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Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Posted on 27 August 1998, 18:37 GMT

Matthew Shepcar, the author of Rascall and Vertigo for the TI-86, is starting to develop Descent 86, however it may turn into a Doom/Quake style game when he gets done. Matt will probably release the game engine for use in other 3D games and may even port the game to the TI-82, TI-83, and TI-85 if the workspace requirements are not too high. This engine will not use grayscale or texture mapping. All surfaces will be flat white polygons with simple outlines to make the game smooth and playable. Some of the original Descent levels (or cut down versions of them) will be included in the game. There is no set release date, but when Matt has something ready he will release a small preview version.


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Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
(Web Page)

First Rascall, which is my #1 shell, then Vertigo, I love Vertigo, now Descent. I really can't wait to see this game. But I think Matthew should include grayscale and texture mapping. I have played Maze-3D and it has grayscale and texture-mapping and it is fast enough for me. I can't imagine how fast this will be. I just can't wait.

     27 August 1998, 18:58 GMT

Re: Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Matthew Shepcar

The reason I am not implementing texture mapping is because an engine such as this would require true perspective correct mapping (ideally). Maze3D and Daedalus are simple ray-casting games and the texture mapper merely fills vertical columns of pixels which can be done quickly enough on a Z80. That just wouldn't work in Descent.. I considered flat shading the polygons with greys but even this would be too slow with the complex 3D rotation and clipping necessary in an environment with the full 6 degrees of freedom.

     27 August 1998, 19:52 GMT

How to make pseudo textures work
Nathan Cassano

Instead of having flat polygons you should use line maps. Have a list of 2d lines that are like textures. After you draw the wall then draw the line map on the wall scaled to fit it 3d.

     28 August 1998, 07:08 GMT

Re: Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86

This relates to maze-3d, where did you get the beta!!!!!! I want it badly. Pleaze email it to me!!!!!!!!

     9 September 1998, 04:37 GMT

Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86

I love this new idea..., but i thought that Bomberbloke was the current project... is it dead or not... If so could you atleast release the beta, since it is looking even better than mario 86, 4 player is an awesome feature... please continue work or atleast release what is cureently done... I am just wondering... I think that descent is an awesome, game is it going to have third party level support, and multiplayer, or anyother features like that???? Could we get some screen shots???

     27 August 1998, 21:55 GMT

Re: Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86

Yeah, What happened to Bomerbloke? I was looking forward to that! Finish it soon or at least release a beta version until you finish it.

     27 August 1998, 22:45 GMT

Re: Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Matthew Shepcar

Bomberbloke is still under development and I will release it sometime in September as I said I would. However, I prefer to have a few projects going at once because working on the same thing all the time gets a bit boring after a while. :) And Descent will *definitely* have support for multiplayer as well as some form of level editor.. ideally I want to write a converter which takes Descent level files and puts them in 86S files ready for the game to use! :)

     27 August 1998, 23:13 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Leon Pierre

Any possibility for some kind of sound output?
Do you have a home page also?

     28 August 1998, 00:10 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Curtiss Howard
(Web Page)

Do you have any idea how large the Descent levels are? They're a lot bigger than 98k, I'll tell you that. You'll need to make your own levels, because you're never going to convert Descent levels to anything that will ever fit on the calculator.

     29 August 1998, 18:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Matthew Shepcar

Hehe yes, the levels are large in the original game, you're right. :) However, my level format is completely different and very highly packed indeed.. I should be able to fit the levels in there somehow. I won't know how small I can make them until I actually write the level converter though.

     29 August 1998, 20:22 GMT

Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86

Please port it to the 82!!!

     27 August 1998, 22:42 GMT

Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Stephen Airy

Please also port to the 92plus if possible...

     27 August 1998, 22:57 GMT

Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

Go Scabby! I'm sure that Descent will be fantastic like any of the other programs you've written in the past. Just make sure that speed and gameplay are more important than flashy graphics.

     27 August 1998, 23:23 GMT

Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86

Sounds awesome.

Perhaps consider a 83 port...

     28 August 1998, 03:29 GMT

Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86

What your creating sounds pretty cool. Could you give me some info on your background. I am considering starting 86 programming, I do c++ . What programing languages do you know, and how hard is it to learn asm? Thanks.

     28 August 1998, 04:13 GMT

Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86

i think an 82 port would be cool but it would prolly take up all the mem. also it would be slow on the 82 anyway plus no greyscale and smaller levels because of memory problems. it would be cool but wouldnt be worth it

     28 August 1998, 04:58 GMT

Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86

I think it is great. go for it. and whenever it comes out, will you let me be a beta tester?

     28 August 1998, 23:15 GMT

Re: Matthew Shepcar Starts Descent 86
Scott Glover

I think this is a really cool idea for a game! If you want I'll make you a really cool title pic and I'll help beta test it. Also if you want I will help you program it (I am very experienced in assembly). Please e-mail me with what you want me to do.

     29 August 1998, 07:38 GMT

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