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Picross 82 Nears Completion
Posted on 15 August 1998, 04:27 GMT

Sam Heald is almost done porting Picross to the TI-82. Currently, it is identical to the TI-85 version except the interupts aren't working yet and the stats display has been moved to a seperate screen due to size constraints. Beta testers are currently testing both Ash 3.0 and Ash 3.1 versions. Picross will be released within a couple days along with a smaller version of ZTetris for CrASH. Expect a TI-83 port of Picross shortly afterwards.


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Re: Picross 82 Nears Completion
Duy Nguyen

Can I get a beta? PLEASE?

     15 August 1998, 05:27 GMT

Re: Re: Picross 82 Nears Completion
Evil S

no :)
Contrary to the news report, I still haven't converted the ASH v3.1 version to ASH v3.0. Picross 82 uses so many of ASH v3.1's built-in commands, I have been reluctant to backwards port it(if thats the right terminology).

     15 August 1998, 05:38 GMT

Re: Picross 82 Nears Completion
Evil S

I have the interrupts working! Look for Picross 82 v1.0 tonight or tomorrow when it is released simultaneosly with Picross 85 v1.0!

     16 August 1998, 00:24 GMT

Re: Picross 82 Nears Completion
(Web Page)

I glad to see that someone is starting to make TI-82 games again!!!

     16 August 1998, 00:43 GMT

Re: Picross 82 Nears Completion

Is a 86 port of Picross in the worx???

     17 August 1998, 05:09 GMT

Re: Re: Picross 82 Nears Completion
Evil Sam

You'll be able to play Picross 85 on your 86 using the new version of Rascall(not yet released)

     18 August 1998, 01:50 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Picross 82 Nears Completion

New version of Rascall? When?
BTW, if you could somehow save the folders the files are in so when it crashes I don't have to move them back when I reload from my backup group, that would be phat.

     20 August 1998, 02:59 GMT

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