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Little Dude 2 ported to the TI-85
Posted on 28 September 1998, 02:08 GMT

Chris Edwards has posted Little Dude 2 to the TI-85. Chris may port Little Dude 1 also if there is demand for it. However, there won't be TI-86 versions of either one because of the program size limit.

Chris is planning to make Little Dude 3 for all four Z80 TI-8x calculators and it will feature an on-calc level editor. More information on this game will be released later.


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Re: Little Dude 2 ported to the TI-85
Ian Graf

the reason a ti-86 asm game can't be larger than ~10k is that it uses a paged memory system. the processor can only address 64k, and the first 32k is reserved for the rom. the other 32k is sliced in half, and i think each half can be switched to provide 90k (or whatever the hell it is). that means that no asm program could span more than one memory page.

     29 September 1998, 04:46 GMT

Re: Little Dude 2 ported to the TI-85
MERCK Geoffrey

This haven't nothing to do with LD2 but i was wondering if someone is in the process to hack the 73 in order to run assembly. This could be a great ASM adventure like it was on the 85...

     29 September 1998, 20:09 GMT

Re: Re: Little Dude 2 ported to the TI-85

On a slightly un-realated subject... The 73 has the same screen, processor, and memory as the 83. So what is preventing this middle school calculator from surpassing the 80, 82, and 83? I am sure assembly support is their, but just hasen't been found yet, similar to the 82 a year or two ago. After all, it is a Z80 processor.

     2 October 1998, 02:42 GMT

Re: Little Dude 2 ported to the TI-85
George Edwards

I am the programmers brother. Hi Chris. I enjoy the game, and I get a sneak peak at the games in development! Ha Ha.

     30 September 1998, 04:39 GMT

Re: Little Dude 2 ported to the TI-85

Just out of curiosity, what type of game is Little Dude.....Platform.....Eight-Direection.....?

     1 October 1998, 14:31 GMT

Re: Re: Little Dude 2 ported to the TI-85
Chris Weasel Edwards

The Little Dude games have an overhead view, and you can move in four directions.

     2 October 1998, 06:03 GMT
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