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Doors OS v0.95 Beta released
Posted on 27 December 1998, 00:52 GMT

The Doors Team has released Doors OS v0.95 Beta for the TI-89 and TI-92 Plus. Here's whats new:

  • Improved Anti-Crash protection crash
  • Improved Shift-ON Combo
  • New font table addresses in DoorsOS.h
  • New handles.txt in the doc
  • New function getfreearchive in userlib
  • Improved filelib::hdltoindex
  • Improved filelib::search

The Doors Team says this should be the last beta version, as it is supposed to be "really stable now".


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Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Cool! i hope that its better, cause i just got an 89 and the doors os that i tried didnt even work. i had to use plus shell. if i did get it to work, after i exited the program, it wouldnt run again, and it would say it couldnt find libraries that were on the calc...
if anyone can help me out with that lib problem i would appreciate it... i cant play phx89 and stuff.

     27 December 1998, 01:51 GMT

Re: Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

Phoenix was written for Plusshell 0.99tr1 (the current version is 1.0a), so if you want to play it, you need to put plusshell libs on your calc.

     27 December 1998, 05:21 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

I just get my 89 too and i had this problem too, to run phx89 or other games that were originally written for older versions of PlusShell you must use the latest libs (the ones which come with PlusShell 1.0alpha) and use the convert utility which comes with PlusShell 1.0alpha to convert the program to the new format, see PlusShell.txt for more details!...

Happy new year to all of you on the TI scene!...

     27 December 1998, 09:53 GMT

The alternative

My way of doing things is:
Take the source code (asm, right?), put it in the Plusshell folder, go to the MS-DOS prompt, type call c:\ plusshell\ setps c:\ plusshell (replacing plusshell\ with the directory you have plusshell in; I had to add the spaces because of that 15-char limit), press enter, then type asm89[name of program] , not entering the extension 89z. It should go through two passes, say no errors, and create an 89z file ready to be sent to your calc. If it says any files are missing, look in the zip file the game came from and put the files needed in the plusshell folder and then try again.

I thought convert.bat was for 92+ users converting from Fargo II to Plusshell. One person posted something at dimti saying that Rusty Wagner has a convert for 89 programs on his site. Someone want to give me his URL?

     28 December 1998, 07:28 GMT

Re: The alternative

Yoo dude that's complicated? And if ya don(t have the source code? eh?
The convert utility which included with the latest version of plusShell does the following things:

Fargo2 progs -> 92+ / 89 (most likely to crash the calc)
Old PlusShell progs -> new PlusShell progs

     28 December 1998, 19:28 GMT


If you call a job of cutting and pasting complicated, you must be a really lazy person. I think the procedure I laid out is just as complicated as the other way is. (Except that I made it more complicated, that's all.)

If you don't have the source code, obviously you use the other method.

     29 December 1998, 07:09 GMT

Re: The alternative
Jeremy Mullins
(Web Page)

You're right that convert will convert Fargo II programs to Plusshell, but if you notice in the index.html in the docs directory that Plusshell installs, it mentions using convert to convert old plushell files to the new version as well. Try it, it works. I've had to convert about half the programs I've downloaded for the 89 using it. Just type "call c:\ plusshell\ setps c:\ plusshell", and then run "convert <program file name>"

     29 December 1998, 04:45 GMT

Re: Re: The alternative

You know, you could add that line to your autoexec.bat file. That way you don't have to type the line in every time you use your computer.

     30 December 1998, 05:23 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

Improved Shift-On combo? Huh?

Jimmy: "Wow you should have seen Bobby play Mortal Kombat the other day! He had Liu Kang do this awesome 'uppercut - fireball - bicycle - kick - dragon - finishing - move' combo!"

Johnny: "That's nothing! I downloaded Doors OS v0.95 Beta today and it has an improved Shift-On combo."

Jimmy: "Really? Lemme see..."

<Just kidding, Doors team. Doors rocks! Ha ha.>

     27 December 1998, 06:35 GMT

no, really

my good sir, there is no such thing as a 'uppercut - fireball - bicycle - kick - dragon - finishing - move' combo. and yes, door's rocks.

shift on means it turns off betta.

way to go guys.

(thanks Ctrl-Alt-Del for the humor ;)

     27 December 1998, 08:04 GMT

Re: Shift-On Combo
Andy D.
(Web Page)

he he.. a programmer with a sense of humor.. I like it..

