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Cymbol v0.1 Released
Posted on 1 September 1998, 01:49 GMT

[Cymbol Screenshot]
Kirk Meyer's response to the recent discussion about the lack of assembly math programs is the release of Cymbol v0.1 for the TI-86. This is a unique program that is very customizable. It supports applets and you only need to load the ones you need on your calculator. Three applets are included in this version: Quadratic Formula, Square Root Reducer, and Logarithms with Bases. Kirk will soon release the applet format so others can write their own applets.


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Re: Cymbol v0.1 Released

Nice Program,

I have to say this would come in useful in Geometry this year for me....Are you at all planning a Port to the TI-83 Calc? If so when and can i have a copy of it?

Peace out,

     2 September 1998, 02:05 GMT

Re: Cymbol v0.1 Released

very good, very smart, Kirk Meyer,

not only is writing asm math programs useful for everyone, it also increases your popularity as a programmer tremendously!

I can't believe nobody thought of it until now.

good luck with your programs!

     2 September 1998, 03:27 GMT

Re: Cymbol v0.1 Released
Cameron McCormack

I trust your program's good (I haven't got a TI-86 myself).

Of course, the ultimate maths program for the calculator would be complete symbolic manipulation (...shock horror... ), just like the TI-92 or something. I know that on the lower class calculators there isn't nearly as much RAM as there is ROM in the TI-92, but a simple manipulation program couldn't be that hard.
Just the features of Derive or something like that would be good. (I'm not saying we want a fully-fledged version of Maple V for the TI-82, mind you.)

Anyway, good work on bringing maths to the asm scene.

     2 September 1998, 06:58 GMT

Re: Cymbol v0.1 Released

is there any way you could release an 85 version soon?

     2 September 1998, 23:10 GMT

Re: Cymbol v0.1 Released
James Marshall

This is a really neat program. Having the applets
is a great idea for extending the functionality of
the program. I can't wait to see what new ones
people come up with. A question though, how are
we going to find the applets in the archives?
Will there be a new directory for them kind of
like game levels have their own directories?

     4 September 1998, 19:23 GMT

Re: Re: Cymbol v0.1 Released
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Depends on the number of applets I get. If I get a lot, I'll probably create a directory somewhere for them.

     5 September 1998, 00:36 GMT
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