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Posted on 26 August 1998, 18:48 GMT

[ICONAURORA Screenshot]
"HackNiN" is currently developing the first on-calc Aurora icon editor. This version will be for the TI-86 but porters are wanted, just e-mail "HackNiN" for the source code. A windows version will be made later in either VB5 or C++. "HackNiN" needs beta testers for both programs and someone to create a logo for them. ICONAUROARA will be released soon after the logo is completed.

"HackNiN" is also working on a new GUI called Windows 2000, due to be released in about a month.


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Re: Preview of ICONAURORA
(Web Page)

HackNiN needs someone to help him with Windows 2000. If you are interested, e-mail me.

     27 August 1998, 23:27 GMT

Re: Preview of ICONAURORA
Roberto Young
(Web Page)

I would like to congratulate HackNiN because Bill Nagel lied about where to find AURORA ICONS. SO kudos for making them. When it comes out...I will get it. I also will get WINDOWS 2000. If and when they come out... tell me. Or if you know where to find the icon, e-mail me.

     9 January 1999, 01:49 GMT

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