     27 December 1998, 16:11 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

now... if you would just make a program to send stuff to the 92+ by using the parallel cable we would live in a perfect world.

would you make the program and include it with Doors?

     28 December 1998, 16:30 GMT

More stable? uh?

Well well...
Doors should be more stable? I had it 5 minutes on the calc and the calc crashed: "line 111 emulator ...".
This is how it happened: I was sitting in my chair,cool, playing Tetris. I wanted to put the game into pause but i didnt remind the pause key :-( So i tried to press HOME and whommps all the screen scrambled and the calc turned of... i pressed ON and, guess what, it went back on prompting for the doorspass, i thought: "Wow nice feaure", i entered the pass and the calc went back to Doors Explorer, everything was OK, but when i went out Doors explorer the calc crashed... :-(

Perhaps this problem deal only with Door Explorer and not with the kernel....

However good work guys!!

     28 December 1998, 19:44 GMT

Re: More stable? uh?
A french user of doorsOS

Before critisizing the good work made by the Doors Team, you should have had a look at tetris.asm.
It is written : " ; Doesn't quite work
Teacherkey (when you press HOME!).So doorsos wasn't the problem, it was tetris. Bonne continuation la doors team !!!

     28 December 1998, 20:13 GMT

Re: More stable? uh?

I got the same problem. Hit the "Shift On" combo. Doors came back up and when I quit every thing was fine.

     29 December 1998, 05:53 GMT

Re: More stable? uh?
Xavier VASSOR / The Doors Team
(Web Page)

Yes, you are right there was a big bug in version 0.95..
However I am currently uploading version 0.96 which fixes this bug.

     29 December 1998, 23:02 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

I just got a TI-89 and tried to run tetris with Doors .95 and it said gray4lib was not found, but I had it right in the same folder as everything else. I also tried it on plusshell and it wouldn't work. Any help would be appreciated.

     28 December 1998, 23:35 GMT

Re: Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

Tetris requires libraries that can be found in the Plusshell v0.99tr1 zip. Guess what you get to do? Make tetris so it will work with plusshell v1.0a libs. Use either of the methods described above.

     29 December 1998, 07:02 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

Okay, I tried using the convert.exe file to change tetris, but it said it couldn't find the file or something stupid. It would be nice if someone made a complete tetris version for the ti-89 that worked and didn't require plusshell. In my opinion, making games that require shells to run on a calc that has built-in asm support is pointless. Someone please make an updated version of tetris that works without making idiots like me convert files and such. Thankyou.

     30 December 1998, 00:19 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

You said it. In the meantime, just compile the (expletive deleted) source code. While you're at it, just comment out what doesn't work with a semicolon.

(foolish Joel Jordan, or whoever, just give us a sucky version of Tetris and leave open functions that screw up your calc, in addition to a 2-player mode that doesn't work, then just quit.)

     30 December 1998, 05:28 GMT

Re: Doors OS v0.95 Beta released

I tried it and it's cool, but isn't a calculator too small to be called a workstation?

     29 December 1998, 06:01 GMT

68k not workstation worthy?!

hey, watch it! what if motorola caught you talking about their processor like that. what would they say?

"it has 4 times the processing power of the other CPU's of it's time. it was developed to be used in high end workstations and servers. it was not meant to be used in the average user's machine. and if you've got one, that means you've got a workstation!"

remind you of another chip maker?

seriously though, who here doesn't (or hasn't had) a passionate (yet thoroughly sexless) fling with his 68k calc?

     29 December 1998, 07:35 GMT

Re: 68k not workstation worthy?!

It's not the MC68000. It's just that a workstation is defined as a computer that is connected to a LAN on which real work is being done. That could also include a C64.

     29 December 1998, 08:33 GMT

definition clarification

true, years ago that would be correct. however (as far as i know), the definition of workstation has changed to mean a high-powered user system (like the hp XU line or sgi system, etc).

it depends on what is means. :-)

using some of the networking schemes out there for the z80 based calcs, it would be conceivable that someone could build a workstation (using the old version of the term) system with 89/92/92+.

pretty silly though.

love peace and joy to ya'll. (especially those who state their views kindly, as for those others of you, i damn you with a 300 bps modem).


     29 December 1998, 21:39 GMT

Re: definition clarification

I'd just lay it on the street for a drunk driver to run over it. That is far better use of your time than selling it, considering that no one will buy it.

You too. I think it's a little late for Christmas...oh, I get it.

     30 December 1998, 05:31 GMT

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