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Happy New Year!
Posted on 1 January 1999, 01:00 GMT

Happy New Year to everyone from the staff here at ticalc.org. Hopefully 1999 will be as much of a successful year as 1998 was. We have a lot in store for the site this year, stay tuned for more details.


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Re: Happy New Year!

I doubt it'll be as eventful as '98 though. Presidential impeachment,War with Iraq... what a year!

     1 January 1999, 02:20 GMT

Re: Re: Happy New Year!
(Web Page)

War with Iraq? LoL, you call that a war?
Anyway Happy New Year

     1 January 1999, 04:01 GMT

(Web Page)

Play games on my 86 during class. Yahoo!!

     1 January 1999, 05:07 GMT

What the heck?
Peter Pietrangelo

I am writing this at 11:00 in 1998

     1 January 1999, 05:09 GMT

Re: What the heck?
Miles Raymond
(Web Page)

That may be true, but all posts are measured by GMT, and not by your time. So it is New Years. To people in Australia, this came, what, almost a day late?

-Miles Raymond

     1 January 1999, 06:43 GMT

Re: Happy New Year!
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

What a great world we live in.

     1 January 1999, 07:24 GMT

Re: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm a little buzzed right now so I apologize ahead of time for any spelling mistakes. Whoa! Three sentences w/out a mistake. I guess I'm just as good of a typist regardless of my BAC. Woo hoo! Have a safe year everyone!

     1 January 1999, 07:31 GMT

Re: Re: Happy New Year!

ALL RIGHT! Another alkie! Oh wait, it was me. Shoot. My resolution is to find someone who will help me learn 68k. Take care everyone.

     4 January 1999, 00:10 GMT

Re: Happy New Year!
TI mastah

Hmm..maybe a TI90??? Calculator w/ a 100 Mhz processor, gig of memory, stereo, ahh...and you thought the calcs are expensive now :)

     2 January 1999, 03:16 GMT

Re: Re: Happy New Year!

That would be the TI-102. :)

     2 January 1999, 04:41 GMT

on the head of a pin

yeah, and it'd fit on the head of a pin and have a little device called a VDR. (virtual retinal desplay) which sends an encoded beam of light to your retina stimulating the receptors and giving you a high quality screen that the teacher can't see. it'd have a dvd player that you could put in your backpack and a brainwave scanner. using an ultra narrow field audio stream you could watch a dvd movie with full sound and nobody would be the wiser.

and everybody would have one.

yeah, right.

but we'd sure as hell love to have one.


"new year's resolutions are made to be broken"

     2 January 1999, 20:04 GMT

Re: on the head of a pin
Patrick "Sky" Gray

The problem with the encrypted beam directly to the retina would be if the calc was caught in an infinite loop, it could burn out your eyes, also, people would start to wonder why you held your eyes so wide open and didn't blink much. Oh well.

-Patrick Gray

     2 January 1999, 22:38 GMT


i was being serious about the VRD. there is really such a thing. but your right, suddenly Mr. Glabinskie has 39 kids bug-eyed at their calcs. hooohooo! now that's hilarious!


     5 January 1999, 09:59 GMT


How about LCD encased in your glasses / contacts? (sidebar: why does everyone with a ti-calc also wear corrective lenses? has anyone else noticed this? is there some sort of "geek gene" that makes you A) get all sorts of electronic crap and B) have bad eyesight? Or is it just from squinting at the little screens? 8)) They'res plenty of unused space in your skull (mostly in the back, it's true) for a processor, and if you could somehow use actual brain cells for storage, who knows how many games you could have? course 'tho it would suck if it crashed...

     8 January 1999, 23:04 GMT

Re: Re: Happy New Year!
ti mastah

For the price of 10-12 TI's you could own your own personal laptop...a NEW ONE, just think about that one..hey, u know i am right :)

     3 January 1999, 07:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re:Ti''s and you
(Web Page)

one of these days, the word "graphing calculator" will be gone and people will just call them "palmpilots" or simply a "laptop" at the rate of technology, we may be able to go to the moon by pushing the (lift)off button! "Houston, we have a problem. My batteries are rinning low... Switching to Mario mode..."

     12 January 1999, 02:27 GMT

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