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Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
Posted on 18 September 1998, 22:17 GMT

The Doors Team is currently developing Doors OS, a shell for the TI-89. It will include features such as:

  • Library management
  • BSS management
  • Advanced "Anti-Crash" system
A set of libraries will also be released and will cover such things as graphics, grayscale, line drawing, putsprite functions, file operation functions, password functions, and other common functions. A beta version will be available on this site in about two days.


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Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell

How can you be making the shell when no asm info has been released?

     19 September 1998, 02:03 GMT

Re: Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
Will Shaver
(Web Page)

The same way that the shell was created for the TI-95 and the TI-92 a lot of hard work, and a little bit of hackin'.

     19 September 1998, 02:26 GMT

Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
Brian Bock

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd like to see happen on the 89 what happened on the 86 -- one can use shells interchangeably. Don't start a shell wars on the 89 already! It has built in ASM, so try and use it!

I hope others agree with me that having a shell wars would do nothing but divide and impede the production of games for the 89.

     19 September 1998, 04:22 GMT

Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
(Web Page)

I agree with this ti-89 shell war stuff, and also, it wqould be great if it came with emulation (wheather on calc or computer converter) for programs from other calculators

     19 September 1998, 05:12 GMT

Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
M. P.
(Web Page)

COME ON! There is no wars between shells! There is no shell needed on the TI89 and TI92 plus!!!! Only what we call a COMPILER! Okay ? Since these calculators has built-in asm, programs has just to be compiled, and then, they can run themselves, without any shell like in the other calculators okay ? So shells are not useful, the compiler they provide is the ONLY useful stuff! So stop to talk about shell wars...it's beside the point.

     19 September 1998, 10:28 GMT

Re: Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell

no, shells are very useful and convienent and easy to use. windows 3.1 was a shell(gui) for dos. think how hard it would have been to type in all those dos commands just to do one simple thing, instead of double clicking and you're there. also, shells help keep your calc or comp more organized.

     19 September 1998, 14:08 GMT

Re: Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell

What about shells that emulate other calculators? I think that's justified. If a shell makes things easier to use, it's worth it.

     19 September 1998, 19:01 GMT

Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell

Instead of making lots of compiler on the computer you should make one on the CALC!!!!: I want to makes lots of programs, but the computer isn't pratical for me: I haven't got lots of time to spend at home(there is my computer), but I've got some free times at school, and I think it would be great to make an on-calc compiler for the 89,92+,and perhaps on 92,92II... I should make it if know how to... and if I have a little bit more free time...

     19 September 1998, 15:54 GMT

Re: Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
C.Couffignal from doorsteam

Sorry, I think a compiler on the calc would be very hard to program: convert a68k.exe on the calc is... But ...

     20 September 1998, 20:49 GMT

Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell

How about writing some tutorials on programming in asm on the 89 while you make this Shell? Or just post some helpful things you find out.

     19 September 1998, 18:16 GMT

Just Another Copy

Well I am the creater of windows 2000 and they clamed I copyed this shell even though mine was done even before this was ever posted and they used so graphic languange to tell me not to do any more work on my program. Well it would more look like they have copyed my shell because I have released scouce to a few people for ports and It was on this page saying I was making it even before they thought of the idea or the calculator was out they were making it for.

They are Con artists!!!


     19 September 1998, 20:28 GMT

Re: Just Another Copy

Please brush up on your English before you post.

     19 September 1998, 20:52 GMT

Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
Mike Smeen

First off: there will be no shell wars. This is different from the ti-83, designing programs for a specific shell is just dumb. The ti-89 shells are just going to be BROWSERS with some extra features, just like fargo.

Secondly, before any of you even think about making a shell (like door os, win2000, etc), try and make your damn shell nice and NEAT, as we do not need a heavy gui.

A simple inequality: features > looks
Reply if you agree/disagree and why.

     20 September 1998, 00:04 GMT

Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
(Web Page)

Will this shell be able to run TI-85 games, that run under USGARD?

     22 September 1998, 02:44 GMT

Re: Doors Team to Make TI-89 Shell
(Web Page)

It's very good news that good software will be made for TI 89!!!!
I'm waiting for your stuff boys!!!!!!!
bye, a (french) TI fan , Julien

     23 September 1998, 10:48 GMT

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