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Mario92 v1.0 Released
Posted on 27 August 1998, 18:25 GMT

[Mario92 Screenshot]
Thomas Corvazier has just released Mario92 v1.0 for Fargo II. This game is very well written and features smooth scrolling, jumping, enemies, and a shutdown option. However, the game is quite large at 20K. Future versions should include a map editor, more levels and monsters, powerups, and the ability for Mario to swim.


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Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released
Daren Ho
(Web Page)

Because I'm planning to but an 89, I hope this game will be compatible with 89's along with all the other programs for the 92.

     27 August 1998, 23:52 GMT

Re: Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

It will probably need to be converted a little because of the different screen sizes, different keyboard layout, and the fact that there is no Fargo for the TI-89 yet.

     28 August 1998, 00:43 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released
Killbat, Conqueror of Worlds

The TI89 (as far as I know) will not require Fargo, it will be just like the TI92+, with assembly support built in. You would have to first adapt it to the Plus's ROM, then tweak it for the 89's package. Maybe someone could write a library that scans the 89's keyboard, but returns TI92 keycodes? Maybe that's not such a good idea.

     29 August 1998, 00:09 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released
Florent Vernhes

I only want to know if a Mario 92's TI-92 plus version is planned and when it will appear ?

     31 August 1998, 21:23 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released (bug)
Nature Leseul
(Web Page)

After Mario stomps an enemy, the Magic Barrier in the sky doesn't seem to kick in. Mario rockets off the top of the screen, generating an Address Error and freezing the calc.

     28 August 1998, 03:42 GMT

Re: Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released (bug)
Thomas Corvazier

I am the author of mario92 : I know this bug and i try to correct it (for this time, i don't know the exact origin of this bug).

     28 August 1998, 13:15 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released

I'm starting to really want a Fargo update for the 92+. That, and a 92+ graphlink for the Mac. This is so annoying, seeing all these assembly games I want(Asteroids, Bomberman, Mario92, that new 3d game) and having plenty of memory for them but not being able to get any of them.
When will the waiting end???

     28 August 1998, 03:49 GMT

Fargo updated for the TI92 Plus
M. P.

Read the news...Fargo for Ti92 Plus already exists, its name is "Plusshell", but obviously you need to compile the program again with plusshell and make a few changes like the screen adress and the number of the handles.
SO first of all you need the source of the program...I'm really disappointed because of the lack of Ti92Plus version of programs when It's so easy to convert the program to the TI92Plus with Plusshell.

     28 August 1998, 21:39 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released: a bug on ti92 II
christian Foucher

the screen is split verticaly, but i suceed to play.
Ennemies are too fast.

     28 August 1998, 15:53 GMT

Re: Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released: a bug on ti92 II
Thomas Corvazier

Compatibility with ti92 II is now OK . I sent an email yersterday to the webmaster of ticalc to change the file mario92.zip in the archive but it is not change yet. If you want a compatibility version of mario92 for ti92 II, please go to http://www.mygale.org/04/tom68000/mario92/mario92.zip (the screen isn't split).

     28 August 1998, 20:03 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released: a bug on ti92 II
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

I just updated the file. If you want to update a file in the archive, just submit it as if it were new (but with the same name as the old one) and I'll make sure it gets updated.

     29 August 1998, 00:32 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released

The graphics on the game are great. It has a few problems tho.

-It crashed my calculator. My brother was using it at the time, so I didn't see what exactly he did, but I got an address error.

-You should speed up the scrolling. The 68000 should have plenty of power to scroll the screen. If nothing else, perhaps you should have the screen scroll several pixels at a time instead of just one. I don't think this would change gameplay but it would keep the game from slowing down.

-Mario needs to be redrawn if he is directly under a block and he jumps. Right now he just stands there with his fist up.

-Of course, I'd love to see breaking blocks, fireballs, big Mario, secret blocks, breaking blocks, etc.

Keep up the good work.

     28 August 1998, 20:23 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released

On the subject of why there wasn't much for the ti-92+ yet, I think its because not many people have one. I myself have a 92 but have not yet purchased the plus module. Also when I do, lets show all these people that the 92+ is whats up and the 83 will never replace the 92+ so to speak. It annoys me how many people awaite the 89 like its better than the 92+ and i refuse to say it is. I think that they will realize that the 92+ is better when there is no attemp to make fargo for the 89.

     28 August 1998, 22:15 GMT

Re: Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released
John Bellinger

Why would the 89 replace the 92+? the whole point of the 89 is that the 92+ is a great calculator, but unfortunately you cannot use it on ANYTHING worth taking... No AP tests, no SATs, etc. The whole purpose of the 89 is someone at TI smartly sat down and said... "hmmmm, the 92 is a great calculator, but wouldnt it be great if it were actually useful?" Owning a 92 actually puts the user at a disadvantage because they have to learn a second calculator to take the tests that count. Your comment about fargo is just as ignorant. Gee, people should see that the 85 is better than the 92 because no one has ever written Usgard or Zshell for 92...

     30 August 1998, 06:56 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released

Imario also available for the TI-85? If not it should be.

     30 August 1998, 02:08 GMT

Re: Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released

Yes it is.

     18 September 1998, 02:00 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released

I would like to know why there are are no reasonable games on the TI-83.

     18 September 1998, 01:53 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released

I think the game is pretty good but I would like to see some stuff like mario going down pipes and swimming.

     18 September 1998, 01:58 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released
Junior is my name

Uh it is cool how you make these types of this, but how lond does it take you you low life sun of a gun witht too much time on your hands, bastard
Have a nice day

     27 November 1998, 20:49 GMT

Re: Mario92 v1.0 Released

sorry about that previous letter, my other person in my head _what the hell_ sorry again, it just temporarily happens.

     27 November 1998, 20:54 GMT

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