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Preview of Brix
Posted on 21 September 1998, 05:09 GMT

[Brix Screenshot]
Ahmed El-Helw is currently developing Brix for the TI-86. This game is much like Vexed, except it will add features such as lava, fire, elevators, cracked bricks, and more. The game itself is pretty much done and all Ahmed needs to add is more levels. Look for it soon.


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Re: Preview of Brix
me (or somebody like me)

cool. will a level editor be included?

     21 September 1998, 05:17 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Brix
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

I guess its probable.. I didn't really have it in mind because I think making levels for a game like that is tough.. but I'll see.. It'll have enough levels to keep you busy for a while.. I am probably going to put the Vexed levels in with my levels that I am getting from Epic's Computer Game.

     21 September 1998, 13:00 GMT

Re: Preview of Brix

will there be the ability to go past levels that you just can't beat.
Like the plus and minus button thing

     21 September 1998, 13:27 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Brix
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

Should be able to do that.

     21 September 1998, 22:03 GMT

Re: Preview of Brix

Alright! I've played Brix on my computer and it's awesome!

Will it be ported to the TI83?

     21 September 1998, 20:02 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Brix
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

Well, I'll see when I finish the 86 version. If I port to the 83, I'll port to the 82 as well..

     22 September 1998, 04:41 GMT

I think having Grayscale is more fun!!

I am wonder how people can make grayscale on Calculator???
I have TI-83, 86, and 89. and I am currently working on a (around) 120 K game (Casino) for TI-89, and I really want to know how to make grayscale!

Please give me a response on it!

     21 September 1998, 21:14 GMT

Re: I think having Grayscale is more fun!!

That's a bit off topic, but... you can't use grayscale graphics in a BASIC game, but I don't know about using true libraries. I only know how to do grayscale for the 86 because I only have an 86.

     21 September 1998, 21:54 GMT

Re: I think having Grayscale is more fun!!

I always though greyscale was just displaying some areas of the screen as black, and then changing it back to white quikly and repeating this. A good example is maze 3d for teh 86. The wall textures flicker a lot. Using this theory, It is possible to make greyscalle text in basic with an output and repeat command, but it sucks because it's kind iof slow.

     27 September 1998, 20:36 GMT

Re: Re: I think having Grayscale is more fun!!

AFAIK grayscale changes the contrast quickly.

     27 September 1998, 23:56 GMT

Re: Preview of Brix
please port

i know it prob wont be any better than any of the other ports but if u have time will u port it to the 83

     21 September 1998, 22:55 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Brix
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

Hrmph.. You don't like my 83 ports?
I am sure 99% of the people out there at least have one of my ports on their 83 :) If nothing else, at least ZTetris :) Of course I owe thanks to J. Mardell and of course Sam Heald.. but nevertheless, it may be ported... I'll have to see when I finish the 86 version.

     22 September 1998, 04:36 GMT

Re: Preview of Brix
Jeff Min
(Web Page)

Very off topic, but will anything ever be made for the 89? I just got mine yesterday and am still quite amazed. But the lack of programs really sucks. What is necessary for ASM programming to take off for the 89? Is it a lack of a shell or what? Or did TI not give out any ASM info or something?

     22 September 1998, 00:12 GMT

Re: TI-89 Assembly
me (or someone like me)

ti did not release any info, but there are several assembly programs in the works.(and one - nibbles already completed: http://www.ticalc.org/pub/89/asm/games/nibbles.zip)there are also beta versions of two shells, and various test & demo programs. it will take a while for any major assembly projects to get done without the documentation, so just be patient.

     22 September 1998, 19:49 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Brix
Andrew Marks

A shell is not needed for assembly as the 89 has built in assembly support, but it takes time for people to get used to 89 assembly (especially is they never owned a 92 and are used to the Z80) and for people to make programs.

     23 September 1998, 20:56 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Brix

hey... the 89 just came out.. what, like a month ago? and you expect there to be tons of games for you to play?? heeh!

     27 September 1998, 21:43 GMT

Re: Preview of Brix
Person Who Has A TI-86 (I Think)

Will BRIX have Grayscale?

     22 September 1998, 01:18 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Brix
Ahmed El-Helw
(Web Page)

Possibly.. SCaBBy suggested it.. he may help me out with it.. I'll have to see when I finish the rest of the game..

     22 September 1998, 04:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Preview of Brix

i just gotta say, no need for all the grey scale in games. doesn't it make the game a little bigger, and why? you don't need it. it is just cool. well i just wanted to tell ahmed(or however you spell it) good job being cool and watching this space and answering everyones questions so far. and i just wanna say about scabby that he is cool as heck, and when is the new repton coming out?!?!?!?!

     24 September 1998, 16:25 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Brix
Andrew Kaplan

Have you ever played vertigo? Well it's a great game. Try playing it without grayscale. That would be interesting. Grayscale does help in situations where it can make other stuff easier to see.

     25 September 1998, 03:05 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Preview of Brix

no. im not saying never use grey scale. it is a very amazing feature on a calculator. but in games like vertigo there would be no way to play it in black and white. but thats cause of the angle and everything. looking at the screen shot of this game it looks like just a normal puzzle game (i never played the computer version) and grey scale would just be (in my view) a waste of memory.

     25 September 1998, 18:59 GMT

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