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Alliance IRC meetings
Posted on 20 October 1998, 05:29 GMT

Another IRC meeting to discuss a possible TI Calculator Programming Alliance (TCPA) is scheduled for Saturday, 24 October 1998 at 19:00 GMT (3:00 p.m. EDT). It will be held in channel #tcpa on EFNet.

Last week's meeting was not very productive because only a few people showed up due to some problems on IRC. Those problems have been resolved and hopefully Saturday's meeting will go more smoothly.


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Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Aaron K.

Yay! First comment! Let's hope this meeting goes better than the last one.


     20 October 1998, 05:35 GMT

Re: Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Anonymous Coward

> First comment!

Wow, this is turning into Slashdot

     20 October 1998, 06:08 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Jeff Min
(Web Page)

What's Slashdot? /. /. /.

     21 October 1998, 05:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Alliance IRC meetings
anonymous coward

go to www.slashdot.org and witness the horror

     21 October 1998, 14:31 GMT

Re: Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Anonymous Coward Jr.

So, does that mean that you caught this immediatly as this news article was posted? I guess you check this site like every 2 minutes for something new... Well, looks like ya beat us all here! Good Job! :) Rather pointless comment, but were you at the last meeting though? =P

     21 October 1998, 07:13 GMT

Dante Okaru

I went to the last meeting, and I was kicked because I said I was an Afro-Japanese Jew. I am tired of this harrasment, and I hope it will not happen again!

     21 October 1998, 22:43 GMT

Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Joe Blow


     20 October 1998, 06:05 GMT

Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Miles Raymond
(Web Page)

Yeah it's on a week-end!!!
Doh!! It's on a week-end I'm out of town!

They didn't even explain why they had IRC problems last time...

-Miles Raymond

     20 October 1998, 09:06 GMT

Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Ken R

I cant make it to these meetings who can i mail about joining the TCPA?

     20 October 1998, 11:14 GMT

Re: Alliance IRC meetings
(Web Page)

What exactly goes on at the Alliance IRC meetings? What's the purpose of them? Talk about upcoming programs? What?

     20 October 1998, 20:02 GMT

Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Tim Anderson

If you have any questions about the TCPA you can email me. I am involved with member realtions @ TCPA. I am alsoa rep. for them. Please feel free to email me about beta testing and programming.


     20 October 1998, 22:37 GMT

Re: Alliance IRC meetings
jake B
(Web Page)

This is highley off topic but does anybody know of a good 86 ASM lesson? I've scoured the 83 lessons but now I need to get some 86 specs. Or do you know of a better place to ask this? I've tried the TI site and it's not that friendly just for ppl w/ ASM experiance

     21 October 1998, 01:54 GMT

Re: Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Jason K.

You could join ticalc's 83 or 86 mailing lists, and watch what happens for a while, or you can be a brave newbie, and risk getting flamed... =P Try asking about 'em there, I dont know where the 86 tutorials are though...

     21 October 1998, 04:23 GMT

86 Central
David Phillips
(Web Page)

86 Central has alot about all aspects of programming the TI-86 in assembly. I'm working constantly working on it, and there will be more about game programming in the future.

     21 October 1998, 05:18 GMT

Re: 86 Central
Jake B
(Web Page)

Tanx! I took a loot @ it and it seems real neat! I'll link to it on my club!

     22 October 1998, 01:58 GMT

Re: Alliance IRC meetings
(Web Page)

What time is this in Cuba?(also what central time is it?)

     21 October 1998, 02:43 GMT

Re: Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

I think Cuba is in the eastern time zone, so that would be 15:00. Central time would be 14:00.

     24 October 1998, 03:11 GMT

Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Jean Canazzi
(Web Page)

So, it will be 19:00 GMT...
Could someone tell me what time it will be in FRANCE ?

     23 October 1998, 12:34 GMT

Re: Re: Alliance IRC meetings
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Since Paris is GMT+01:00, I'd guess it'll be 20:00. However, if your on daylight savings time, then it'll be at 21:00 I think.

     24 October 1998, 03:09 GMT

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