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Ahmed El-Helw joins staff
Posted on 5 October 1998, 06:05 GMT

Ahmed El-Helw is the newest member of the ticalc.org staff. He will be in charge of the new Program Ideas and Upcoming Programs sections. You can read more about Ahmed on the Staff page.


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Re: Ahmed El-Helw joins staff

considering a certain staff member often makes fun of ahmed, i find this interesting.. hehehehehe

     5 October 1998, 06:31 GMT

Re: Ahmed El-Helw joins staff
(Web Page)

Why isn't there a picture of Ahmed on the staff page??

     5 October 1998, 12:43 GMT

Re: Re: Ahmed El-Helw joins staff

Talking of pictures, maybe staff should have voice intros... e.g. a GSM compressed voice file saying whatever they want, too?? :)

     5 October 1998, 14:58 GMT

Re: Ahmed El-Helw joins staff

Good job Ahmed!

Let me know when the new sections are up. I have a few things to post to the new sections.

     5 October 1998, 20:56 GMT

Re: Re: Ahmed El-Helw joins staff

The new sections are already up. Just click on the links in the article.

     5 October 1998, 21:11 GMT

Ahmed El-Helw joins staff
(Web Page)

I think that is great that he joined the staff! But why dosn't he post the sorce files to his games?!?!?

     6 October 1998, 02:46 GMT

Addition for the PUDs (or whatever you call it)
A Guy Looking to Help

WHy not add a comment section like this one to the PUDS section? That way the people can give the programmer advice, or in the case of Brix...ask the programmer not to waste his time....cause the game doesn't look like a winner....but whatever...ya know?

     6 October 1998, 16:58 GMT

Re: Ahmed El-Helw joins staff
Mystery ASMER

The ASM icon is here and he will unleash crown of darkness the final version and I know him personally and he is working on a parody prelude to the game called Crown of Lightness


     11 October 1998, 22:59 GMT

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