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New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Posted on 30 December 1998, 02:32 GMT

After many months of waiting, it is finally here. Texas Instruments has released the TI-Graph Link 2 v2.1 Beta 1 software for the Macintosh with TI-73, TI-86, TI-89, TI-92, and TI-92 Plus support.


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Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Big Punisher

This story isn't news worthy. Macs suck anyways. Get a real computer. All 8 Mac users out there.

     30 December 1998, 04:23 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Ben Lukens
(Web Page)

Apparently you've been living under a rock for the past 4 months... I do recall hearing something about the iMac being the #1 selling computer in November, and in the top 5 since its release... I think that requires a couple more than 8 people to achieve... But this site is about TI calculators - not Mac vs PC vs Linux - of which TI software is certainly relevant.

     30 December 1998, 04:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Big Punisher

Who cares how many were sold. I bet all but eight were returned because people accidently bought a Mac. The damn thing doesn't even come with a floppy drive.

     30 December 1998, 04:45 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Ben Lukens
(Web Page)

Again, like the thing says, "Constructive and relevant comments only". Your opinions on the quality and quantity of various computer hardware and operating systems isn't terribly relevent to a discussion on TI Graph Link software.

Now, on the topic, I really like the new software. When I borrowed my friends 86 (I have an 83), I was surprised how much better the software was. The 83 software is still version 1.0.5 and it really sucks. It's ugly and has zero drag and drop. 2.0 is just great, and 2.1 looks even better. I just hope they can add support for the 83.

     30 December 1998, 05:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released

Macs can read PC TI files with the TI-Auto Type
but does it work the other way around?

     5 January 1999, 02:49 GMT

Re: Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Chris Fleming

Maybe i'm hallucinating, but doesn't the iMac only have USB
Can you connect a TI to USB?

     30 December 1998, 05:13 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Tomás E. A. M.

You're correct, the iMac comes with a USB port. The TI Graphlink wouldn't be the only thing that would become "obsolete"... include printers too (to name one other thing). There are adapters available. Unless one makes a living recycling cans, having to buy an adapter is not a problem.

Some time ago I read that a person was collecting signatures with the idea of sending them to TI. It was a petition for TI to make USB TI Graphlink Cables. USB is the future... at least for Apple computers.

Regarding the lack of a floppy disk drive in an iMac... I can count with one hand the number of times I've used my floppy drive. 1.4 MB storage holds no water in this day and age. For less than $200 one can purchase an Imation iMac USB SuperDIsk Drive. "Use standard floppy disks and add 120MB storage!" It does the trick.

     30 December 1998, 06:09 GMT

USB Graphlink
David Phillips
(Web Page)

TI doesn't have a USB Graph Link available now, but we certainly hope they will make one in the future! A petition for a USB GL has been started and has almost 300 names on it already. If you want to see the details of it, go to the 86 Central page, at the above URL (under Websites). You can view the current people on the petition, but not their email addresses. Email me with your REAL NAME if you want your name added. Hey, if we get 1000 users on the list, I'm sure TI would make one!

A USB Graph Link will solve ALL of the problems that everyone currently has with serial ports, etc. Just plug it in, and it works...

     30 December 1998, 16:02 GMT

no halucinagenic effects

no sir, you sure as hell aren't under the effect of some halucinagenic chemical. the imac (sorry, iMac) dropped the ADB in favor of USB (smart in the long run, a pain at the moment). i believe there's some kinda proposal to ti for a USB graphLINK.

i told my friend not to get one, but nooo...

(really though, iMacs are the easiest to hack at schools, don't ask me why they just don't seem to put the protection on them)

good day.


     31 December 1998, 07:15 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Philip Seguin
(Web Page)

You know? I really hate people who enjoy flaming the Mac. Especially when they use stupidness to try and prove there point. Such as there only being 8 users on a mac? Maybe the fact that Apple has already sold over 800,000 iMacs, and for the first 128 days they were selling iMacs at the average of 1 every 15 seconds. Any other compouter do that? I think not. I think I have a good theory for PC's vs Macs. Lets look at Ants. Ants over rule humands by far. Yet, I dont think Ants are supoerior to us. Just because there are lots of Ants doesnt mean they are better. Now replace ants with PC's, and humans with Macs. Theory stays. What im trying to say, is stop acting lame and trying to make fun of the mac. Does it really do you any good? Do you really think us mac users are going to throw our mac out the window and by a PC just because some lamer posted that macs suck? No. Stop being lame, and keep your comments to yourself. Becuase no one else cares.

     8 January 1999, 00:00 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
the Wiseman

Come back online when you know what you're talking about, dude. Macs rule, man!

