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Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects
Posted on 26 August 1998, 01:59 GMT

Kirk Meyer recently announced on the Assembly-86 mailing list that he was stopping work on most of his current programming projects and concentrating on practical and mathematical programs. Reasons he cited were disgust for people playing games during class and his goal of working for Texas Instruments one day. Kirk has now changed his mind, due to a flood of e-mail and Matt Johnson's persuasive arguments, and will continue to work on most of his projects, however progress will be slower. Today Kirk released Monopoly v0.74 Beta and System Monitor v0.1, both for the TI-86.


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Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects
The Great aArdvark!
(Web Page)

I say it was all just a publicity stunt.

     26 August 1998, 03:23 GMT

Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects

I think that he did the right thing to stay. I play my calc after a test or quiz. I would never play it during, for instance, a lecture. If I missed something, I wouldn't know it for tests, therefore, getting bad grades. If somebody is using it during a lecture, they either know the stuff really good or are always getting low scores.

     26 August 1998, 03:34 GMT

Re: Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects

good point, if people don't want to pay attention then they deserve to fail, unless of course they already know the stuff thats being lectured about.

     12 December 1998, 05:37 GMT

Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects
M. P.

I think that all the games in a calculator are not really a lot of fun, since TI calculators are not enough powerful, and don't have enough memory for graphics stuff. It's cool to play at one or two games but that's all.
Look at the math assembly directory, there is always NOTHING. That means that assembly is not used to make useful program. It's a shame, we could make a lot of useful stuff, and it don't have always to have something to do with math, we could make phonebooks, useful thing! Look at the Hp48 calculator, there is games on it, but there is also very usefull programs, and math programs (that enhance the mathematic symbolic system: you can compute symbolic integrals, and much more, there is a kind of "pretty print" add-on...a program like excel...) we could enhance the power of our calculator making really useful tools, this means not wasting too much time on games...and do things for what the calculator was made. (if you want to make games, program on a PC! And it will be useful because maybe you will be able to work on games as your job. But if you say to someone that you made games on a calculator he will laugh at you and not hire you to make games on a PC)

     26 August 1998, 09:33 GMT

Re: Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects

STOP to talk and leave me to play !
Yes, the games on a PC are very good, fast...BUT A PC COST 1000$ !!!!!!!...and not a TI...
Moreover, games on a PC cost money and do you pay what on this page ?...

     26 August 1998, 12:51 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects

*chuckle* Read my Cheap Computing article.... perhaps a TI *can* be a PC. (I swear, I'm not biased!)
Anyways, I agree that games are WAAAAAY too prevalent. Cool math programs MUST be released. Perhaps I'll U/L my programs.

     27 August 1998, 02:59 GMT

Re: Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects

I agree that more practical programs should be produced for the TI calculators. There are a lot of cool games, but they are all inevitably limited. It would be nice to see more programs designed for math/physics/engineering instead. I posted a message a while ago in bit.list-serv.calc-ti how feasible it would be to say, program an RPN-shell/interface/evaluator/whatever for the TI86 in ASM, something that I would really like to see, though no one's really replied yet...

     27 August 1998, 04:11 GMT

Re: Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects

I also agree that there is very little in the math assembly directory. Wouldn't it be possible to convert some of the programs in the basic/math directory into assembly? Some of the basic ones are too slow, especially when taking a test. If I could program better in assembly I would try, but I'm not that good at it.

     27 August 1998, 08:58 GMT

Re: Kirk Meyer Contemplates His Programming Projects

Do you know if there a GALAXIAN games for the ti86. I find that games on the ti85 very addictive and fun.

     17 December 1998, 04:30 GMT

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