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TI-92 linking software for Linux
Posted on 4 October 1998, 00:40 GMT

Emmanuel Beffara has released Trans92 v1.0 for Linux, linking software for the TI-92 and the TI-Graph Link cable. This is only the second linking program that has been released for Linux (the first being xlink85) and hopefully not the last.


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Re: TI-92 linking software for Linux


I think a full linux toolset is exactly what we need, and this is a good start.

-- Justin

     4 October 1998, 01:47 GMT

Re: Re: TI-92 linking software for Linux
Mark Driggs

Redhat Rules!!!!!! Linux NOW! Penguins are cool!

     5 October 1998, 04:59 GMT

Nathan Cassano

Right on! We have needed more TI software for Linux (exspecially for developement). We'll have to get it adapted to the TI-89 when it's possible.

     5 October 1998, 09:07 GMT

Byron Clark

Actually, this program should work for sending to the ti-89. If you look at documentation on the link protocols, it seems that TI has used 0x89 to represent the ti-92 (ti-85 = 0x85; ti-82 = 0x82; ...). Therefore, the protocol should be the same, the only difference will be that you may have to change the filenames from *.89? to *.92?
If you have a ti-89 could you give this a try and then respond.

     6 October 1998, 00:39 GMT

Re: TI-92 linking software for Linux

why doesn't someone do something for the 86?
i'm going to go insane if something doesn't come
out soon.. :>
think the ti-92 stuff could be easily ported?

     7 October 1998, 04:15 GMT

Re: Re: TI-92 linking software for Linux
Byron Clark

Amazingly, just today I released xlink 1.2. As of version 1.2 it supports the parallel, connect85, and graphlink cables. Although this is written for use with an 85, I did all the testing for it with an 86 because I do not have an 85. Within a couple of days, I should have a program out (ulink86) that transfers to the 86 using a graphlink cable. If I can hold off on the schoolwork, I should have a version out that does some stuff by this weekend (It does receive screenshots right now because that is the easiest feature to implement).

     7 October 1998, 05:03 GMT

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