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Elements v2.3 Released
Posted on 16 September 1998, 07:09 GMT

[Elements Screenshot]
Andrew Hockman has released Elements v2.3 for Usgard and Elements v2.3 for TI-86 ASM. Each comes with English, French, and German versions. New in this version are elements 111 and 112, named elements 105-109, a few bug fixes, and electron shell configurations for the TI-85 version. This program is a must if you are in any chemistry class.


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Re: Elements v2.3 Released
(Web Page)

May I suggest a few things?
1) Glad to hear of electron configurations. (I haven't actually tried the program yet.) Are the "oddities" of the transistion metals accurately reflected there?
2) More precision in atomic masses! :-D That's always a good thing.
3) Ever consider a brief description of each element? Yes, yes, it would consume space. But, say, "metal with highest melting point" for tungsten could be useful for some. Or, "completely useless metal" for francium.
4) Now, for the really esoteric idea: how about an ISOTOPES table? Yes, a behemoth program that would have masses for every isotope of every element. :-D Yup, terribly esoteric.

Anyways, great to see a new sci. program!

     16 September 1998, 07:29 GMT

Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Released
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

I made a ti-basic program that produces a spectrascopic ion configuration, based on an atomic number. I can send it over if you/anyone wants.
With the logic given from this program, you can easily output information such as: 1) valence electrons 2) lewis electron dot 3) molecular geometry

     16 September 1998, 08:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Released
(Web Page)

<<based on an atomic number>>
Mmm hrm. Then I would guess that it doesn't take into account the unsual fillings of the transition elements. Unless you explicitly programmed the exceptions in. :-D

     18 September 1998, 02:46 GMT

Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Released

i got nothing much to say. im not even in chemistry i am in oceanography but i just wanted to add an idea about what the last person said. i think that instead of the programmer writing in the description, you could possibly have a place to enter your own descriptions. this may make it a little easier for each kid to use it. thanks. late

     16 September 1998, 19:01 GMT

Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Released
Nathan Ernst

Yes, the "oddities" of the transition metals ARE accurately protrayed. That's one of the first things I looked at when I first got the old version with the shells on my calc.

     16 September 1998, 23:18 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released
ayman ibrahim

is this program ti92 compatible...? if it is, please let me know... thanks...


     16 September 1998, 09:52 GMT

Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Released
Nathan Ernst

Nope, check the 92/assembly/science archives for a periodic table, or maybe the basic archives, but I've never seen a good periodic table programmed in BASIC.

     16 September 1998, 23:11 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released

Does the TI-86 version have shell configurations?

     16 September 1998, 17:05 GMT

Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Released
Andrew Hockman

Note: The 86 has had shell configurations for a while. The 85 is just getting it.

     16 September 1998, 19:00 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released

What happened to element number 110? The article says 104-109 have been updated and 111-112 have been added. I really don't care, it just seems odd.

     16 September 1998, 17:13 GMT

Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Released
Nathan Ernst

#110 is in Version 2.21 (the previous version), just no changes (i.e. no name) have been made. 111 & 112 were not in 2.21, and the author just added them.

     16 September 1998, 23:14 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released
Greg Rupp
(Web Page)

I've been waiting for this program for a while. You had my hopes up when you first mentioned that you where working on it!

     16 September 1998, 23:14 GMT

Good Job
Nathan Ernst

May I just take the opportunity to tell Andrew Hockman good job. His Elements program is the best periodic table I have seen on any of the calculators. Again: Good Job.

     16 September 1998, 23:15 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released

Like the last person who posted, I just want to commend Andrew Hockman for his excellent periodic table program. With the great search capabilities it has proven to be an excellent utility for chemistry. Again, thank you for writing such a great program.

     16 September 1998, 23:27 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released

here's a suggestion: How about adding the oxidation numbers for each atom?

     17 September 1998, 00:36 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released
(Web Page)

If anyone wants to make this for the Ti-89 i will pay 20.00$ and make you art! :)

     17 September 1998, 01:42 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released

I'd just like to say "thank you" to the author for such an excellent Periodic Table program -- the best I have seen on any calculator platform.

I use this program routinely in Chemistry, when I first got it (dunno, I've had it for a while) I was skeptical of the accuracy of the data, but it proved itself to me time and time again -- and I've foregone those blasted paper periodic tables in lieu of this wonderful -- search capable -- program.

I have noticed one discrepancy, not just on the calculator. I have several periodic tables, and among them, the weight of Fluorine (F - #9) is given differently -- either as 18.998 or 18.988.
I was wondering if anyone has ever noticed this,
or has any info on it?

Anyway, thanks for a wonderful program.

     17 September 1998, 02:22 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released

Its good to see a new science program.
but it would be better to see its run demands.

     17 September 1998, 17:32 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released
Steve Herrin

Just so that everyone knows, the TI-86 version needs to be run from a shell other than the one included with the calc, otherwise the electron shells will screw up.

Steve Herrin

     17 September 1998, 22:23 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released

Maybe it should include the most common ions. Its good to see more science programs being released.

     18 September 1998, 23:07 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Released

Is there a version of this program for the TI83?
It sounds like a wonderful aid to any chem. student. I would love to be able to offer it to my chem. classes. Please respond with an email please.

     21 September 1998, 22:52 GMT

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