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More than 200 reviews
Posted on 4 January 1999, 01:23 GMT

There are now more than 200 reviews in our newly overhauled Reviews section. We have our (mostly) dedicated Review Staff to thank for that. At this point, reviews are fairly balanced except in the TI-85 department. We are desperately in need of someone with good English skills who can review TI-85 programs. If you think you are qualified, please consider filling out our application form. Note that you may not receive individual replies, but we do appreciate you taking the time to fill the form out. Please e-mail Kirk Meyer with any questions you have.


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Re: More than 200 reviews

I would like to do some reviewing. I have an 85, an 86, and an 89. I think I have decent English skills. I have one minor problem, I have a very old computer and no internet service. I go online at school, and I have to get my calc prgms from my friends. My physics teacher has a graphlink for his Mac that he lets me use, but I was wondering is there any way to download calc prgms and convert them so that I can link them from the Mac to the calc? If so I would download some prgms that I haven't used yet and choose one to do my sample review on.

     7 January 1999, 17:58 GMT

Re: More than 200 reviews
Nathan B.

Well, guys, I have plenty of time plus an 85 and graphlink and would love to be part of the team, I already submitted a demo review and wouldn't mind starting at any time.

     7 January 1999, 23:53 GMT

Re: More than 200 reviews
(Web Page)

Why good English skills - why not translate ticalc.org to some more languages: German, Spanish, Danish...

     19 January 1999, 22:08 GMT
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