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PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Posted on 18 September 1998, 22:05 GMT

Rusty Wagner has released PlusShell v0.99 Test Release 1 with TI-89 support, thus making it the first shell for the TI-89. This version is only intended for the TI-89, however it still works on the TI-92 Plus. Here are the new features:

  • Modified source code format. The old format will still be compatible.
  • Same screen structure as the TI-92 Plus. The lower right part of the screen is just cut off on the TI-89.
  • A converter which will allow the execution of Fargo II programs.
  • Crash protection in the browser. This is disabled in this test release.
  • All known bugs with the browser have been fixed.
  • Full support for BSS sections.
Note that the libraries in this test release will not work with the TI-92 Plus version of PlusShell. This will be fixed in the final version. Also, old programs will not run on the TI-89.


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Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support

why would the crash protection be turned off??

     18 September 1998, 23:16 GMT

Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support

Because it's beta heh

     18 September 1998, 23:33 GMT

Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support

When do you think we can expect to see some games for it on the 89?

     18 September 1998, 23:59 GMT

Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Jeff Min
(Web Page)

I'm guessing once the 89 becomes a little more mainstream (i.e. becomes available in regular stores). Does anyone know where to get it besides the internet and small discount electronic stores? I've checked OfficeMax and a few others, and I heard a while ago that not even Staples (who's supposed to have it) has it.

     19 September 1998, 00:04 GMT

Re: Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support

I got mine at Staples and they've sold out twice near me, but I've also heard that some don't carry it. The one near me didn't have the TI-86 when it first came out but they do have the TI-89. I put mine on hold there so I would be promised one.

     19 September 1998, 00:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Shane Burgess

I went to a brand new Staples near my house in Phoenix, Az and I found that they have the TI-89 but I did not ask about its availability in stock. I'm hoping that Wal-Mart or K-Mary get them within the next couple of weeks. Or TI by some chance decides to have a contest giving 500 away for prizes in a Contest or Sweepstakes.(which I highly doubt). That would probably be the only way I could get one now, unless I can sell some stuff of mine.

     19 September 1998, 02:34 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Nick Davis

I can't find the '89 ANYWHERE in my city (Tulsa, OK). I've checked Wal-Mart, Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy, Circuit City, Ultimate Electronics, Service Merchandise, and a few others. Also, it seems as if none of them have any record of a shipment of TI-89s. Most of the salespeople just stare at me with lack of comprehension when I ask about it. There isn't a Staples in Tulsa, so no chance there. If anyone has some information on possible sites that might carry the '89, please let me know. Strange thing, though....Tulsa has ~300,000 souls...so it's like a major city. One would think he could find an 89 somewhere in the city.

     19 September 1998, 11:55 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Daniel Plaisted

You can order a TI-89 for $133 from www.calculatorsinc.com

I don't know if they charge extra for shipping...

     19 September 1998, 13:46 GMT

Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
John David Ratliff

I just ported Nibbles from the TI-92 to the TI-89, go download it!

The time for 89 Asm games is NOW!

BTW: If anyone is interesed, heres the information on the arrow keys thing. For some reason, the TI-92 and the TI-89 have their keycodes swapped as to left-right and up-down. This means that left(92)=up(89) (vice-versa too), right(92)=down(89) (vice-versa too)

As such, the PlusShell should be using up and down, but it doesn't. I changed my shell to make it use both up/down and left/right.

If anyone wants the modified version of the shell, they can get it from ftp://ftp.lilac.net/pub/ticalc/ti89/pshell89.zip

     24 September 1998, 03:43 GMT

Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support

Does anyone else think you should push up and down to move up and down the menu's? Being able to set the keys yourself would be neat. I also would like to be able to turn it off from in the shell, but thats not important right now.

     19 September 1998, 00:14 GMT

Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Ferris Bueller

Not to make you sound like an idiot or anything, but the "up" and "down" keys are named that for a reason you know

     19 September 1998, 00:42 GMT

Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

I was wondering this too. Why [left] and [right] keys to move through the list rather than [up] and [down]? On the TI-92+ and TI-92 (FARGO) it is up and down... is this a bug in the program or was it intentional?

     19 September 1998, 04:41 GMT

Who Cares ?
M. P.
(Web Page)

Who cares about Up/Down keys or Right/Left ??? On the TI92 Plus you don't need any shell to run a program, so on the TI89 it must be the seem. You just have to type the name and press enter.

     19 September 1998, 10:31 GMT

Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Mike Smeen

One question: we will be able to run Fargo II programs on our 89 with +shell? I don't think it's possible because of the screen size differences, maybe it's just cause i'm slow :)

     19 September 1998, 02:01 GMT

Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
Adam Berlinsky-Schine
(Web Page)

This version doesn't, and I think it is highly unlikely that it will ever, because of the screen sizes. However, I doubt it would be very hard to port a TI-92+ ASM game to TI-89.

     19 September 1998, 04:46 GMT

Convert to TI89
M. P.
(Web Page)

I think it's the matter of the programmer...if he decides to make a game for the TI92 and the TI89 he will have to make 2 times the sprites and program two different routines for the screen. If he really wants to it's quite possible.

     19 September 1998, 10:35 GMT

Re: Convert to TI89

hey, convert a program for another screen size is easy if the program don't really need the weirdos ti92's screen ratio (many games will run, i think, better on 160*100 screen, except games with full-screen and no scrolling boards (i hope you understand my angliche).

     19 September 1998, 16:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: PlusShell Adds TI-89 Support
John David Ratliff

That's not true. The PlusShell 0.99 will run fargo II programs, you just have to run convert on them. Sometimes, they work better if you reassemble the source code then transfer them. Nibbles-92 and Tetris-92 worked on my 89, I just couldn't see the display correctly.

BTW: The TI-92/TI-89 has the same video memory so the screen size won't cause any lock up problems, you just won't be able to see the lower right half of the screen.
The last 28 y pixels are cut and the right most 80 x pixels are cut off.

     24 September 1998, 03:48 GMT

I''ve got a home made parrallel link
(Web Page)

and i like to know if there is a software to transfer TI89 programs with that cable ?

     19 September 1998, 19:57 GMT

TI-89 ASM prgm format

I am very familiar with the TI-86 ASM format, in which you simply do the asm( thing.

1. Now with my TI-89, is it the same thing?

2. Do you need to run ASM progs through a shell, such as on the TI-82/85?

3. Also, I'm unfamiliar with the library thing. Are libraries intended for the programmers to share common code? If so, does that imply that a shell is required?

Please share your wealth of knowledge with me.

     20 September 1998, 00:11 GMT

Re: TI-89 ASM prgm format
Mike Belchak

1. No Just type name() just like a basic prog.
2. No. see #1
3. I think that it would be a real service of the 89 programers to not make there programs shell exclusive. The shells can be there own progams that are only browsers. The libraries can cover the same things as a shell. And the shells are not required to run a program any way. This way I don't need to waste space with a browser that I don't even need.

     21 September 1998, 23:54 GMT

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