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SOS v1.7 to be released soon
Posted on 21 December 1998, 06:47 GMT

Joe Wingbermuehle has announced that SOS v1.7 will be released sometime in the next couple weeks. When it is released, you can find it right here on ticalc.org.


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Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

Is Bill Nagel ever going to make mario 83?? i heard that he quite programming... completely

     21 December 1998, 07:02 GMT

Re: Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon

I am still waiting for that mario85 prog to get out of that alpha stage so i can play more than that one level.

     21 December 1998, 07:32 GMT

Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon
Dimagus Demorath

Heck I'm still waiting for him to finish working on Mario 86 (it's 0.91 now, no fireballs) and he hasn't updated his site since AUGUST. Maybe he's like...dead

     21 December 1998, 15:22 GMT

Where is Mario 8x?
Jon Johnson
(Web Page)

Why can't someone convert/port mario86 to the ti-85? or the ti-82/3? The 86 version is better than any others I've seen, but I don't have an 86 or I'd be happy with it. COME ON EVERYONE WANTS MARIO FOR ALL THE TI-8X SERIES!!!!!!

     21 December 1998, 16:17 GMT

Re: Where is Mario 8x?
(Web Page)

Nobody can port it because only Bill Nagel has the source code and he won't give it out, and no one else really has the programming skills to make a game as good as Mario86. According to his site, he will be making an 83 version.. hopefully.

     21 December 1998, 17:41 GMT

Re: Re: Where is Mario 8x?
Jon Johnson
(Web Page)

Why doesn't Bill port it the the Ti-85 * Ti-82 Then? Does he think he's to good to give other calcs some better games?

     21 December 1998, 18:06 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Where is Mario 8x?
Sam Heald

Doubtful. Listen to a porting expert :)
86->85 isn't that hard normally, but with the compression, external levels, on-calc level editor, conversion utility (basically everything to do with the VAT) required, this would be a very difficult 86->85 port to say the least. For the 82/83, even more so, because along with the VAT, you have to factor in a different display controller and a different screen size.

Bill Nagel already said that the more people who ask him to port it the less likely he will. So please pray silently that he will do it. And if he doesn't, it probably won't ever be done. The only other known 82/83 programmer, who has all the PC and TI knowledge required to make a port of this magnitude, is Florent Dhordain, and he's probably too busy.

     22 December 1998, 05:26 GMT

Programming Sidescrollers
David Phillips
(Web Page)

I disagree with that. The lack of side scrollers and other big asm games isn't lack of ability, knowledge or experience by assembly programmers. It's the lack of time/desire to complete a game.

It takes a really long time to get good enough to program a side scroller, and actually writting it would take a good 3 to 6 months, working several hours a day, and most programmers don't spend that much time at it.

     22 December 1998, 00:47 GMT

Re: Where is Mario 8x?

Keep in mind that memory issues on those calcs prevent a port--unless Mario is less than 25K.

     22 December 1998, 00:57 GMT

Re: Where is Mario 8x?

Hey guys i've got nice idea for you: do you know the game SQRXZ??? Why not only chenge the graphics and some power ups and whommps there is a mario!... What do you think of that ?...

Hey Joe good work!...

     27 December 1998, 14:43 GMT

Re: Re: Where is Mario 8x?

But--but--it just won't be the same as Mario! (sob)

No kidding, Sqrxz sucks! That's the plain, naked, unexposed truth.

     28 December 1998, 08:02 GMT

Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon
(Web Page)

Hey Joe what all will SOS 1.7 include? Will it have delete options, hidden programs? Or what? Email me with what it will include will ya.

     21 December 1998, 17:37 GMT

Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon

Hey Joe, what have ya do with my SOS starter??...

     21 December 1998, 19:12 GMT

Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon
Sam Heald

Please say that this version will have all the neccessary set/res commands for runnning ASM programs. Having to add set/res 1,(iy+13), call clrtxtmem, and others to 82->83 ports is annoying.

     22 December 1998, 05:13 GMT

83 convertion to 86

Does anyone have a program that converts ti 83 games into ti 86...If you do could you email me and tell me where you got it...thanx...

     22 December 1998, 21:54 GMT

Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon

I am just starting to learn asm I have been working with c++ for awhile now. And it seems alot of others are at similar leves. We can do moderately complicated things but not a side scoler or a arow key gui on a calc. But my idea is if we could get ahold of the sorce we could put two and two together. The point is I think it would be really nice to combine Aruora's interface with ashell or sos.

     28 December 1998, 00:20 GMT

Re: Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon

Aurora = icons + mouse + graphics = stupid memory waste!
What would be great is a program that compresses other progs and uncompress them to run them that would really rock!...

     28 December 1998, 19:22 GMT

Re: SOS v1.7 to be released soon

I just went to Joe W. homepage!!!! And do you know what??? SOS release will be delayed!! Joe's hard drive died :-< RIP :-<
SOS is the best shell for the 83! Go on Joe! Why don't you program something like Winblows 83? No just kidding... That's stupid!

     28 December 1998, 19:58 GMT

Bill Nagel...

How the HELL did Bill Nagel learn to program so well? I'm just learning and can't seem to do anything!

I sure hope he releases Mario 83 soon but he's probably dead.

If anyone knows his e-mail or UIN# let me know!!

     22 March 1999, 03:39 GMT

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