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Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released
Posted on 30 December 1998, 00:50 GMT

The Doors Team has released Doors OS v0.96 Beta for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus, and also a new version of the Doors GUI, version 1.81, for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. This new version of Doors OS fixes the stability problems of the previous version and adds a few improvements.


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Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released

YES! No more crashes every five minutes! I can now use the BEST GUI again! Thanks, Mr. Vassor and the rest of the Doors team!

     30 December 1998, 02:17 GMT

Re: Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released
Big Punisher

Yeah, now it's every six minutes. Doors is great, and getting much better. But I have had to send a backup about four times in the past half hour.

     30 December 1998, 05:41 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released

Strange, I didn't notice anything wrong with v.95, and I used the thing for...possibly a few hours total, with a load of games on it. Granted, there were a couple of glitches with the home screen after leaving Phoenix, but those were handled easily by reseting the defaults... And THIS version's causing more problems. Oh well, until v.97...

     30 December 1998, 07:32 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released

Thank you Doors Team! I finally got tetris and phoenex to work on my ti-89 with the latest version of doors. :)

     30 December 1998, 03:43 GMT

Re: Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released
(Web Page)

Please excuse me if this is a stupid question, but I just got my link today, and I'm in the middle of figuring out all the stuff.

Can someone please help me by telling me how to get Tetris and the other Plusshell programs to work under doors?

:) Justin (:

     3 January 1999, 12:50 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released

Does that mean no more Plusshell kernel? (might be a stupid question)

     30 December 1998, 05:20 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released
(Web Page)

Um, why does anyone with a TI-89 or a TI-92+ even NEED Doors or PlusShell? I run my 92+ just fine with PlusShell libraries. I completely deleted the PlusShell interface once I had programmed my own Basic shell to reach both my assembler and my Basic programs. Why, why, why?

     30 December 1998, 07:48 GMT


Dear Mr. S.T.L.,

I would like to thank you for your comment on simply using the libraries. I don't know about the rest of you, but even with the massive (comparitively) amounts of memory, I'm down to 2kb free. As good as Doors and PlusShell are, I'd much rather have more free memory.

Please excuse all the capitals, but I thought I'd try it. sucks.


p.s. does anyone ever check into the ti (not ticalc) message lists? there's a guy there that knows more shit about ti calcs than anyone i know.

     30 December 1998, 10:34 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released

doors is pretty kewl. better than plusshell. but still, better can be written

     30 December 1998, 08:13 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released
Big Bang
(Web Page)

Well once I installed the Doors kernel, all my programs stopped working, and there were loads of other problems (for instance with the Home screen). So I used my backup with PlusShell (which has a better explorer and with which everything works) but I kept the Doors Explorer for Basic programs. It works fine.
So there. Can anybody tell me where I can see how much memory I have left (just total, because the 2nd Mem screen is wrong or not giving me the info I want)? And what about archiving programs? Thanks very much.

     30 December 1998, 12:25 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released

Since the TI-89/92+ has flashrom, wouldn't it be possible to copy the shell and it's libraries there and save memory?

     30 December 1998, 15:46 GMT

Re: Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released

I don't think so. As far as I know, the 89 doesn't allow code in ROM to be executed in place. You would need an OS that copied them to RAM and ran them there.

     3 January 1999, 04:53 GMT

(Web Page)

has anyone else ben having problems with the graphlink program? sometimes it works but other times it just says that connection was lost or something. then when i restart my computer it works fine for a little while.

     30 December 1998, 20:02 GMT

Re: graphlink

You aren't ALONE! It happened to me sometimes ! But don't worry, it is a beta version!!

     30 December 1998, 21:18 GMT

Re: Re: graphlink

i've had the same problem

     30 December 1998, 21:39 GMT

Re: Re: graphlink

I thought the software was out of beta (see ticalc.org news).

     30 December 1998, 21:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: graphlink

The TI-89 is still in version 2 BETA, I think. The Nov 19 version was the latest one up a few days ago, and even now, the ti.com has the download labeled as BETA.

     31 December 1998, 04:42 GMT

Re: Re: Re: graphlink

The NT software is.

     1 January 1999, 04:03 GMT

not just graphLINK

it's not just graphlink. most programs will slow down and eventually crash. i have two systems (one pc, other mac) that are up all the time. of course it takes about 10 times longer for the mac to die :-) (i don't want to start a flame war, my "main" computer's an AMD K6-2 392).

a happy christmas and a merry new year. and bless us GOD everyone.


     31 December 1998, 04:59 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released
Vigneron Philippe

Where could I get a program to view my textfile with Doors OS v0.96 Beta?

     2 January 1999, 18:03 GMT

Re: Re: Doors OS v0.96 Beta & Doors v1.81 released

What, those TXT files? Just use Notepad, Wordpad, Write, or MS Word. This assumes you use Windows, of course.

     2 January 1999, 23:49 GMT

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