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25,000,000 Requests
Posted on 16 August 1998, 00:27 GMT

ticalc.org has now served over 25,000,000 requests to its users since 14 April 1997, when the project was put on the current, Swedish server after a period of downtime. This landmark comes at the start of the busiest season of the year, August and September. We look forward to breaking even more new ground in the future. :)


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Re: 25,000,000 Requests
Magnus Hagander
(Web Page)

Whee! Break out the party hats!

     16 August 1998, 00:32 GMT

Re: Re: 25,000,000 Requests
(Web Page)

Woohoo! Party!

     16 August 1998, 04:34 GMT

Re: 25,000,000 Requests


     16 August 1998, 00:37 GMT

Re: 25,000,000 Requests

damn, that's a lot

     16 August 1998, 04:20 GMT

25,000,000 Requests
Patrick Wilson

Great job. You simply are THE BEST! Long Live Texas Instruments... LONG LIVE TI-CALC.ORG!!!

     16 August 1998, 05:04 GMT

Re: 25,000,000 Requests

Hey, you're still not doing better than the Beanie Babies site! :)

     16 August 1998, 06:06 GMT

Re: 25,000,000 Requests

25,000,000 requests in only about 2 years. And this site is still fast on a 14.4 modem... Good job, guys.

     16 August 1998, 06:39 GMT

Re: Re: 25,000,000 Requests
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Actually, less than a year and a half. :)

     16 August 1998, 06:42 GMT

Re: 25,000,000 Requests
Nick Disabato
(Web Page)

Damn. (a good damn) Nice job, guys, for making ticalc.org undisputably the *best* calc site on the Net.

     16 August 1998, 17:09 GMT

Re: 25,000,000 Requests

Your my favorite website TICALC.ORG and a good one at that. I get lots & lots of great progs here.

Watch out I'm working on some utils for the ti-82 & ti-85 there on the way!

     18 August 1998, 19:50 GMT

Re: 25,000,000 Requests
Jonah Cohen

what exactly is a request? is that like a visit? don't they need a counter somewhere in order to keep track anyway?

     20 August 1998, 21:06 GMT

Re: 25,000,000 Requests
(Web Page)

No, they do not need a normal counter on the pages
to see how many visitors they have had. If they
just have acces to the log-files, then they can
properbly do it...
A request could be how many times their main-page
has been loaded, or it could be how many times
just some files have been loaded (mainpages calc-progs images etc.)...

Niels - a happy TI82 owner which sees forward to
ASH 3.1

     21 August 1998, 21:58 GMT

Re: Re: 25,000,000 Requests
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

A request occurs everytime a user downloads a HTML file, ZIP file, graphics, or any other kind of file. For instance, loading the front page is somewhere between 4 and 10 requests (about).

     24 August 1998, 21:51 GMT

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