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Translation service announced
Posted on 20 November 1998, 06:33 GMT

Aaron King is offering to translate documentation files from French into English at no charge for French programmers who have difficulty doing this. If you are interested, send him an e-mail.


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Re: Translation service announced
Justin Karneges
(Web Page)

If you don't feel like bugging him, you could always use the Altavista translator. =) Of course, the output probably wouldn't be as good.
Try it out. I was looking at ticalc.org in Spanish with it:

You can specify a URL and Altavista will translate a site, or you can just type/paste your own text into the box and it will translate just that.

-Justin Karneges [Infiniti]

     20 November 1998, 12:11 GMT

Re: Translation service announced
(Web Page)

That's really great for us !
Thanks !

     20 November 1998, 17:05 GMT

Re: Translation service announced
(Web Page)

And if you want to translate your documentation files from English to Danish (Yes I'm from Denmark) - then I could do so.... :)
***This msg. in Danish:
Hvis hvis du gerne vil have oversat en dokumentationsfil fra GB til DK kan jeg da lige gøre det... men siden du kan læse dette er det nok ikke nødvendigt! :)


     20 November 1998, 21:01 GMT

Re: Translation service announced
Patrick Wilson


Altavista has free translation services. Not only French to English and vice-versa, but also spanish and german. It's pretty darned fast too.

     20 November 1998, 22:28 GMT

Re: Re: Translation service announced
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

Hate to break it to you folks but the Altavista translator sucks. If you know another language, try translating something into English (or your native language) and see what it says. It's usually quite amusing :)

     21 November 1998, 01:40 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Translation service announced

What's REALLY fun is typing someting in English, translating it into say, French, then translating that same message back to English. You can get some pretty crazy sentences.

To French:

Ce qui est VRAIMENT l'amusement tape someting en anglais, le traduisant en parole, Français, traduisant alors que le même message de nouveau à l'anglais. Vous pouvez obtenir quelques jolies phrases folles.

Back to English:

What is REALLY the recreation types English someting, translating it into word, French, translating whereas the same message again with English. You can obtain some pretty insane sentences.

     21 November 1998, 05:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Translation service announced
Alan Kwan

You know, if you didn't type the way you talk, it might work better. :)


     15 December 1998, 06:52 GMT

Re: Translation service announced
Aaron King

I have tried the translation service provided by AltaVista, but have found it does not translate accurately translate French, especially when it comes to gender-specific items. I figured the best thing to do is have a human do it, since we can take words out of context better.


     21 November 1998, 02:24 GMT

Re: Translation service announced
James Rubingh
(Web Page)

I am Black seriously. and i was wondering if anyone could translate "normal people" english into ebonix (black english vernacular) for me. =)

     21 November 1998, 02:24 GMT

Re: Re: Translation service announced
Annonymous for a good reason.

I dunno ho. I might have to pop a cap in that ass if ya aint carefull!

     21 November 1998, 03:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Translation service announced
Anonymous as well

Word. Got to reprazent, foo!

     21 November 1998, 06:20 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Translation service announced

yeah...i can just see you two white dudes with your pocket protectors trying to talk like a black person....its actually pretty funny when you think about it.

     22 November 1998, 05:24 GMT

Hmm... >:-(

This is not related, but I'd like to make a comment to Somewhere... I know I couldn't send a mail to anyone at the ticalc.org staff, because they wouldn't respond or do anything about this fora few months, so I'll post it here, maybe someone will see it... My comment is: THE SITE SEARCH ENGINE AT 'TICALC.ORG' SUCKS!!! I let it run for about 3 hours, and got No F***ing Response!!! :\ Dammit, this has changed my whole disposition about this TI site, even though I've been a loyal visitor and contributor for over a year now. Hmm, lets see if the TI-FILES has a Site Search Engine (Even though I know it will do me no good because I want to search through the mail archives) but I think Im going to go there right about now... =P

