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BoulderDash v1.0 for Ash Released
Posted on 3 September 1998, 00:41 GMT

[BoulderDash Screenshot]
Sam Heald released BoulderDash v1.0 for Ash. This is a port of the TI-86 version. A few little bugs have been fixed since the initial release, so make sure you have the latest version. Expect a TI-83 port by Ahmed El-Helw soon.


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Re: BoulderDash v1.0 for Ash Released

Just so people know: When you press ALPHA in BoulderDash 82, the game pauses and you view all of the game stats including time left, diamonds collected/needed, score, and cave number.
I don't think I made this very clear in the included document.

     3 September 1998, 04:13 GMT

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