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Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year
Posted on 30 August 1998, 02:14 GMT

This site amassed 641,677 requests this past week, making it the 5th highest week ever and the highest week since September 1997. This is also 39% higher than the same time period last year. We expect the stats to jump even higher in the next few weeks, maybe even breaking the week record of 708,561 requests, as the busiest season of the year continues. Check out the Web Server Statistics page for a more in-depth look at the stats.

We would also like to thank our many loyal users who help keep this site #1.


The comments below are written by ticalc.org visitors. Their views are not necessarily those of ticalc.org, and ticalc.org takes no responsibility for their content.

Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year
(Web Page)

Hmm...I find this odd..the TI-Files goes down and ticalc.org gets record visits...personally, i think this proves that the Files is attracting the LARGE majority of the people, and they're down so people have to come to ticalc.org for stuff. Well, for you people like me, while the TI-Files is down DJacKaL has a mirror site, which is up about 60% of the time, at http://b60414.cwru.edu/ti-philes/

     30 August 1998, 04:10 GMT

Re: Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year
Dan Englender

A few things, the first of which is the bit under guidelines that says: "Constructive and relevant comments only; no flames. Especially no posts relating to web site competition". Ya really should read these kinds of things before posting. Moreover, arguing between the two sites is completely pointless. Isn't the point of the two pages to serve the ti community. You could be working to help the community instead of constantly accusing various people (and sites) of various things. Go write a program, or make a page, or do something productive, instead of arguing and fighting.

Thanks (and sorry for being a bit harsh),


     30 August 1998, 04:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year

Nothing against you Dan...but what is the point of a comment board if you can't comment? It is really funny how Ticalc's hits shoot up as the Files go down. I'm willing to beat that the same happened when Ticalc's little connection thingy crashed.

     30 August 1998, 23:54 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year
Dan Englender

yes, the point of the comment board is the comment. The ticalc staff, however, runs the comment board and has the right to restrict what is posted in it. They say no web site competition related posts, then who are we to argue. The point of the boards are to post constructive comments about the topic at hand. We all have heard the website competition bit (which is quite silly btw) many too many times, and are quite sick of it. We don't want to hear, or do we even care, which site is "better" and who "stole" from who. We've heard both sides, and we still don't care. We'll go to whichever site we please, and there's nothing you can do about it but shutup and make improve your site.

Wheee...that was fun,

     3 September 1998, 03:38 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year

I was a loyal user to ti-philes. I got real pissed off when it and it's "mirror" went down. Well, they're back up so we can go back to philes.... but do we want to? i've really gotten used to ticalc.org and ticalc updates its files constantly, ti-philes only a day. I do agree with the right to say whatever you want in comment, and i do agree that it is for the ti community. Two sites may stir a little compitition and that is always better than a monopoly :) (except in OSes)

     1 September 1998, 02:28 GMT

Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year

ummm... get a life worryrock, you obsessed ti-files psychopathic moron. Ticalc.org r00l5 j00r a55.

     30 August 1998, 04:19 GMT

Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year
The Wanderer

OK, there's only one way to settle this debate... when the files regular site comes up, have a one week battle... see which site gets teh most visits in one week.... that would work!

     30 August 1998, 04:50 GMT

Re: Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year

Listen carefully: NO COMMENTS about web site competition, please. If you get something out of this site, visit it as often as you like. If you get something out of other TI sites, visit them, too. We aren't interested in getting hits for the sake of egos, but we do use them as an indication of how well we're accomplishing our goals.

Besides, as far as I know, other sites don't use the same web stats methods we use, so it wouldn't be a fair comparison.


     30 August 1998, 23:57 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year
another Chris

chris... just let them comment. don't bother getting involved... just ignore them

     1 September 1998, 02:30 GMT

Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year
Dr. Sbaitso

I'd just like to say congrats and kudos to all who've brought the site to such amazing heights...and keep it up! Who says volunteers can't reach such a high level? :)

     30 August 1998, 06:00 GMT

Re: Stats Skyrocket, Best Week in a Year
Micah Gibson
(Web Page)

I'd just like to point out that if you scroll through the Web Server Stats, which I found VERY interesting :P , you'll notice that the three main files accessed, besides the web pages and pictures, are assembly shells, the mario games, and the tetris games. I thought it kind of funny (but not THAT funny) that one of the most popular games is still Tetris. In the case of mario nad tetris, maybe it's because a lot of us grew up with it....

     30 August 1998, 06:11 GMT

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