     22 November 1998, 01:08 GMT

Re: Hmm... >:-(

hells yeah.....i just try to search the archives and it takes days.....there is almost always a timeout error.
Here's an idea for you who are trying to search for a program: login to ftp.ticalc.org and download the whole directory of your calc, and when its done, search for *.zip in windows, and use a program like Norton Multiunzip to unzip all the files. Next time you need a program, just go to start, find, select the directory that you downloaded em into, and select search in text, and search for something like "conic", and it will find it fast, and list all the possibile programs that may do what you are looking for. Like if you want the pythagorean theorom, you aren't going to find it in a stand-along program, but as a part of a program something like AlgTools.86p. If you are looking for those kinds of things, ticalc's search engine is worthless anyways (even if it did work).
i dont know about this....just a thought.

     22 November 1998, 05:32 GMT

Re: Re: Hmm... >:-(
The Pissed Off Dude (formally ?)

Hmm, yup thats just a thought. Youre talking about searching throught the Archives though, I want to find past discussion about a particular subject in the mailing archives, but no such luck... My incredible anger has calmed down now, since earlier, after this Search Engine pissed the hell out of me. It still continues not to work, though... :\ I hope that 'ticalc.org' doesnt sit back and go "well, go let that due go screw himself, he doesnt have to come here if he doesnt want to..." but I wish that they would take into consideration about fixing their Search system, or overhauling the whole thing, and sign up to another internet company, who has a better software handler for a webpage search... =P

     22 November 1998, 09:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Hmm... >:-(

You can also use a program like Teleport Pro to download the whole Ticalc.org site...and then search on your own computer. A 486??? Damn....does anyone have an old pentium that they can donate?? But for a 486, (except for the search),this site runs pretty good.

     22 November 1998, 22:01 GMT

Re: Re: Hmm... >:-(

Why use Norton Multiunzip?
I just type pkunzip *.zip (at least in DOS)

     24 November 1998, 21:37 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Hmm... >:-(

oh....never knew that. but i dont like to use dos progs. And what if the files are in C:\86\, and there are a whole bunch of subdirectories in there. In windows, you can do a Find for *.zip and copy or cut all the results, then paste it into one directory then run whatever prog u want. I don't think you can do this in dos...can you?

     25 November 1998, 23:51 GMT

Re: Hmm... >:-(

Sorry about this, guys. Let me make sure you're aware of a couple of things first:

- Our server is a modest 486 and handles a boatload of HTTP and FTP requests, serves up SQL queries from several large databases, and processes tons of miscellaneous scripts around the clock that allow us to offer all of the features we do.
- In particular, after having no luck with several freely available search engines that we looked into, our search engine is homebrewed and is neither very fast under our system load nor completely stable.

As such, when the search engine is functional, it can take a while to return its results (but not 3 hours), and when it has died, it may hang indefinitely as you described. I'd say if you don't get a page back after 5 minutes, send email to webmaster@ticalc.org and let us know that the search engine may be down.

We will continue to look at some other possibilities for this. If anyone can recommend a flexible (free) unix-based web search engine, please drop me a line.

     22 November 1998, 09:53 GMT

Re: Translation service announced
Matthieu Boyer

Hey guys, I am French (I know no one's perfect :)). I do read English but that's not the case for much french people. I think it would be really great for them that some of the articles on this site would be translated because they're many TI users in France and they'd surely be interested by this site. Although I might not have enough time, I offer trying to translate some. E-Mail me at matboyer@club-internet.fr if you're interested.

     25 November 1998, 12:28 GMT

How about English to French? :)
Alan Kwan

I have a history report coming up (like in 3 days), and I get 'extra credit' if the report is done in all French (instead of English).

I checked the altavista thing, and I'd like to have that as my last alternative.

If anyone can do such (I imagine if you can do French2English, it should be easier vice versa, but thats b/c I speak english. hehe :)


     15 December 1998, 06:45 GMT

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