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Picross v1.1 Released
Posted on 13 September 1998, 20:58 GMT

[Picross Screenshot]
Andreas Ess has released Picross v1.1 for Usgard. Sam Heald has also ported Picross v1.1 to Ash. Some bugs have been fixed in the TI-82 version, and both versions now consist of 100 levels.


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Re: Picross v1.1 Released
Daren Ho
(Web Page)

Dang, that's a lot of levels! Something confuses me though, how do you play picross? I've heard of the orginal.

P.S. Visit my website!

     16 September 1998, 05:58 GMT

Re: Re: Picross v1.1 Released
Sam Heald

Picross is basically a paint by numbers puzzle game. You control a mouse cursor with the arrow keys and paint/unpaint a square with the 2nd button. There is a vertical and horzontal number display. Suppose the horizontal number display says 3. That means there are 3 connected squares in that row that need to be painted. If it says 1 1 1 1, that means there are 4 non-connected squares in that row. The vertical number display works the same way.
It would be easy except there is a timer. The timer is typically 50-60 seconds per 8 x 8 level and 80-200 seconds per 16 x 16 level. For each time you pick the wrong square 5 seconds is deducted from your time.
Hope that helps. Its kind of hard to explain, but easy once you get the hang of it.
The original game was called "Mario's Picross" for Gameboy, but none of the levels are shared.

     16 September 1998, 20:53 GMT

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