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Stats Skyrocket to Weekly Record
Posted on 6 September 1998, 02:01 GMT

This site amassed 817,560 requests during the week of 30 August 1998, making it the busiest week in ticalc.org history. This has set a pace which will likely break the monthy record of 2,768,240 requests set back in September 1997. Check out the Web Server Statistics page for a more detailed listing of our stats.


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Re: Stats Skyrocket to Weekly Record
(Web Page)

WOW! Impressive! Let's hope ticalc.org keeps these stats up!

     6 September 1998, 02:31 GMT

Re: Stats Skyrocket to Weekly Record

Very nice, I have found myself coming to your site a lot more since we have been able to respond to articles, and see other people's responses. Keep up the good work!

     6 September 1998, 05:58 GMT

Re: Re: Stats Skyrocket to Weekly Record

I agree...the articles and comments keep me coming back to ticalc everyday. Hearing other people's thoughts give us a sense of community, which we need to develope bigger, greater projects in the future. We all need to get together as STL suggested a few days ago in group projects, and ticalc's support of this would increase their popularity even more.

     6 September 1998, 06:13 GMT

Re: news comments system

That's exactly what we were aiming for with the news system. Thanks for participating.


     7 September 1998, 04:41 GMT

Re: Stats Skyrocket to Weekly Record
David Phillips

I check ticalc.org at least once a day to see the new news in the calculator world. I never would have known the 89 assembly list was started or the 89 was released without the news messages.

I also love to see what new programs are being made or have just been released. These news blurbs are great!

     6 September 1998, 23:36 GMT

Why don''t we have advertisements?
Nathan Cassano

Think how we could expand ticalc.org if we had advertisements. If you get the right advertisers it's not a distraction (like www.TI.com and others). It would be a way for the ticalc users to support their favorite site.

     7 September 1998, 09:54 GMT

Re: Why don''t we have advertisements?
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

The problem is that there aren't enough TI sites out there willing to pay for advertisements. And I doubt TI.COM would advertise on our site. :) Plus, the site looks very nice without annoying ads.

     7 September 1998, 20:31 GMT

Re: Stats Skyrocket to Weekly Record
Kyle Bruck

I'm sorry, I'll stop accessing the page 5 times a
day b/c I am so bored I just hit all my bookmarks over and over. =P


     8 September 1998, 03:10 GMT

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