts thanks.

     20 January 1999, 01:35 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.3 Beta released

I am stunned at the quality of some of the new Ti-89 games coming out.

     20 January 1999, 01:58 GMT

Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.4 Beta released
Big Pun

It gotta little slower though. I mean when you are blasting out fireballs and there are a few characters on the screen, and exploding bricks. That kinda sucks. But it still is a good game when you turn off some of those features.

     20 January 1999, 01:58 GMT

Re: Re: Super Mario Quest v0.9.4 Beta released

True, but, the original NES had a similar speed issue with multiple animations as well. Think of it as nostalgic. :)

     25 January 1999, 00:35 GMT


Does anyone know where there are some "official" levels are...the Nintendo levels? If I could get my hands on some maps, I would be willing to make some.

     20 January 1999, 02:00 GMT

Re: Levels
Mike H.

I know you're probably not going to like this answer, but I'll guarantee you that you'll find complete level maps in _old_ Nintendo Power magazines. :-) Perhaps your local library might have some copies.

     20 January 1999, 09:19 GMT

Re: Re: Levels

Yeah, I kinda thought of that...My oldest NP is issue 20 and then jumps to 58...

I am going to go buy the original nintendo and get SMB.

I did find some screenshots of level 1-1 though.

I had it all finished, but then my calc froze when opening SMQ. >:-(

Oh well, I will keep trying, or I will have to wait for a newer version of this great game.

     20 January 1999, 14:23 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Levels
Rob Smith

if you get any screen shots, email them to me and i wil help you make the levels.

     20 January 1999, 20:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Levels
(Web Page)

For those of you telling me about ROMs, yes..I do know about them. But after using them for a few days I decided not to use them because of their leagal consequence. However, for this project, I am going to use the rom, and buy the game for $8 from the local CD shop.

btw, my "webpage" is a link to the file.

     22 January 1999, 03:42 GMT

DoorsOS and SMQ

Hey, these two are a BIG no-no. I ran SMQ once through Doors and my calc froze up like mad. When running SMQ, it also helps to have it in the MAIN folder. if it's in any other, it won't find mariolvl.str, and it's pointless to run it.
Also, can anyone make some new levels for megacar? these are kinda lame.
After running DoorsOS, it's nice to turn off the calc so as to clear available RAM. My calc froze in the Y= Editor after running Doors because of an adress error.

     28 January 1999, 03:53 GMT

Re: Re: Levels

This won't work. The very first Nintendo Power reviewed that crap knock-off Mario 2. No Mario 1 maps to be found.

     20 January 1999, 20:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Levels

Get Nintendo's Super Mario All-Stars Player's Guide. It covers Super Mario 1-3 and the Lost Levels.

     21 January 1999, 18:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Levels
Jeff Min
(Web Page)

Just for the record, SMB2 kicked ass. Also, has anyone else heard of Funcoland? They sell some used NES games for cheap. I saw a promotion for it a while ago advertising SMB for like 10 cents.

     23 January 1999, 08:37 GMT

Re: Levels

Get a NES emulator for your 'puter and find the SMB rom.

     20 January 1999, 14:43 GMT

Re: Levels
Brandon Sterner

I think I have a Nintendo Power magazine with all the levels for SMB1, SMB2, and SMB3. I think it was a special guide. I'm not sure. I'll look when I get home. I could scan these for you then send them.

     20 January 1999, 21:23 GMT

Re: Levels
Man With Answer
(Web Page)

OK, I bet you have never heard of video game emulation. My webpage has over a thousand of the old nintendo games, including Mario that you can play right on your very own computer. What it is is a rom file, thats then game, and it is ran through a program caLLED an emulator. Go to my webpage under my name and you can download the emulator and many other games. Then you can familiarise your self with all of the level maps...
-TI master-

     22 January 1999, 00:56 GMT

Re: ROMz
(Web Page)

Any "Rom site" hosted on geocities is a rom linking site. Rom linking sites are bad.

As a side note, somebody made a level editor for SMB1 nes, called "Mario Improvement"

     23 January 1999, 04:21 GMT

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