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TI releases TI-89 Flash ROM for download
Posted on 31 October 1998, 01:19 GMT

Texas Instruments has released the TI-89 Flash ROM for download. This is the initial release, version 1.0, which is already included in your TI-89 (if you purchased one).


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Re: TI releases TI-89 Flash ROM for download

Can the ROM on the calculator somehow be accidentally deleted? That might be why TI posted the flash.

     2 November 1998, 06:45 GMT

Re: Re: TI releases TI-89 Flash ROM for download

Actually, it might be possible not to /delete/ the rom but to block access to it. *thoughtful look* On the -92, when you're in the "about" screen, hitting "r" will lock the calculator into factory-testing mode, i.e. keystrokes are not processed beyond the sensors and only input from the RS-232 port is accepted. NOT the link port, mind. I haven't done it myself yet, but I wonder if resetting the batteries even would put it back to normal...it might not. Obviously, the sarcastic point is made that ROM cannot be deleted, hence r//O//m, but it just mihgt be possible to prevent the calculator from seeing it...hmm. Also, what abou tthe possbilities for emulation? You wouldn't have to have an 89, I /think/ you could just grab the ROM from TI and use that. Well, I'm off to try it.

     2 November 1998, 19:27 GMT

Re: TI releases TI-89 Flash ROM for download
Miles Raymond
(Web Page)

About all the ROM version discussion: Has any of you actually tried the flash upgrade? When I did, the version 1.01 build 13 appeared on the calc's screen. But when I went to F1 About, it displayed ROM version 1.00 on the date: 7/27/98. Has anyone done this and gotten different results?

-Miles Raymond

     3 November 1998, 15:46 GMT

Re: Re: TI releases TI-89 Flash ROM for download

the program on the computer said "version 1.00" july 27 1998, and the calculator screen said "Boot 1.04 build 13"

     6 November 1998, 03:19 GMT
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