     9 May 1999, 00:19 GMT

Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Tomás E. A. M.

I'm using the current version of TI Graphlink (v2.1 b1) with my TI 89 and have encountered several problems. UNWANTED changes occur automatically. For example, if a program I'm working on has the command "seq("... it becomes "sequence(". By itself! Obviously, that causes an error in the program. Other commands that change are "pxlcrcl" (to pxlcircle), "‚" (to >), "ok" (to *eye),">=" (to something I can't recall right now).

I'm currently working on porting a couple of large (TI Basic) programs from the 92 to the 89... I've decided to continue using the TI Graphlink for the 92 v1.0.3 (I know 1.0.6 is out, but I find it slow.) Since the main difference is the screen-size, I limit the size of my TI 92 (screen size) to 77 by 159. I'm going to wait for the next update to use the TI Graphlink to edit my 89 programs... for now I'll edit them with my 92 and TI Graphlink v1.0.3.

     30 December 1998, 04:28 GMT

Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released


it does not work at my mac. Are there any other files needed or just the archive from the internet ?

I dont have any executable file .. why ?

thank you


     30 December 1998, 05:08 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released

Check the TI web site again. I think it has something to do with decompression.

     30 December 1998, 05:18 GMT

Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released
Ed Fry
(Web Page)

this is kinda off topic for this discussion, but I personally wish that Ti Would make their PC graphlink programs intregrated like this new mac version is. I mean, Right now I got 6 Seperate Graphlink programs on my PC, and they do pretty much the same thing this new mac version does in one program. I wouldn't care If I had to download a 2 meg file to install support for all the Ti calculators with graphlink capability. It would be worth it.

     30 December 1998, 05:30 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released

Ive got to agree. It is a pain to run different programs for each calc (i have 3 of them).

Going back to the mac vs PC... Macs sure as hell are not the future of computers. You mac users out there can decieve yourselves by thinking that your money was well spent, but those pieces of crap inside a green slab of plastic are not going to get you far. You could save a few hundred bucks and get a 1968 VW Bug that is more advanced and useful.

BAck to the link thing, Ti could get spend an hour of their time and integrate all of the programs into one, saving us multiple calc people alot of time.

     30 December 1998, 08:05 GMT

Re: Re: New TI-Graph Link software for Macintosh released

Buy a Mac: you won't lost your money, you'll have TI Graph Link Mac. Where is the problem?

     7 January 1999, 21:48 GMT

Enough with it! But I''ll do some myself!
Mark Slade
(Web Page)

Look, I know Macs are aweful!!! But, this is about TI-Graph Link software!! I don't really think the ticalc.org people like it when people get off the subject! That's what's going on too!

Example for a Mac being aweful:

I have my program highlighted and I press enter, what happens? NOTHING! User Friendly?? I think not!!!

     30 December 1998, 14:51 GMT

Off subject?!
David Phillips
(Web Page)

I don't think that ticalc.org really cares WHAT you post. You are visiting their site, you're taking the time the time to read what they have and even responded. So what if it's about Macs and not Graph Link software. How much can you say about Graph Link software, anyway? If this was really strict and ONLY about the software, there might be two comments on the whole page.

You post it, someone else replies, you reply back, you have fun, it's gone in a few days (or a week, depending on what Bryan is doing). End of story.

     30 December 1998, 16:12 GMT

Re: Off subject?!

You sure it's Bryan and not someone else, like Chris?

     31 December 1998, 07:25 GMT

Re: Off subject?!
richfiles  Account Info
(Web Page)

Enter selects the name of a file (to edit the name text). On a PC, if you accidentaly hit enter, you launch a program. We have the advantage of not having to wait for unwanted loads if our finger's slip. Command-O or double click satisfies me just fine!

As for the Graphlink software, I'm glad to see the stuff integrated into one package. I have an older version, but hearing the news, I think I'll update. I have a Power mac G3 Tower. It's 400 MHz, and it IS possible to use the Graphlink with USB. It's a nice machine. I realy hope to see a USB link. I simply use a friends Mac to update my calc. I don't even use my PC, and am infact selling it. I know I could use it, but I drive home each weekend, and my friend lives on the way. Use friends mac an hour away, or use the PC in my closet??? Mac! (:

     20 August 1999, 00:36 GMT

Re: Enough with it! But I''ll do some myself!

generally you double click to open programs.

     31 December 1998, 18:19 GMT

Re: Enough with it! But I''ll do some myself!

You could just hit command O, but then again you're a PC person so that might be an overlly comlicated task for you.

     7 January 1999, 20:14 GMT

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