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Elements v2.3 Coming Soon
Posted on 29 August 1998, 00:43 GMT

For those who read the news about Periodic Table v2.0 for the TI-83 and have a TI-85 or TI-86, we have some good news for you. Andrew Hockman, the author of Elements v2.0 for Usgard and Elements v2.21 for the TI-86, is working on an update for both programs -- Elements v2.3. This update will include updated names for newer elements as well as adding element 111.


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Less Memory?

Is there a chance that the program will be any smaller?

     29 August 1998, 02:35 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Coming Soon
Joseph Geiss

you know their are 118+ elements right?
goto http://www.shef.ac.uk/chemistry/web-elements/index-fr.html

its a very good periodic table you can find info on most of the element and a lot of other stuff

     29 August 1998, 13:57 GMT

Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Coming Soon

Actually, there are only 112 confirmed elements. Elements 113-118 have yet to be officially created, even though they already have names.

     29 August 1998, 18:11 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Elements v2.3 Coming Soon
Dmitriy Aronov

...And only 109 of those have official names.

     30 August 1998, 01:04 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Coming Soon
Andrew Hockman

The new version will include elements up to 112.
(And yes, it will be smaller... but only about
100 bytes.)

     1 September 1998, 06:05 GMT

Re: Elements v2.3 Coming Soon

I was wondering if you ever plan to put the valency for each atom in your Elements program sometime in the near future. I think this would increase the usefulness of the program a lot. (Bad english, I know...)

     2 September 1998, 19:00 GMT

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